Where in the suburbs to rest with tents (photo)?


When a free day or whole is given outweekends, outside the window a good sunny weather, one of the options for spending leisure is to relax in the fresh air. The best place is, of course, the suburbs. There is no endless crowd of people hurrying about their business, as well as an unrestrained flow of cars. Optimal and affordable option for recreation - exit with tents. To do this, you need a car, a minimal outfit and a safe place for parking, preferably with a picturesque view around. Where in the suburbs to relax with tents, so that it was safe, comfortable and inexpensive?

"Close Dali"

where in the suburbs to relax with tents

For residents of Moscow, such leisure is beautifulthe opportunity to relax from the crazy pace of life and immerse yourself in the harmonious atmosphere of nature. In order to choose where it is best to go, you should list the places that are most suitable for this type of leisure. So, where to rest in the suburbs with tents? A special place is occupied by camping. For example, "Close Dali". Its territory extends to 50 hectares in a picturesque area. Here all conditions for a comfortable rest are created: a tent city, a well-groomed territory and a clean lake, as well as an entertainment program for tourists. The guests of the holiday are offered a berth. Recreation can be diversified by boat trip on a boat or fishing. In this case, the advantage of this camping is also the relative proximity to the city.

Mozhayskoe Reservoir

To places where you can relax with a tent inMoscow region, includes the Mozhaisk reservoir. Here, basically, there are recreation centers. But in the perimeter of some of them are allowed to put their tent. The cost of such placement is very symbolic and accessible to everyone. From the territory there is a stunning view of the groves and green plains. The landscape ends with a water surface that looks like a mirror. Another advantage - for the sake of such a safe and impressive holiday does not have to go too far from the city.

where in the suburbs rest with tents Yaroslavl highway

The area near the Ruzsky reservoir

Where you can relax with a tent in the suburbs?Another picturesque area is located near the Ruza reservoir. Located on the river bank, this site is very popular with tourists and fishermen. Therefore, those who are striving for a more secluded rest, will have to look for a place more quiet and deserted. If you get out on a day off early, you can still have time to take a comfortable place with a picturesque view. For lovers of fishing, this is a real expanse. After all, in the spring-summer period, pike and pike-perch are found in the river. What could be better than fishing from the shore or boat, after which you can cook with a fresh catch of a fragrant ear at the stake, and then enjoy a meal in the fresh air ?! This is a real paradise for lovers to spend a free weekend in nature.

The village of Vasilievskoe

In addition to fishing and simply enjoying the localbeauty, there is also a more active type of recreation in the open. And this, of course, mountaineering. And where in the suburbs it is better to rest with tents, while doing what you love? For example, in the village of Vasilievsky. Here you can find stones of different sizes and terrain, on which you can practice and improve your mountaineering skills. A special attraction is the picturesque river, along which are located rocky ravines. And the opportunity to set up a tent nearby and spend the night outdoors makes this place one of the best, where you can relax with tents in the Moscow region at least once in your life. It is also convenient that in order to get there, you will have to drive no more than a hundred kilometers from the city limits.


where to relax with tents in the suburbs

In fact, there are plenty of places whererelax with tents in the suburbs. Type of island, located in the water area of ​​the Ivankovsky reservoir, called Uhodovo. The name of this area was obtained from the village, which went under the water during the construction of the Volga-Moscow canal. There is a tent camp here in the summer, at the rest of the time, of course, in the season - a recreation center. After visiting Uhodovo, you can learn a lot about leisure in nature. For example, about ecological tourism. Experienced instructors will help you acquire the skills of driving a motor boat, a sailboat or a boat. In addition, there is the opportunity to learn water skiing, wakeboard, and also to swim in a kayak. The skills of windsurfing, if desired, can be learned on the spot.

where in the suburbs it is better to rest with tents

It is for this reason that this base was calledSerfostrova. Amateur fishermen will also not be idle. After all, in local waters there is a perch, bream and roach. On the shore near the camp, you can cook an ear on a fire. This is, perhaps, one of the best places where in the suburbs to relax with tents will be so nice that you want to come back here again. If your own equipment is not available, you can rent a tent. Or rent a house, where all the amenities for a comfortable stay are provided.

where to relax with tents in the suburbs photo

On the territory you can make a fascinating walktour of the formerly abandoned sites. There used to be manors, each of which has its own history. You can also make a water trip around the Moscow Sea. In addition to all of the above, in the camp is a trampoline, a volleyball court, table tennis, the opportunity to play badminton, shoot with bow and stuff. For lovers of steam bath services are offered. It should be noted that here you can sail the yacht and deservedly become the owner of international rights. Also on the island of Uhodovo, the maintenance of PVC boats is carried out. Thanks to a wide range of services, well-groomed territory, picturesque view and accessibility, this place is one of the best, where in the suburbs to relax with tents will be really great.

where you can relax with a tent in the suburbs


In the western direction is the recreation center forThe name "Calypso", located in Goretovo. Here you can stop in a rented house, or in your own tent. On the territory of the base there is a sauna, a cafe, a water trampoline and other amenities.

Zhostkovsky quarry

Heading north along Ostashkovsky Highway,you can get to Zhostkovsky quarry. There are a lot of convenient places where you can relax with tents in the suburbs. Photos of scenic landscapes are given in the article. In this area is also located Lake Senezh. If you go along the Leningrad highway to Solnechnogorsk, in the center of which turn to the right and follow the signpost for Timonovo, then you can come to the picturesque nature where tent camps are broken up or resting by savages. A true paradise for tourists!


140 km from the capital there is a wonderfula place. So where in the suburbs to rest with tents? Yaroslavl highway will lead to the city of Pereslavl-Zalessky. Here on the shore of Lake Pleshcheyevo there is a picturesque area, which is perfect for resting with tents. Clean water, fresh air and beautiful nature - this holiday is remembered for a long time.

On both sides of the Oka River, betweenStupino and Serpukhov, there is a whole series of suitable places for installing tents. Moving along the M4 highway, you should drive to the village of Priluki, and then turn to the dirt road. Almost all of them lead to the river. But in order not to loop for long, it's better to use an electronic card. In any case, the road will lead to the banks of the Oka. Just need to find the shortest path. In the upper part of the Oka, in the Kashira region, you can not only relax with a tent, but also catch crayfish.

where to relax with tents in the suburbs such as the island


Now it is clear where to rest with tents inMoscow region. As you can see, there are many places where you can camp out directly in the open air, enjoying the scenic view. Such a holiday is quite easy to organize, and memories for a long time will please the heart.

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