Muine Paradise Resort 3 *, Vietnam: Hotel Description, Reviews of tourists


The resort complex Muine Paradise Resort 3 * provides many opportunities for an unforgettable exotic holiday in Vietnam.

muine paradise resort 3

Brief information about the hotel

Muine Paradise Resort 3 * has a hugeadvantage over other similar institutions, as it has its own beach, and also a clean outdoor pool in case the weather deteriorates and the sea turns out to be too restless. In addition, in today's world, it is important that tourists have unhindered access to wireless Internet.

Particular attention in the hotel Muine Paradise Resort3 * is given to ensure that guests feel comfortable and comfortable in the rooms. To this end, the rooms are equipped with comfortable furniture, as well as home appliances. In addition, it is worth noting the laconic interior design, which traces the traditional Asian notes.

The Muine Paradise Resort 3 * providesa lot of infrastructure facilities that make travelers' rest comfortable and unforgettable. The green garden deserves special attention, as well as a large terrace where you can sunbathe. You can go on an exciting excursion trip or independently travel around the neighborhood on a rented bike.

muine paradise resort 3 vietnam

Location of the resort

Muine Paradise Resort 3 * (Vietnam)is located on the beach, in the popular tourist resort town of Mui Ne. One of the main attractions of this village is the beautiful sand dunes, which are located about 5 km from the hotel. Also, after driving 20 km, you can visit the city of Phan Thiet.

Rooms hotel resort

Muine Paradise Beach Resort3 * has 35 rooms for accommodating guests. Tourists can choose for themselves apartments from several categories that differ in size, equipment and price:

  • The Superior Double Apartment is a small room where guests can sleep on a king-size bed or two single beds. This room offers a picturesque view of the garden.
  • Rooms of the deluxe category, like the previous ones,equipped with a large or a pair of small beds. In addition to the luxurious interior is also worth noting a picturesque view from the windows. So, some of them go to the pool, and those rooms that are more expensive will open before you a beautiful view of the ocean.
  • One of the best accommodation options aresmall comfortable villas. They differ not only in luxurious decoration, but also in location. There are these small chalets in the immediate vicinity of the beach, so you will quickly reach the sea, and always have the opportunity to enjoy the ocean scenery.

muine paradise beach resort 3

Equipment for guest apartments

In order to ensure the comfort of the guests in the rooms the following amenities are provided:

  • given the hot climate of Vietnam, one of the most important attributes of the room is the individual air conditioning;
  • thanks to the TV with a large package of cable channels you will not be bored if you want to stay in the room in bad weather;
  • in each room there is a mini-bar, which can be filled with your favorite drinks for an additional fee (you can use it as a regular refrigerator);
  • Depending on the class of your apartment, the bathroom will be equipped with a shower or a large bath;
  • there is a set of bath accessories and cosmetics, as well as a hairdryer.

muine paradise resort 3 reviews

Positive reviews

Vietnam in November is one of the mostpopular tourist destinations due to the warm and mild climate. Accordingly, the flow of travelers at this time increases dramatically, and many prefer to stay at this hotel. Reviews about him are mostly positive, but expressed in the following comments:

  • registration and accommodation of guests to the rooms is carried out quickly enough, without unnecessary formalities and delays;
  • a pleasant moment is that every guest in the apartment is waiting for a welcome note addressed to him personally from the hotel administration;
  • Despite the fact that the decoration of the hotel roomsit is laconic and modest, there is everything you need to create a comfortable environment, and also enjoys a very high quality cleaning, which is carried out daily;
  • maids every day replenish in the rooms of drinking water supplies, and also report tea bags and coffee;
  • bed replacement is carried out as often as you want (just leave a special sign on the bed with the demand to provide this service);
  • breakfasts are quite hearty, and they are held on the open terrace, which allows guests to admire the panoramas of the surrounding area, and also plays pleasant live music;
  • despite the fact that the territory of the resort complex is very small, it is very beautiful and quite densely planted with greens and all sorts of exotic plants;
  • the pool is in proper condition - it is cleaned regularly, and the water practically does not smell of chlorine or other chemicals;
  • one of the main advantages can be considered that the territory of the hotel is closed, but because you can not survive that someone will enter it;
  • the restaurant is very tasty, and the prices are quite affordable.

Vietnamese in November

Negative feedback

In addition to positive moments, there are also negative aspects of recreation in the Muine Paradise Resort 3 *. Reviews about this resort include a number of negative comments, comments, as well as claims:

  • the hotel is very far from the international airport (about 6 hours drive), which is very tiring after a long flight;
  • curtains in the apartment, apparently did not wash very long ago, or they are too old, because they have terrible spots;
  • to the beach you need to go down a steep slope down the stairs, which creates quite serious difficulties when returning back to the hotel;
  • because the sea is quite restless, then by waves it constantly brings to the shore a lot of algae and jellyfish, which painfully sting;
  • despite the fact that the beach is private, local fishermen with boats and all their equipment very often come to it, because of which it is practically nowhere to swim and sunbathe;
  • when a key is lost, a very high fee is charged - as much as $ 35.
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