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Krasnoselsky Cretaceous open-cast mines (where are locatedthey are said to be a little lower) almost instantly acquired the status of the most visited sightseeing of Belarus. And in spite of the fact that this phenomenon is considered a technical object, wishing to observe firsthand the "Byelorussian Maldives" does not become less year by year. They are located near the city of Volkovysk. The fascinating beauty of the local landscape is revealed to tourists in a unique combination of an unusual landscape with bright turquoise water. Today Krasnoselskie Cretaceous open-cast mines, which some tourists compare with a trip to the Red Sea, are called a lot of names. So, among them: "tourist mecca of Belarusians", "the most popular attraction of the Volkovysk district". This place is also called "a paradise for photographers". Currently, the total area of ​​quarries is equal to the size of about 300 football fields.

Krasnoselsky chalk quarries


Krasnoselskie Cretaceous openings open to thevisitors a lot of interesting. Tourists can not only enjoy the extraordinary beauties of the view, swim in the turquoise waters, cook a shish kebab or gather with a song by the fire by a friendly company. This place is also of interest to a focused audience:

  • Fishing. For fans of sitting with a fishing rod here is just a paradise, because many careers have been filled with fish.
  • Diving. To enjoy the scuba diving, now there is no need to fly for a thousand kilometers to the Maldives or to the Red Sea.
  • Extreme vacation. Great depth of foundation pits and steep slopes will provide fans of extreme sports with a fair amount of adrenaline.
  • Photo and video.The bright beauty of the chalk quarries invariably draws to them those who want to capture themselves in the bosom of nature. Recently, the Belarusian sight was chosen by the stars of the national stage for shooting their clips. Which is understandable, because here the beauty is no worse than the Maldives.
    Krasnoselskie Cretaceous open-cast mines where are located


Once upon a time in the past in quarries underVolkovysk was extracted chalk. After some time, the excavated cavity is naturally filled with water. Due to the fact that at the bottom of the quarry there is still a small amount of chalk, the water acquires a very beautiful shade: from a gentle sky-blue to a bright azure and even emerald. An excellent addition to the scenery were high steep banks, strewn with a crown of young trees, stone blocks and pieces of silicon, reminiscent of meteorites. The picture presenting the view creates a feeling of unrealistic prospects, as if the footage from the fantastic film found its embodiment here.

Other interesting sites

Pits are located near the citysettlement, by whose name they received their name - "Krasnoselsky Cretaceous Career". It is no exaggeration to say that this locality has the highest tourist potential in all of Belarus. According to statistics, only in 2012 there were about 100 thousand independent travelers. And this is in view of the fact that the Krasnoselsky Cretaceous open-cast mines are far from the only sight of the settlement. It is here that the concentration of the most ancient silicon mines of Belarus is located. About 5 thousand years ago, primitive people mined in them a valuable breed in order to make tools that were so necessary for them then. Unfortunately, at present the wells of the mines are sealed. There has long been a plan to organize a museum, but the project for its opening has been gathering dust for many years on the shelves. Another idea that has not yet come true is the idea of ​​creating specially equipped beaches and parking areas near the chalk quarries, building a campsite on its territory, organizing tent rental, and opening food outlets. Also, the tourism industry could have been more profitable if visiting Krasnoselsky chalk quarries were included in the excursion programs.

krasnoselskie chalky careers holidays

Old pit

Krasnoselskie Cretaceous open-cast mines can be conditionallydivided into new and old. At the same time the age of the second is not that big - only about 50 years. They were transferred to the disposal of the state. Find old careers can be near the carpool, and a more detailed route to them will be able to tell every local resident. It is unlikely that there is at least one prohibiting sign about bathing. And because the "local Maldives" have become a favorite vacation spot for residents of the surrounding area and those who do not want to violate the law.

New trenches

The presence in the territory where they are located,is punishable by a fine of 3 to 10 basic units, since the careers are the property of Krasnoselskstroimaterialy. Since mining activities are carried out here, they are related to industrial facilities. Visit the new Krasnoselsky Cretaceous open-cast mines, the photos of which are presented above, can be legally valid after 7 years, when the enterprise will write them off from its balance sheet. For this, it is necessary that the angle of the coastal slope is less than 35 °, then the pits will be transferred to state use. From this point on all the prohibitory signs will disappear, and a passage to their territory will be allowed.

Krasnoselsky chalk quarries. How to get to these places?

New trenches are located along the industrialroads behind the cement plant. Do not notice it is very difficult. Often passing MAZs and BelAZ trucks shower everything around with chalk: trees, road and passing people. It is here that the main bulk of tourists aspire to get, because they simply do not know about the existence of "blue lenses" with open access. Along the road leading to new quarries, signs are installed that prohibit outsiders from entering their territory. Entrances are dug up or blocked by blocks. However, those who want to rest here this fact does not bother. Near the road you can watch impromptu parking. And some brave men leave their car directly on the roadside, without fearing even "flying" past the heavy trucks. Bathing in new pits is also prohibited. And since for all the accidents happening here the owner company, namely Krasnoselskstroimaterials, is responsible, it becomes quite understandable why vacationers for them are unwanted guests.

krasnoselskie chalk quarries reviews

Why not swim

  • Since this object has an industrialappointment, any infrastructure is missing. There are no equipped places for rest, nor parking for cars, descent into the water is very steep, there are no garbage cans.
  • Another caution from the plant can be seen,going to his site. It reads: "Water in quarries does not meet the requirements of sanitary rules and norms." However, tourists are also skeptical towards him. Many people come not for the first time to the Krasnoselsky Cretaceous open-cast mines. Reviews of regular tourists are very positive. All plant warnings are simply ignored. Many people say that they already bathed in the local waters, and nothing happened.
  • The bottom and shore of quarries are strewn with silicon, which in ancient times was used by ancestors for making axes and spears. The probability of cutting yourself against the rocks of this breed is very high.
  • The depth in some places of quarries can reach 15 m, and therefore inexperienced swimmers are better not to take risks.
  • There is also a risk of collapse of the coast.
    Krasnoselskie chalky open-cast mine how to get to


Since Friday night, to new careersquietly flocking to everyone. The maximum number of people arrives on Saturday noon. As a rule, they come in cars with Minsk numbers, but there are also tourists from Russia. People take mattresses, tents, their pets, boats and food supplies with them. Vacationers are sure that the water in new quarries is absolutely safe, as it rises from the bowels of the earth. As a result, it passes several natural stages of gravel and sand filtration. The color of water is influenced by chemical processes occurring at the bottom of the quarry with chalk. To a pleasant shade of the reservoir for a long time pleased the eye of its visitors, it is necessary to follow the object. Otherwise, after 50 years, the bottom will overgrow with silt, and the water will turn dark.

krasnoselskie chalk quarries photo

About how the plant punishes

For the company, vacationers are offendersof the established order. And despite the fact that the plant makes a lot of efforts to prevent illegal penetration into the territory of quarries, the measures taken are still not enough. They try to understand the tourists as follows:

  • An oral warning. On new careers twice a day comes the raid party. Representatives of the plant explain why it is not safe to stay in the quarries, and ask to retire.
  • Monetary sanctions. Near the quarries can be observed installed shields that threaten illegal visitors with fines. But in reality, no other tourist has been punished in this way.
  • The evacuation of the abandoned car. This is perhaps the most terrible punishment for a tourist. Employees of the plant call the traffic police to remove from the side of the road interfering with the movement of the car.
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