Ostrovtsi Village (Moscow Region) - the resurrected estate of the Sheremetevs


The village of Ostrovtsy is experiencing its secondbirth. Not far from the village, cottage settlements are being built, the number of inhabitants is growing, life in these places begins to be beaten with a key. However, everything started not so rosy - once the village of Ostrovtsi of the Moscow region was a small island of economic life with 86 residents, who all had 12 peasant and 16 bobylskie households.

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History of the village

The first evidence of life in these placesscientists-archeologists refer to the middle of the XII century. It was possible to find a number of ornaments and dishes, which historians could identify as objects manufactured at this time. So, on the territory of the modern village archaeologists excavated two mounds and found over 3000 different household items, for example, amber beads, coin suspensions, clay products.

In those days, a small village belonged tochurch - officially it was the possession of the Novospassky Monastery. And so it lasted for five centuries, until one day the fate of the settlement was decided in its own way by the Russian Tsar. In 1709, by his highest command, the Ostrovtsy village of the Moscow region was handed over to the family of Count Sheremetev Boris Petrovich, the famous commander, diplomat, who by that time had already been awarded the title of Count. It is believed that it was the Earl of Sheremetev who was at the head of the Russian army when she won in the battle of Poltava, for which Peter the Great awarded him numerous awards in the same year, and also granted land possessions.

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Development of the settlement at Sheremetyevo

The Ostrovtsy village of the Moscow Region broughtthe family of the graph is a good income, mainly because of the convenient location - it was located on the well-known Astrakhan tract, according to which merchants drove a lot of goods to Moscow. Traders stopped in Ostrovtsy to rest before the last stage of the road - ahead of them the capital was waiting. In addition to several extremely profitable inns, the flour mill was a significant financial asset for the count's family - in the year it brought net profit of 1500 rubles, which at that time was simply a huge sum. For comparison, the scribe on the tsar's service in the middle of the 18th century received 20 rubles a year, as Leonty Avtonomov wrote about in his memoirs.

According to the data for the middle of the XIX century, Ostrovtsy still remained in the family, which was then headed by Count Dmitry Nikolaevich Sheremetev, and had 96 yards in which 717 peasants lived.

Under Soviet power

With the advent of Soviet power, the village of OstrovtsyMoscow region entered the state farm "Podmoskovny" and became a large agricultural complex. Even more rapid development began in the 60's and 90's of the last century, when the state farm, and then the joint-stock company, began to build a vigorously microdistrict of high-rise buildings.

Ostrovtsi Village, Moscow Region: how to get there

Today the former Astrakhan tract is Ryazanhighway, and the location of the village is still successful in terms of transport accessibility, because the MKAD from the village is only 15 km. By car or by public transport, you can get there just a few minutes. The village stands directly on the federal highway M5 "Ural", which connects it with a direct road to the nearest stations of the Moscow metro: "Vykhino", "Kuzminki", "Kotelniki". The bus stop "Ostrovtsy 1" is located in the very center of the village, and 12 minibuses pass by here. The most popular of them: No. 558 to Kuzminki, No. 68 to Bykovo, No. 33 to Lyubertsy.

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Here, next to the stop "Ostrovtsy"Moscow region (photo above) is a local attraction - a pink Indian elephant. This stone structure, which belongs to an individual and is still uninhabited. It is decorated with small windows, shaped like a diamond, and numerous paintings. While there is no data on what is planned to be placed in this building, it is not difficult to assume that it is unlikely to be inhabited.

Ostrovtsy in the Moscow region: a cemetery

A local cemetery is considered a tourist attraction.Here, famous people are buried, which left a notable mark in the history of the country, and especially in the history of space exploration. The former village of Ostrovtsi, Moscow Region, is located near the city of Zhukovsky, named after the ancestor of Soviet rocket construction, and many figures of this important area were buried in a necropolis specially equipped for them. The territory of the cemetery has 54 sites on which, for example, the Hero of the Soviet Union Daniil Gaponenko and the great scientist, who made many discoveries in aerodynamics - VV Sychev, rest, for example. Famous Soviet athletes are buried here.

 the Moscow region cemetery

Today Ostrovtsy is a popular recreation areaMuscovites. There is a recreation center "Russian Fishing", which offers a whole range of services and entertainment, including fishing in a pond with farm animals. There is a sports club, a restaurant, a sauna and a fitness center. And the construction of new cottage villages nearby gave a second wind to the development of the Ramensky district and the village of Ostrovtsy.

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