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Tourists who have often rested in Anapa, of coursethe same, loved this lovely resort. Perhaps, there is no such level of service as abroad, but our own sea can please vacationers. In this article we will talk about the settlement of Djemet (Anapa). Reviews of him as a beach resort make you pay attention to this place. But we will tell you more about this in our article.

A bit about Gemete

Positive feedback about Gemet in Anapa for sureMany were inspired to visit this nice corner of the domestic resort. The village should be considered only as a place for a beautiful beach holiday. In general, according to reviews, the village of Dzhemete (Anapa) is a youth and family resort. There is a fairly large selection of boarding houses, sanatoriums, hotels and housing in the private sector. In principle, tourists have the opportunity to choose the appropriate option for their holidays in Gemet (Anapa), the testimonials confirm this.

Leading the conversation about the village, it is worth mentioning that,that now it has a well developed infrastructure, so vacationers will always find where to go and what to do. In the village there is a water park, numerous water entertainments. You can not only relax on the coast, but also go on an excursion to Anapa, which is located five minutes by bus from Jemet.

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Speaking about the advantages of the village,that it is very near the airport and the railway station, so it's quite convenient to get from afar. And you can get a taxi to the place of rest.

The boarding house «Dzhemete» (Anapa)

The boarding house «Dzhemete» (Anapa) - and responses to thatconfirmation - is located on the first line of the famous Pioneer Avenue. Its territory covers about five hectares. It is built four-story building with rooms of different categories. The park area of ​​the hotel is an ideal place to relax.

For tourists, three meals a day are organizedform of a "buffet". On the territory there are two swimming pools for children and adults. For the youngest children there is a playground, a game room with a tutor.

Not far from the boarding house there is a water park"Tick-Tak", there are restaurants and cafes nearby. Reviews about the boarding house «Dzhemete» (Anapa) say that the institution is focused on family holidays with children of all ages. For this purpose, all conditions have been created.

The complex is surrounded by coniferous and deciduous trees and is equipped with flower beds. Near each building there are benches for rest.

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Near each pool there are equipped recreation areas with canopies and sun loungers. The hotel has a bicycle rental service, scooters, rollers and strollers for toddlers.

But adults can visit the Finnish sauna,massage room, swimming pool, play table tennis or volleyball. There is a private sandy beach at 200 meters from the hotel. It is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, there is also a medical center and rescuers. Guests of the pension can use the free parking. The hotel always has a representative of a travel company offering to make fascinating trips to local attractions.

Hotel Dzhemete (Anapa): reviews

Taking into account the reviews of vacationers in 2017,we can draw some conclusions. Hotel "Djameet", as before, pleases with its beautiful and green territory. It is good to have a rest with children here. Letting go for a walk on the street, you do not have to worry, because the territory is closed. The road to the sea passes through a nearby sanatorium. The beach is very nice and beautiful, swimming is just a pleasure.

But with respect to the number of rooms for touriststhere is a lot of criticism. The room fund needs to be repaired. All apartments have a problem either with plumbing, or with air conditioning or furniture. Up to the top floor water does not always reach.

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Regular hotel guests note that has changedthe situation with food. Last year, the assortment of dishes on the tables was much more diverse. Of course, you will not remain hungry, but you could have a more serious attitude to nutrition, since the boarding house is crowded with children. Rest in it is chosen exactly by couples with kids.

But children's and adult animation are worthy of praise.With children during the day, games and contests are held. Animators organize events on the beach. In general, the boarding house is very attractive and has many advantages, but the number of rooms and food spoil the whole impression.

Pioneer Avenue

Discussing reviews about Gemete (Anapa), it is worthremember the main attractions of the resort, which is known to all tourists - this is Pioneer Avenue. It is considered the longest street in Anapa. The avenue near the Anapka River begins and stretches along the coast. It built a large number of boarding houses, sanatoriums. Most of them are here since Soviet times. The name of the street was due to the fact that the first to build pioneer camps on it. Since then, the prospectus has not changed its name. It runs along a long beach about ten kilometers long, which is why tourists come here. In recent decades, the number of hotels and hotels on Pioneer Avenue has increased significantly. Especially a lot of mini-establishments of the so-called private sector have been built in the area of ​​Vityazevo and Dzhemete villages.

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The avenue runs along the coast and dividescoastline on the first and second. It is interesting that the beach is much wider in the area of ​​the avenue than in the center of the resort. Feedback from tourists about Anapa and Jamet is always connected with Pionersky Prospect, because there is an incredible number of hotels, hotels and boarding houses for every taste and purse.

Park-hotel «Cote d'Azur»

Good reviews about the park-hotel "Cote d'Azur"(Anapa, Djemete) gives grounds to include the place in the list of possible places for recreation. The complex is located on Pioneer Avenue, on the first line from the sea. The hotel has its own beach, which is located next to the territory. From the farthest hull to the coast, the distance does not exceed 50 meters.

