Abkhazia. "Stone sack" - gorge in Ypshar canyon


Small and proud Abkhazia is a small republicon the Black Sea coast. Sunny edge invites those who wish not only to relax, but also to make fascinating trips around the republic. One of the most attractive places for tourists is Lake Ritsa. The way to it lies through the gorge "Stone sack" in Abkhazia. This is the second name of the Jupshar canyon - a place in which the mountains surprise with their beauty and grandeur.

A natural landmark on the way to Ritsu

Those who make excursions around the republicAbkhazia, "The Stone Bag" may seem like a strange name, but when you get to the place closer, you can understand its origin. Gorge is a stretch of road, sandwiched between rocks. Its length is 8 km, and the distance between the rocks on this stretch varies from 20 to 30 meters. The height of the mountains reaches 500 meters. People take breath from the beauty of the "Stone Bag", but at the same time the person feels like a grain of sand among the greatness of the stone. Here and there the rocks hang over the road. The narrowest section on the outskirts of the gorge is called Yupsharsky Gates. The span between the rocks is only 20 meters, so it seems that you are about to end up in a real stone bag.

Abkhazia stone bag

The slopes of the mountains are covered with perennial boxwood,reddish moss and lichens, in some places vines are found. Light enters the gorge only 2-3 hours a day, during the rest of the day there is a twilight and coolness. On the bottom of the gorge of the Republic of Abkhazia "Stone sack" the Yupshara river flows with amazingly pure water. It flows from Lake Ritsa, along the way it absorbs the waters of the Gega River, and then flows into Bzyb. Not far from the Jupshar gorge, Gega flows through a karst gorge and forms the Gegsky waterfall, in which the height of the falling stream is about 70 meters.

Observation platform with a sad name "Farewell, Homeland"

On Lake Ritsa was one of the dachas of Stalin.From documents preserved in the archives of the FSB of Russia, it is known that in the period from 1933 to 1939 the head of state made several trips to the lake for recreation. During the Patriotic War in 1942, the steep walls of the gorge of the Republic of Abkhazia "Stone Bag" were mined with the help of holes. The mining operations were carried out by an engineering platoon of the internal troops of the Sukhumi Division. This was done in order to block the road to Lake Ritsa and the village of Bzybta, which is located next to it, if the German troops succeed in breaking through the Sanchar Pass.

Gorge stone bag in Abkhazia

After the retreat of the German fascist army in 1943the gorge was cleared. This fact is not very well known, but, according to one version, from a narrow road on one side of which towers a high rock, and on the other there is a bottomless abyss, a bus with Soviet soldiers servicing a section of the road in the Ypshar Gorge broke off. Now there is an observation deck with the sad name "Farewell, Homeland". From it a beautiful panorama of the surrounding mountains opens.

The Stone of Kisses

At the entrance to the gorge (Abkhazia, "Stone sack")lies a huge stone, which is called the Stone of Kisses. It's not easy to climb it, but, according to local legend, a couple who climbs and kisses him, will be happy all his life. Many tourists are photographed against the background of a stone. Next to it there is a parking lot with shops and lots of stuffed animals, there are also palm trees in pots. An enterprising local population suggests making a photo as a souvenir in the national costume of a mountaineer with a dagger, an old pistol or a sword.

The Legend of the Waterfall The Virgin's Tears

In addition to the Geg cascade, on the road leading to the Ypshara gorge, there are 4 more waterfalls. The most popular among tourists are the waterfalls of the Virgin Tears and Men's Tears.

The waterfall of the girl's tears stretched out over severalmeters. It is difficult to call it a waterfall, because it is a karst cleft located high above the road, with which small streams drain water. At the entrance to it, the rock attracts attention, along which special ropes are stretched. On these ropes and on the branches of trees, tourists catch colorful bows and make coveted desires.

Stone bag. Abkhazia legend

Waterfall Maiden's tears are located before entering thegorge "The Stone Bag" (Abkhazia). Legend has it that for a long time in the mountains lived a beautiful girl Amra. She grazed the goats, sang songs, and the young Adgur fell in love with her. The wicked witch envied the lovers and wanted to kill the girl. She decided to throw her off a high cliff, the girl cried and began to call for help from Adgur, but he did not hear her screams. But God hears water. He decided to save the girl and turned the witch into stone. Together with the witch, the girl also became a stone. Since then, from the place where Amra cried, the tears of beauty flow down.

Waterfall Men's Tears

Behind the gorge "Stone Bag", Abkhazia (photo in the article), the waterfall is seen Male tears. A stream of water drains from the mountains, splashes from the waterfall fall directly on the road.

Stone bag. Abkhazia pictures

The legend links the two waterfalls together.The distance between the cascades of water is 20 km. According to legend, the young Adgur hunted high in the mountains and did not hear the cries of his beloved, but he realized with his heart that trouble had come. He realized that he could not help the girl, and the man's tears fell to the ground. When he found out about her fate, on the spot where his tear fell, a waterfall, called the Man's Tears, was formed. At its foot there are souvenir tents, and tourists tie colorful ribbons to the trees.

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