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With the advent of summer holidays, parents are often askedthe question of how to organize the rest of his schoolboy. And that it was useful for the body and general development. A successful and fairly affordable option for the budget is a children's health camp. In it the children are offered fascinating and diversified leisure: various events, sports training, mugs. One of these institutions is the children's camp "Borok". Sending his child here, parents can be sure that the son or daughter will spend the holidays with benefit and pleasure.

General information about the camp

The children's health camp "Borok" is locatedin Volozhinsky district of the Minsk region ", in the village of Borok. It dates back to 1968 and today it is one of the largest and best such establishments in Belarus. The camp territory covers an area of ​​about ten hectares.

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Rest here is organized in four shifts. The first of them opens in early June, and the last one closes by the end of August. The total duration of the shift is eighteen days.

At the same time the institution can take in its walls560 children. Camp "Borok" works only in the summer and invites children from six to eighteen years of age to rest. The pedagogical staff includes the student counselors with long experience of such activity, as well as experienced educators and medical workers.

Accommodation conditions and meals

In the camp children live in cozy bricktwo-story buildings. Junior students are accommodated in rooms designed for four people. For older children there are separate buildings. In these rooms, eight children can live.

Accommodation conditions correspond to all sanitaryand hygienic norms. There are all amenities, heating, cold and hot water. The territory of the camp is fenced with a strong fence and is guarded by the police. Therefore, parents do not have to worry about the safety of their children.

As for nutrition, it is four meals a day.Camp "Borok" offers children only delicious, varied and dietary food. The menu always has fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as juices. As parents describe their experiences, they feed well here and the children are always full and happy with the variety. Also in the camp there is a buffet where children can independently buy fresh baked goods, water, juice.

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Wellness activities

The Borok Wellness Camp is located ina picturesque area, amidst an amazing nature, near the river Isloch. With children, there are regular ecological walks to the forest and to the pond where you can sunbathe and enjoy the most beautiful views.

The campers are dailymedical examination, where the state of health and the state of the child are evaluated in the most careful way. The vast territory of the camp allows you to accommodate two football fields, volleyball and basketball courts. There is also table tennis and a modern gym. Every day large-scale sports events are held in the camp, which has a beneficial effect on the well-being and mood of children.

In addition, there is a psychologist's office in the camp - an experienced specialist will help children to get used to a new collective and resolve problem situations.

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Organization of leisure

Leisure in the camp is organized in such a way thatchildren do not have time to get bored. For all comers, various groups of interests are organized: molding, painting on wood, drawing, studio of a soft toy and others.

The smallest visitors of the camp are offered game rooms in sleeping buildings. For older children, a summer stage and a dance floor are set up, where discos are held in the evenings.

Children are under constant supervision. Experienced educators and counselors can find an exciting lesson for everyone and pick up a key to any child.

However, the Borok camp is not just entertainment.For children there is an extensive library where you can find books for every taste. Shifts are organized thematically and regularly held various cultural events. In the camp there is a large hall for watching movies and conducting concerts.

For almost fifty years of history in the campa lot of interesting traditions appeared. One of them is a cheerful fair of soft toys and crafts created by the children themselves from a wide variety of materials. During the shift, children can earn local money. And at the fair, which has been held in the camp for seven years now, you can buy these lovely toys and souvenirs for them.

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Cost of stay

The cost of staying in the camp depends on the agechild. The younger the schoolboy, the cheaper the rest. So, for the youngest holiday-makers - from six to ten years - the cost of the change will be 3 231 000 Belarusian rubles. For children up to thirteen - 3 313 000. To send the child at the age from fourteen to eighteen years, it will be necessary to pay 3 366 000 Belarusian rubles.

This amount includes accommodation, food, andall kinds of recreational and recreational activities. So you can safely send a child to the camp "Borok", prices for recreation here are quite affordable for the family budget.

How to get to the camp?

The camp is located forty kilometers from Minsk,so getting to it from there will not be difficult. You can get there either by bus or by private car. In any case, the travel time will be no more than one and a half hours. A trip to the picturesque places will leave only pleasant impressions.

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Reviews about the camp "Borok"

Their impressions of the camp are divided asschoolchildren who visited the camp, and their parents. Children and adolescents mostly write about the entertainment program, events, discos. The older generation is much more concerned about issues related to life and food, as well as the attitude of camp staff to vacationers.

It can be noted that in most cases reviewscontain words of gratitude and gratitude. Particularly emphasize comfortable conditions, quality food and attention to children. It is also important that the schedule of the day in the camp is built in such a way that the child almost never remains without occupation.

It is fair to say that there is adissatisfied parents. But, if we talk about the camp "Borok", reviews of this nature relate mainly to the stay in the institution of junior schoolchildren, who are not yet fully ready for independent rest and are banally bored around the house. And older children like everything very much. Therefore, many children come here to rest for many years and return with great pleasure.

Is it necessary to let the child go to a children's camp?

Many parents worry if it's too early for a childto go to the camp, whether he will be there in safety and whether he will be able to take care of himself. As a rule, these fears turn out to be groundless. After all, in the camp the student learns independence and the ability to fully communicate with peers. And about its safety and health, experienced and qualified teachers and medical workers will take care.

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Therefore, the children's camp "Borok" is an excellentoption for the child himself, and for his parents. Here the child will be able not only to strengthen health for the whole academic year, but also to acquire a lot of unforgettable and vivid impressions and to find new friends.

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