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Rest in the park-hotel will be appreciated by those who prefer a serene vacation on the coast. For children on the territory of the hotel there is a swimming pool, animators working with master classes and competitions are working.

In the arsenal of the hotel there are a variety of roomsdifferent categories. All are equipped with terraces and balconies, TVs, air conditioning and other amenities. The hotel complex is just ten kilometers from the airport, so it's easy to get to it.

Reviews about the hotel "Cote d'Azur"

Many tourists have long since come to"Cote d'Azur" (Anapa Dzhemete). Reviews of guests about the hotel are its best characteristic. Tourists celebrate a wonderful and modern hotel room, good service and quality varied food. The hotel meets modern standards, from apartments to food. Particularly pleased that the territory of the complex is actively working animators, entertaining children. Young tourists are so keen on games that parents have the opportunity to relax and rest. The hotel complex is focused on family rest, therefore in it always it is a lot of children has a rest.

Anapa Lazurnaya

Good reviews about "Anapa Lazurnaya" in Gemet givebasis to recommend it as one of the worthy options. The complex consists of a hotel and a boarding house. It is located on Pioneer Avenue. The guest house is located near the sea with a sandy beach. Nearby there is a dolphinarium, shops, cafes and a water park. The number of rooms is very diverse. Modern apartments have good repair and quality sanitary ware. The boarding house offers a lot of additional services to diversify the leisure of tourists: free bicycles, a gym, a library, table tennis and billiards, free internet, a large swimming pool, a children's room.

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In addition, the administration of the boarding house provides an opportunity for a fee to undergo a course of rehabilitation on the basis of the neighboring sanatorium "Rodnik".

For the kids there is a playground, swings and horizontal bars. Guests are offered three meals a day in the restaurant of the complex.

Reviews about the boarding house «Anapa Lazurnaya»

Tourists recommend this boarding house asa great place to relax. The complex has a beautiful and green area with flower beds, hammocks, swings, fountains and recreation areas. The territory of the boarding house is closed, strangers are not allowed to enter here. Very pleased with the beautiful clean pool. The number of rooms is new and equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. The canteen of the boarding house works in three shifts, which is very convenient. You can sleep a little longer. The food is quite good and suitable for children. But such a close location to the sea - the main plus of the institution. The staff of the boarding house are attentive and courteous, so the complex leaves the most pleasant impressions.

Guest Houses

Speaking about the hotels of the resort, it is worth mentioning moreone incredibly popular option of accommodation, as guest houses in Gemet (Anapa). Reviews about them are really very good, especially since the choice of such institutions is great. Among them, many are all on the same Pioneer Avenue. The private sector offers a variety of accommodation options from modern new apartments to modest rooms. We give only a few examples. In fact, the number of mini-hotels in Jamat allows you to find numbers for every taste.

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Guest house "Prospect", "Fortune", "Three sons", ""Baron Diana", "Tatiana" offer a good selection of rooms for living. The advantage of guest home is the presence in the courtyard common kitchen, and sometimes in the rooms themselves. This allows the guests to cook independently. But in this case, as a rule, the owners offer the possibility of three meals a day.

Rest in guest houses has its pros and cons.The shortcomings include small room sizes, a large crowd of people in a relatively small space, a high level of audibility. In such places to achieve relaxation is unlikely to succeed. It's not for nothing that the holiday-makers themselves call such places "anthills". Still, many tourists remain satisfied with the rest in the private sector in Gemet. But it is recommended not to agree to the first option, but to reconsider even a few, because the living conditions can be very different.

Reviews about beach holidays in Gemet

Summarizing the conversation, it is worth discussing and feedbackon the item Djemete (Anapa). According to tourists, the resort is incredibly convenient for resting with children, because there is a very shallow sea, which quickly warms up and makes it possible for children to flounder in the water. To some extent, in Djamet a little calmer than in the center of Anapa.

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However, do not expect that the beach will be freeand comfortable. The local coast is fairly congested by tourists. There are always a lot of people here. Of course, as in any resort, there are many water activities and other beach services. The seaside is equipped with sun beds and changing rooms. In general, the beach itself is very good. However, in August algae appear in the sea, there are a lot of them and, of course, they spoil the impression.

Advantages of a children's resort

As for Djemet, the village isA good alternative to larger resort towns. The infrastructure is well developed here. There are all kinds of entertainment, including an aqua park and a dolphinarium.

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Indisputable advantage is the proximityAnapa, which makes it possible to go to the center of the resort at any time by shuttle bus. However, it is worth emphasizing that Gemete is a great place for a family holiday with children, but active young people may need to pick up something different.

Instead of an afterword

If you plan to go with the childrelax on one of the domestic resorts, the village of Dzhemete near Anapapa can be a great place. A small warm sea, good infrastructure and sunshine - all this awaits you on the coast of Gemete.

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