Inimitable Gurzuf. Attractions of Crimea in your palm


Between Alushta and Yalta modestly sheltered resortthe village of Gurzuf. From the east, west and north it is tightly covered with mountains, which excludes the possibility of penetration of cold winds. Favorable climatic and natural conditions were just fond of Gurzuf. Attractions of the resort can be seen at almost every step.

Soul mates

Twin cliffs of Adalara are by right a visitingcard Gurzuf. True, they are not twins, but twins, because they differ in form and size a little. These two rocks are located 300 meters from the shore, which allows tourists to swim to them on a catamaran or on a mattress. It should also be noted that the sea here is always very clean.

gurzuf attractions

In the area of ​​the rocks, not one ship sank, so diving lovers can feel like a real treasure hunter and look for treasure.

Motives of exoticism

Few people know that in Gurzuf there is a magnificent landscaped park. On 12 hectares, 110 species of foreign and local shrubs and trees are presented, followed by constant care.

It's so nice to admire the gracefulcypresses, magnificent cedars, fragrant magnolias, majestic pine trees and many other kinds of plants. By the way, this park is 10 years older than the more popular Nikitsky botanical garden. Is it not enough to visit Gurzuf? The attractions of the resort are concentrated here in the most successful way. Therefore, you absolutely do not need to travel around in search of picturesque places throughout the southern coast of the Crimea.

The Failed Volcano

With the mountain Ayu-dag, there have always been manydifferent legends. It is believed that Bear Mountain (another one of its name) is the most powerful energy and mystical center. The mountain itself is a huge "bubble", which was formed as a result of lifting from the bowels of the earth a molten magma, which froze in the form of a mountain.

Undoubtedly, Bear Mountain is an incredible place,thanks to which, many tourists dream to get to Gurzuf. Sightseeing (photo of Bear Mountain see below) of the village does not end with the mysterious Ayu-dag, and we go further.

Gurzuf attractions photos

Chekhov Manor

On the seashore there is Chekhov's house-museum.By itself, the house has a rather modest appearance, no architectural excesses and an elaborate interior here you will not find. In 1898 the famous writer bought a small one-story dacha and enjoyed spending a lot of time here.

Wonderful landscapes that open directly from his window, prompted him to write such masterpieces as "The Cherry Orchard" and "Three Sisters." The status of the museum "White Dacha" received since 1921.

The smell of former glory

gurzuf crime places of interest
Fancy cliffs, exotic vegetation,azure sea - do you think that's all that Gurzuf can boast of? The sights of the Black Sea resort can in fact be listed indefinitely. Of course, it is impossible not to mention the famous camp "Artek", which is next to Gurzuf. What pioneer did not dream to visit Artek? The origin of the camp in this area is due to the fact that the healing air and fantastic views have simply bewitched the creators of the Artek.

True, after 1991, the prestige of the camp fell slightly. But today thousands of children from many countries have a rest in this international center all year round.

In conclusion

Probably, no tourist who has visited here, althoughonce, just could not help falling in love with Gurzuf. Attractions near the village are also impressive. You can visit a small, but from this no less beautiful reserve "Cape Martyan". If the limited sizes do not impress you, then you can climb the highest pass in Crimea under the name Gurzufskoe saddle. This opens an incredible picture: at the same time you can see the sea, Ayudag, Gurzuf and distant Simferopol.

Do not believe me? Then go to Gurzuf, Crimea. The sights of the whole Crimea are concentrated in this fabulous resort just for you!

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