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15 kilometers to the south of the city of Apatity there is an airfield belonging to the group of joint basing. It wears the name "Kirovsk-Apatity". Known as "Khibiny".

apatity airport

general information

Geographically, Apatity is an important airport at the expense ofsuccessful position. In fact, this is the center of the Kola Peninsula. The majority of passengers are tourists. The Murmansk region, especially the southern and central parts, is becoming more attractive for guests from different regions of Russia and from abroad. This, in turn, ensures the flow of passengers at the airport, as it takes dozens of hours to reach Moscow or St. Petersburg by land transport.

Originally the territory was built up undermilitary air hub, and only a few decades later was partially given to civil aviation. In the 90s of the last century Apatity airport was rebuilt, moving to a new place, which is still occupied.

apatity airport

The road from any place in the region to Apatity (airport), Khibiny (mountains) - within 250 km.

From Kirovsk the airport is located at a distance of 30km. Used by civil aviation, military aircraft. Airport Apatity schedules the flights posted on the site of the company "Nordavia", serving several regular flights. In winter, during the peak of tourist activity, charter flights are accepted. Hibiny are attractive as a world-class ski resort with the longest ski season in Europe, therefore private air services are organized with enviable accuracy.

Opportunities for rest on the way

One terminal is installed. Through it all flights are serviced. Unloading-loading of mail, cargo planes is provided.

apatity airport flight schedule

For those who did not miss the opportunity to fly to Apatity, the airport offers the following services:

  • waiting hall;
  • outlets;
  • public catering area;
  • cash desks;
  • taxi ordering;
  • wireless Internet.

Apatity is the best choice

A traveler wishing to get acquainted withnatural miracles, can safely choose Apatity. The airport allows you to get to the Kola Peninsula from Moscow and St. Petersburg in a matter of hours, and from here you can go to the tundra near Lovozero, the Khibiny, to the bay near Kandalaksha. The route to the Tersky coast is unique.

According to statistics, in addition to tourists enjoy air transport knot:

  • businessmen;
  • alpine skiers.

If business trips are planned forKola Peninsula, in Apatity, the airport - an indispensable option. To order a charter flight service, just call the call center. You can find the number of the charter reception department at the help desk, the phones are available on the official website.

apatity airport hibiny

There is also a Moscow phone number.

Information on the work of air transport on the Kola Peninsula is received at ticket offices.

reference Information

Between the airport of Apatity and Murmansk the distance is 160 km. To St. Petersburg Pulkovo in a straight line - 1,200 km. To the capital airport "Sheremetyevo-1" the route is 1,800 km.

Local Time: +3 GMT.

From Kirovsk to the airport get on the buses № 128, 130. To Murmansk there is a bus № 209.

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