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Antalya is considered the fastest growing Turkishthe city and the main resort of this country. Its best hotels invite you to spend your vacation on the magnificent sandy and pebbly coast. Here, every tourist will find a place for himself, starting from the popular and equipped with all the characteristic attributes of the Lara beach, to secluded wild corners on the beach.

Grand Park Lara 4

Grand Park Lara 4 *: prices

This hotel was built in 2013 on the verycoast of the Mediterranean in the heart of the same area. The center of Antalya is sixteen kilometers away. Its buildings are buried in the greenery of the garden park on an area of ​​twenty-five thousand square meters. Grand Park Lara Hotel 4 * although built recently, but has already become popular with tourists due to its management, a good location and low prices. For example, with a flight from Moscow you can relax in this hotel for three days for eighteen thousand rubles.


Grand Park Lara 4 reviews
The hotel is located in one of the best areasAntalya - Lara. Four high-rise nine-storey hotel buildings are fully equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. The territory is simply amazing with its well-groomed and thoughtful. In the dark, you can admire the luxurious illumination of pools and fountains for hours, walking along neat alleys.


In the main building of the Grand Park Hotel Lara 4 * there isa cozy lobby, a shopping center, a dry cleaning service, a paid medical office, an entertainment center and a small conference room. There is also a luggage room, there is a safe deposit box. With a 24-hour reception desk, you can arrange a transfer to the airport terminal, order a taxi, use fax and photocopy. On the ground floor of the main building there is a tour desk, from where you can go to many sights of Antalya. If you want, you can get a Russian-speaking guide.

 Grand Park Lara 4 standard
In all Grand Park Lara Antalya 4 *new high-speed elevators work. The hotel has convenient parking, which you need to book in advance. The distance to the nearest airport - fourteen kilometers - can be overcome in twenty minutes, which is very convenient for those who go to rest with young children who quickly get tired on the way to the hotel.

Number of rooms

Considered to be great, the Grand Park Hotel Lara 4 *has 472 rooms, which can simultaneously accommodate almost three thousand people. The rooms are completed in four nine-storey new buildings. All have balconies overlooking the garden or the sea.

Standard Rooms

Grand Park Lara 4 standard - for maximumPlacement of 2 + 1 people in an area of ​​twenty-two square meters. Flooring in the room - laminate. There is also a split air conditioning with individual regulation, a TV that broadcasts two channels in Russian, a pay-per-view minibar with one free bottle of water, a safe for which you have to pay extra four euros a day. There is also a work desk and a large make-up mirror. In the combined bathrooms are installed new appliances: shower, washbasin, toilet. In all rooms of the hotel there are hair dryers and a wide variety of cosmetic accessories for free.

Rooms non-standard

Grand Park Lara 4 Family Deluxe - formaximum accommodation of four people with two bedrooms and an interior door. These rooms have one french and two single beds. The balconies have plastic chairs and a coffee table. Flooring - laminate or tiles. A toll-free phone is available, a mini-bar, a safe and wireless Internet connection. The bathrooms have a shower and a hairdryer. All rooms in this category with an area of ​​thirty-six square meters are individually air-conditioned.

Grand Park Lara Hotel 4

Grand Park Lara 4 Family Elite are capable ofsimultaneously accommodate up to six people. On the area of ​​fifty square meters there are two bedrooms and a living room with comfortable upholstered furniture. There is an extra bed in the form of a sofa. Balconies in front of the apartments - furnished, facing the garden.

Four rooms of the category "Standard" are provided for those with disabilities. They are located on the first floor and have balconies.

Service in the rooms

Hotel management requires daily cleaning andreplacement of cosmetic accessories - soaps, shampoos. Iron upon request. There is a service "alarm clock". If desired, you can get extra bed linen, as well as a baby cot. There are no rooms for smokers, so you need to go out on the balcony with a cigarette. Pets are not allowed by the administration.

Grand Park Lara 4 photos


Those who are attracted to the rest of Turkey, GrandPark Lara 4 is perfect. Meals here are organized by the all-inclusive system. Swedish tables with food are served in the main restaurant Zephyranthes. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners can be received from seven in the morning until midnight. The menu always has fries, shish kebabs, fresh fruit, vegetables, lots of salads and eastern baked goods. For children, you can order diet soups.

The schedule of the main restaurant is as follows:from seven to ten in the morning - breakfast, from twelve to two - dinner and from six thirty to half past nine pm - dinner. Tea time is from two to six. For children from four to six free ice cream is given out. Throughout the day, you can unlimited quantities of bread, pita, coffee and cakes.

Grand Park Lara Antalya 4
There are also four à la carte restaurants.Here you can sample local, Chinese or Italian cuisine, as well as delicious barbecue from freshly caught fish, sushi and pasta. Restaurants working on the concept of a la carte, you need to reserve in advance at the reception desk.

On the territory of the hotel there are also three bars, includingincluding on the beach, and at the pool, where you can drink free drinks from a local producer and taste snacks. There is also a bistro "Tyulip", a pub and hookah, where they serve real Turkish coffee and excellent baklava.


Grand Park Lara 4 (Antalya, Turkey) is a hotel,built on the second line from the Mediterranean Sea. The famous Lara Beach in the region is only two hundred meters away. Those who want to go there take a small golf car, although many prefer to walk on foot. Just three minutes walk, crossing the road and the rest are on the sandy beach, where everything necessary for comfortable bathing and sunbathing - umbrellas, sun beds, mattresses and mattresses - is free for residents of this hotel. For beach towels you need to pay extra separately. There is a shower with fresh water, a toilet.

Grand Park Lara 4 reviews
A kilometer from the Grand Park Lara 4 is located itsown shore. There three times a day the hotel leaves the hotel free shuttle. The entrance to the water here is comfortable, not requiring special shoes. There is no pier.

