"Paradise Island" (Hurghada) and its secrets


On our globe there are many paradise corners,one of them is in a fishing village on the Red Sea (Egypt). This is the "Paradise Island" (Hurghada). It is for those tourists who like to combine leisure and entertainment. The island is completely surrounded by a reef, hitting there, you will be amazed by untouched nature, a fabulous beach, an indescribable beauty of the sea and a variety of water entertainments and restaurants. But you can not tell about all the charms. Let's fantasize a little and imagine that we are going on a small trip. The destination is the country of Egypt, "Paradise Island" (Hurghada). But how do I get there?

How to be in paradise

If you decide to spend your holiday on the coastHurghada, then we recommend booking an excursion to the "Paradise Island". You can get to the island by boat, yacht or boat accompanied by a guide. During the excursion you will spend a fantastic day on a desert island, enjoy its beauty, explore life under water and get unforgettable impressions. After about 45 minutes of sea voyage you will find yourself in paradise.

Hurghada, "Paradise Island": photos, fauna and flora

So, you arrived at the place. The fresh sea air envelops you with a warm wave.

paradise island of hurghada
First of all we will visit the beach and the sea of ​​"Paradise"island "or" Paradise "- as the locals call it. This name was given for the stunning beaches and the purest Red Sea. The water in the sea is warm and striking with its purity and beauty. It has all shades of blue and green. The beach is made of the finest snow-white soft and literally airy sand. On a fabulous beach, tourists are waiting for umbrellas with sun beds, under which you can relax and hide from the hot rays of the sun.
hurghada paradise island photo
Umbrellas are covered with palm leaves.On the beach are cozy bars, where you will be offered chilled drinks and exotic dishes. When you arrive at the "Paradise Island" (Hurghada), you will be amazed both by the magnificent views of the tropical forests and the amazing singing of exotic birds. The island is famous for its proximity to large multi-colored coral reefs.
hurghada paradise island photo
Their height reaches 7-8 meters.Coral reefs are located far enough from the sandy shore. The most interesting can be seen under the water, where tens of thousands of different fish swim (parrotfish, napoleon fish) and other inhabitants (squid, sea urchins, stingrays, dolphins).
egyptian paradise island of hurghada

"Paradise Island" (Hurghada): entertainment

A paradise corner will please those tourists whoprefer active rest. Here you can go diving and snorkeling. You can swim in the environment of tropical fish, dolphins, rays, and those who like to tickle their nerves, can see different types of sharks. On the island, hire canoes and the necessary equipment for diving.

egyptian paradise island of hurghada

"Paradise Island" (Hurghada) - colorful andan amazing piece of the Earth, where you can admire the underwater flora and fauna. Its name is a magical place fully justifies. In this place you want to stay for life. A fabulous beach, an amazing tender sea, coral reefs with their inhabitants attract more and more new tourists, revealing to them the secrets of the Red Sea. Amazing memories of the island are a part of paradise, which will remain with you forever!

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