Interesting entertainment in Sochi for children: a review and feedback


City of Sochi after the Olympic Games in itis experiencing a second birth. This is the most popular resort not only in the Krasnodar Territory, but also in the whole of Russia. Tourists come here not only in summer, but also in winter. This resort is a place for family holidays. Vacationers say: you can find entertainment in Sochi for children for every taste. It can be attractions, amusement parks, dolphinariums, oceanariums, museums, beaches. An indelible impression will leave visiting the resort of Rosa Khutor and Krasnaya Polyana.

Park of culture and recreation "Riviera"

The most popular entertainment place in Sochi forchildren and adults can rightly be considered a park of culture and recreation "Riviera". Its main attraction is the glade of friendship. This is an alley with magnolias, which were planted by famous cosmonauts and politicians. There is also a picturesque rose garden, an original fountain attracts attention, and busts of great writers are set up.

entertainment in Sochi for children

Throughout the park there are beautiful sculptures. There are amusement rides, they are divided into five thematic areas, for visitors of any age:

  • "Children's Town" - for the youngest;
  • "Carousel Center" - for children from 10 years;
  • "Pirate Village" - prize rides;
  • "Roller coaster";
  • "Glade of Wonders" - family and children's attractions.

In Sochi, in an amusement park for children, you canvisit the dolphinarium and the aquarium, Green Theater - a concert platform, which is performed by various Russian performers. If you want to spend more time - welcome to the sports town.

Water Park "Mayak"

Although Sochi is considered a sea resort, there is a huge number of water parks in the city. One of them - "Mayak", is located in the heart of the city, a favorite entertainment place for children in Sochi.

Entertainment in Sochi for children and adults

Adults also like to relax here."Lighthouse" has access to the sea, there are always clean beaches. The water park can be divided into two zones: a children's town and extreme slides. For the youngest, the playground "Scarlet Sails" was created. In addition, in the water park you can ride a scooter, hydro-bike, "banana". Holidaymakers in their reviews celebrate and excellent work of the network of cafes.

Aquapark AquaLoo

You can relax in the resort-sanatorium complex"AquaLoo", which includes a sanatorium, a boarding house and a water park. "AquaLoo" - the only water park in Sochi, which operates all year round. There are open and closed areas, more than 10 slides of various lengths.

Entertainment for children in Adler and Sochi

For young children, a children'stown. In the "AquaLoo" of the city of Sochi are 2 floors, on the first there are a sauna, swimming pools, slides, a bar and a solarium. On the second floor there is a swimming pool with Jacuzzi and a waterfall, saunas and a tea table. There is a complex "AquaLoo" in the resort village of Loo, 23 kilometers from Sochi.

Amphibious Water Park

There is this entertainment for children in Adler, fromSochi is 25 km away. This is an aquapark for a family holiday. All attractions are suitable for both children and adults. In the water park "Amphibus" 15 water attractions, swimming pools, a large number of a variety of slides, the latter are equipped with a three-level protection. You can spend time on the attraction "Egyptian Fortress", it is located here.

Entertainment for children in Adler and Sochi

The two most modern water parks are located high in the mountains on Krasnaya Polyana: "Galaxy" and Mountain Beach. These world-class entertainment complexes were built for the 2014 Olympics.

Sochi Zoo

Another place that is recommended to visit inSochi for the entertainment of children - the zoo "White Kangaroo". This is the only zoo in the city. It is located on the territory of the sanatorium "October". Walking along the territory of the sanatorium, you can see naughty cheerful monkeys, amusing kangaroos, affectionate lama, beautiful lynx and many other unusual animals and birds. Only here it will be possible to meet such an unusual animal as a liger - a hybrid of a lion and a tigress.

amusement park for children in Sochi

Living in favorable conditions, our brothersthe smaller ones not only feel good, but also bring offspring. In the zoo were born kittens of Ussuri tigers, kangaroos, a pair of monkeys. Most recently, young cheetahs, a girl and a boy were brought here from Tanzania. Having been in such a unique place, you will carry with you only positive emotions.

Sochi arboretum

Another unusually picturesque place isarboretum. The park was founded in 1982 by SN Khudekov - a nobleman, an artist, an art critic. Currently, the arboretum is one of the main attractions of the city and a tourist attraction. In the park are collected hundreds of unique exotic plants from different continents of the earth.

Entertainment in Sochi for children and adults

The Sochi arboretum, tourists say, isan exquisite landscape ensemble with rotundas, fountains, ponds, avenues and sculptures. In the lowest part is a marine aquarium, inhabited by inhabitants of the Black Sea. Here you can visit the exotarium with unusual species of birds, reptiles and insects. In the lower park there is a magnificent pond with bamboo growing around the perimeter. Here you can see muskrat, tortoise, porcupine, watch ducks, swans - white and black, or just sit in a beautiful gazebo. In the upper part of the Arboretum you can climb the cable car, its length is 908 meters.

Singing Fountains

Perhaps the favorite entertainment for children in Sochi -Singing Fountains. The most beautiful of them is in the heart of the Olympic Park. It is made in the form of a huge Firebird - with a swan neck, a large crest and fiery wings. The fountain rises to a height of 30-70 meters. According to visitors' reviews, the spectacle is truly fascinating.

Entertainment in Sochi for children and adults

Park of entertainments «Sochi Park»

In winter, there are also entertainment for children in Sochi.First of all it is recommended to visit the fairy-tale park of attractions "Sochi Park". It is located near the Olympic Park, divided into six thematic zones, in which children are introduced to the great legacy of the Russian people. Guests will be greeted by Russian heroes, Serpent Gorynych and other fairy-tale characters. Here you can ride a carousel, roll off a real hill, get on an interesting magic performance. And the New Year holidays will be held with the participation of Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. You can also visit different festivities, and even get to the New Year in the house to Baba Yaga and meet the holiday with her friends, fairy-tale heroes.

Entertainment for children in Sochi in winter

Hotel Sheksna

Sheksna - one of the hotels in Sochi with entertainmentfor children. It is located in a small village near the city. This closed protected area is located on a hill, a beautiful view is around. According to visitors' reviews, the place is truly unique, resembling a magical town, immersed in the world of childhood.

hotels in sochi with entertainment for children

Direct participation in the rest of the younggenerations are taken by professional teachers and experienced animators. Here, children and teenagers are waiting for a large game room, different attractions, a computer club. A playground with a trampoline and sandbox, animation, a children's room, a beach complex, a swimming pool with elements of an aquapark are equipped. It is quite affordable in Sochi hotels with entertainment for children.

"Madagascar" - children's entertainment center

Center "Madagascar" is located in the heart of Adler. Includes a modern sports complex, a variety of children's and playgrounds, walking areas, cafes.

Entertainment for children in Adler and Sochi

In "Madagascar" you can ride on differentswings, merry-go-rounds, swim in the pool filled with balls, do shooting in a shooting gallery and dashing off the hill. Aquafmers work for all children who want to change their appearance. In the responses, parents note that it is very exciting to spend time in the company of puppets. In this children's entertainment center, children are waiting for slot machines, labyrinths, attractions, children's cafes. Here, even the most capricious child will find something to do.

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