For children

The hotel is positioned as perfectly suitable forfamily holidays, even with very young children. The rooms facing the garden are completely soundproofed. If desired, you can get a baby cot, a highchair for feeding in a restaurant. The menu has special dishes for the youngest. Those parents who like active leisure can use the Russian-speaking babysitting service.

In the territory for children a smallchildren's pool, the cleanliness of the water in which the staff watches especially carefully. Here there are small safe water slides. There is also a games room, where there are many toys for different age categories. In the mini-club, children can play intellectual games. There is also a small zoo and a playground with swings and trampolines.

Additional information

Grand Park Lara 4 Antalya
Grand Park Lara 4, photo of which can be seen inthis article is quite a new hotel. Many people are attracted to this factor. Not far from the hotel there is an air-conditioned stop, from where by bus for two Turkish lira you can reach the TerraCity supermarket in thirty minutes, where you can make a purchase TAX FREE. Next to this store on Saturday opens a clothing market, where you can bargain and very inexpensive to buy great goods. On the same bus, you can reach the center of Antalya in an hour, with many sights. Here you can eat lunch inexpensively.

Near the hotel there are many shops, but the prices in them are much higher than in the city.


The Grand Park Lara 4, staff reviewswhich is mostly positive, the population is maximum for fifteen minutes. Immediately after the arrival, all the services offered, including meals, become available.

Communication with the hotel staff takes placemostly in English, but the registration desk always has a Russian-speaking specialist. If vacationers have any problems or questions, they should contact the Guest Relay service. Here quickly help to resolve any misunderstandings.

Grand Park Lara 4 Antalya Turkey

Swimming Pools

On the territory of the hotel there is one children's and three adult outdoor pools with an area of ​​950, 450 and 210 square meters with a depth of 140 and 120 centimeters respectively. There are also four-lane slides.

In the mornings you can practice water aerobics and aquagymnastics. Around each of them there are sunbeds, trestles and umbrellas.

At the pool with slides there is a bar in which local drinks, including alcoholic beverages, can be obtained free of charge. For fresh fruit juices, as well as for beer, you need to pay.

beauty and health

Those who, even on vacation, take care of their externalshape and conducts a healthy lifestyle, they will like the SPA-salon and Turkish bath - hamam. Here you can soak in the sauna, visit the beauty salon and hairdresser. At the check-in counter you can make an appointment for a paid massage, as well as in the queue for a visit to the beauty salon.

Entertainment and sports

On the beach of Lara near the Grand Park Lara 4 *There is a wide range of water activities, including water polo and snorkeling. There you can sit in a cozy bar and watch over a bath with a cup of coffee. Lovers of sports games can play themselves with a game of beach volleyball, darts, table tennis or basketball.

The hotel has excellent animation,including children's. In the meantime, the kids will play with the organizers, their parents can not only swim in one of the three large swimming pools and descend from the water slides, but also sit in the Internet cafe located in the main building lobby, and also visit the fitness center and the well-equipped gym Hall.

For use of billiard tables you need to pay an additional fee. The hotel has a tour desk that organizes tours to the most popular sights of Antalya.


You can visit the Hadrian's Gate, whichset in honor of visiting this Turkish town of the famous Roman emperor, as well as the symbol of Antalya - the Yivli Mosque, which has a high minaret, the tower of Kale-Kapysy and Khydyrlyk.

Many tourists come here to seecaravan-saray Seljuk-Khan, the clock tower of Saat-Kulesi, as well as Mermeli and Karaalayoglu - well-known parks in the region with Dudensky and Kurshunlu waterfalls, as well as the Karain caves - the largest in Turkey.

Of interest is also the archaeological and ethnographic museum of Suna.

Turkey Grand Park Lara 4


The hotel was built just a year ago, sothe amount of rest in it, respectively, is not very large. Nevertheless, Grand Park Lara 4, reviews of which are mostly positive, are gradually gaining their army of permanent vacationers. And although for today the main contingent of tourists in it are visitors from Belgium, Austria and Holland, the number of Russians is steadily growing. And a significant role in this is played by the correct policy of the hotel administration: this is the Russian-speaking specialist at the registry, and the presence of Russian-language TV channels in the rooms, and Russian national dishes on the menu.

Many of the holiday-makers are satisfied with thehotel, although there are some who prefer to eat on pre-booking to try more dishes from the local cuisine. Separately, there are dietary and vegetarian dinners, and in general, a large selection of buffet meals, as well as a 24-hour restaurant working under the hull F.

A lot of enthusiastic reviews are left about the sea.According to tourists, it is stunningly warm, although somewhat unclear along the coast. But it's worth sailing a few meters from the shore, as the water becomes clear and transparent. The bathing area is thought out: it is fenced off with a net and buoys, so that different creatures, including jellyfish and fish, do not swim. In the daytime, it is better to take sunbeds closer to the sea, since the sand from the sun heats up very much, almost makes it hot, and walking on it without shoes becomes difficult. Loungers on the beach provided so much that at any time you can stay near the water. And although water activities here are somewhat expensive, but this is understandable: around only expensive five-star hotels.

The only drawback, which is noted by all tourists, is the presence of a garbage dump on the territory of a neighboring hotel, past which it was necessary to go, heading for the beach.

About the holidaymakers leave only laudatoryreviews. They can easily cope with a large number of customers, while always polite, diligent and manage everything. Many were impressed by their uniform: white shirts with butterflies from the waiters, black collar cuffs from the chefs on the background of black aprons and black bandanas covering the hair. Administrators, speaking in Russian, in the registry two - a guy and a girl.

Grand Park Lara 4 (Antalya, Turkey) is positioned as a hotel intended for family and business recreation.

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