Which Barcelona hotels should be avoided by the side


Barcelona is amazing and verya beautiful city, which is located almost at the sea. In this city, magnificent architecture, beautiful scenery, this city is simply mesmerizing with its charming beauty. Holidays in Barcelona is a fairy tale that any person would dream of. Beautiful sunny beaches are ready to welcome both tourists and residents of this amazing city. The city is glad to welcome guests and is ready to offer them excellent places for them to be able to perfectly relax and relax. However, as in any other city, many tourists can find some flaws. This applies to absolutely everything, including hotels. Almost all hotels in Barcelona bribe with their beauty from the outside.

Barcelona hotels are big brightand beautiful buildings outside, but here not all correspond to this beauty from the inside. Many tourists did not like the hotel, which has the name ACTA 40. Outside, it is bright, colorful and just the same tempts to stop it, but inside of this luxury there is no trace. Most complaints came to the staff of this hotel because of their carelessness and disrespect for customers. In addition, the rooms are not cleaned daily as it is done in other hotels, but only once in three days. These visitors are also not very happy, and many of them just leave the hotel after one or two days of their stay there. We will tell about some of them, which did not allow to spend time easy for many tourists.

Another hotel, which is not recommendedrest, is the Hotel Apartamentos Mur-Mar. He gets his minus for the fact that this hotel almost does not observe the regime of the day. That is, those people who work here can simply break into your bedchamber and offer you something to drink or to clean. Another significant disadvantage of this hotel is that it does not have the necessary set of services. It is clear that this is a two-star hotel, but a banal air conditioner should be present in the room. However, it is not observed there. In addition, this hotel does not have any communication with the staff and so in order to order something or ask to come down to the very first floor and already there to make a dialogue. But, strangely enough the entries in the plaint book at this hotel are not so much. Suspicious, is not it? But many hotels in Barcelona simply do not provide a visitor with a plaintiff's book at his request.

The third hotel, in which service andthe interior decoration of the hotel is not particularly pleased with the guests, is a hotel called APARTAMEDNTOS ST PERE MITJA 2. And the name seems to be beautiful, but that's something with the service they do not get along. Quite a lot of complaints the hotel receives from Russian tourists, because in this hotel there is a regime after which no one is allowed into the hotel. This restriction takes effect at 2.00 am. That is, a person after two o'clock in the morning can not get into his room as if he did not want to. But these tourists are happy to see many hotels in Barcelona.

Apart from a number of other hotelsBarcelona, ​​you can safely say that the rest in Barcelona deserves only the best reviews! Hotels in Barcelona is not the only place where you will have time to rest. In addition to them, there is still a mass of all kinds of places that meet their style and quality. But if you choose a hotel in order to stay in it, say for a week, then in this case approach this issue very carefully otherwise you can be disappointed and your vacation can be simply hopelessly corrupted. To prevent this from happening, we recommend you stay at 5 * CONFIDENTIAL, Arts Barcelona or Central Barcelona Eixample 5 * hotels.

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