Nizhnekamsk water reservoir: description, rest, photo


In the Kama River valley, in 1979,The Nizhnekamsk reservoir. Geographically, it is located in the east of the East European Plain. It is in this area that the Kamsko-Belsk lowland is located. The reservoir is quite young by age. It is filled with the waters of the main river, as well as the river. Izh, Belaya and Ik. Thanks to this reservoir, seasonal runoff is regulated.

Used mainly for water supplynearby settlements. It is also worth noting that the popular tourist site is the Nizhnekamsk reservoir. Rest here is remarkable due to the nature of nature. As for the climate, it is quite favorable. All year round, many fishermen can be found at the reservoir, and in summer - lovers of beach rest.

Lower Kama Reservoir


The area of ​​the reservoir is very large, ismore than one thousand square kilometers. Geographically lies on the territory of three republics: Udmurtia, Bashkiria and Tatarstan. Refers to channel water bodies. The length between the extreme coast points along the p. Kame is 185 km, and the length along the river. White - 157 km. The maximum width is located on the site below the mouth of the river. Izh, in this place it reaches 20 km. The depth of the Nizhnekamsk reservoir is different. Up to 50% - shallow water, where the bottom does not move away from the water surface by more than 2 meters. The average is 3.3 meters. However, there are pits on the pond, the depth of which reaches 20 m. There is a current on the reservoir, its speed is up to 3 km / h during the period of the inter-lake, and in the high water it rises by 2 units.

Nizhnekamsk water reservoir


Describing the reservoir, it is worth paying attention toon its form. It is presented in the form of a blade. The coastline is heavily indented, there are numerous terraces and bays. Also on the pond there is a large number of lakes-oldts and islets-ostantsov. The total length of the coast is 830 km. On the eastern and western sides, the relief is significantly different. The Nizhnekamsk reservoir is characterized by pronounced asymmetry of the slopes. They are heavily indented by beams and ravines. Right-bank places are precipitous. From the west, a flat terrain is located, which to the east is replaced by hills. The floodplain of the reservoir is flooded. The bottom is predominantly sandy, however with a large amount of clay and silt impurities.

Considering the large size of the reservoir,note the division into several stretches. The largest is the Central, also there is the Upper, Priplotinniy. On the coastal territories there is the Kamsko-Iksky reserve and the national park, which is called the "Lower Kama".

depth of the Nizhnekamsk reservoir

Climatic features

The Nizhnekamsk reservoir is located in the zonetemperate continental climate. Seasonality is expressed quite clearly. The weather in summer is warm. In winter, temperatures are below zero. Cloudiness with fogs is a common phenomenon, which is accompanied by strong storm winds.

Often the temperature regime over land and watervaries by several units. As a rule, the oscillations are about 2 ° C, but sometimes this figure can reach 12 ° C. Such characteristic changes in air temperature are explained by night breezes.

Strong storm winds rage over the water for one or two days. During this period, the air speed varies from 6 to 20 m / s.

Animal world

The Nizhnekamsk reservoir impresses with its diversityfauna. In total, more than 40 species of fish inhabit the pond, 20 of which are commercial. This carp, roach, bream, Chekhon, pike, perch and others. Also in the reservoir are rare species: beluga, char, catfish, taimen and others. It's amazing that sometimes you can find such animals, unusual for this type of water area. It is a fish-needle, a Black Sea-Caspian tulka, a pug-head, a bull-round. On the bottom in a large number live crustaceans, leeches, mollusks, donkeys water.

This reservoir is the habitat of some species of birds. Above the water surface you can often see how birds of prey are soaring: white-tailed eagle, golden eagle, eagle owl and others.

Vegetable world

The reservoir strikes a variety of flora.Scientists have discovered over 80 species of algae. Among them there are blue-green, dinophyte, diatomaceous and others. It is thanks to them that the water is saturated with oxygen, which is so necessary for the life of underwater animals.

As for the coastal strip, herevegetation can drastically change. For example, in shallow water, telomeres, reed, mannik, and cattail predominate. On the riverbeds vegetation is practically absent. The most overgrown are the channels and bays.

On the shore you can meet as a shrubsprouts (willow, alder, palm), and pine, oak forests. In grasslands, grasses predominate - tansy, spurge, wormwood, yarrow, and others. Closer to the water grows plantain, madder, fieldwoman.

Nizhnekamsk water reservoir fishing

Nizhnekamsk water reservoir: fishing

You can fish on a pond in almost anyThe place, except for those areas that are related to nature protection zones. It is better to approach by settlements - Izhevka, Zuevichy Klyuchi, Byrgyndy, Krasny Bor. The most popular place is the mouth of the river. White. In order to get here, you need to take a direction to the village of Ust-Belsk (Udmurtia). The route from Izhevsk will be about 150 km along an asphalt road. Near the village you will need to move to the gravel, after driving another 3 km. In any season the entrance to the reservoir is excellent. There is a guarded car park - the cost is 100 rubles per day. Equipped slopes for boats and boats.

Many fishermen prefer to fish withboats. For a predator (pike, perch, pike perch), it is recommended to use spinning. Catfish is caught on the kvok. Donka or a feeder suitable for bream. From the end of April to the middle of June - spawning period, during which restrictions on fishing are established. For the summer season, the greatest catches of the chub and yaz come, and from the end of autumn until the first months of spring - burbot.

Lower Kama Reservoir

Rest on the Nizhnekamsk water reservoir

Numerous recreation areas are on the beachsuch a water body as the Nizhnekamsk reservoir. Recreation centers, sanatoriums, dispensaries, fishermen's lodges provide tourists with excellent living conditions. Also in this area you can often find tent camps. The reservoir of Nizhnekamsk is in demand thanks to the beautiful nature, clean aromatic air, unique flora and fauna. Many prefer to relax in extreme conditions, and it should be noted that this is a kind of romanticism. But not everyone is able to abandon the benefits of civilization, even being in the forest. For such people, recreation centers will be the optimal solution.

One of these institutions is "Camelot".It is located in the Borovets Forest zone. It is very near the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. The base is open all year round. Guests are accommodated in houses of different capacity and comfort. There is a manor for 20 people, as well as living quarters with a bath.

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