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From time to time, the human body fails,and to fully recover, he just needs to rest and relax. And the best way to achieve such a relaxation is to visit a sauna or a sauna. The benefits of steam during such procedures have long been proven.

Our ancestors also believed that the bath was the besthealer from all ills. They believed that steam cleanses the soul and body, and the broom expels evil spirits from man. Whatever it was, with the right visit to the steam room, its usefulness is priceless.

And about the Russian bath has long been legendary! Even at the time of the Union, foreigners came to Russia to take a steam bath.

Now the baths have become more comfortable, they offer more services and procedures. But at the same time they still retained the main function - to cleanse the body and heal the body.

The most famous Russian baths are Kaluga. In this beautiful city in the central part of the Russian Federation you can find baths and saunas for every taste. Today I want to talk about the most popular and interesting.

Features of the Russian bath in the city of Kaluga

Traditionally in the Russian bath used wetsteam. The humidity of the air in the thermostat approaches almost 100%, and the temperature rises to almost 80 degrees. Another feature of the institution is beating with a broom.

baths of kaluga phones and photos
This procedure is very useful for an inflamed body. A pat on the broom improves blood flow, and the oils that are contained in the leaves perfectly nourish the skin and normalize the metabolic processes.

Known Kaluga baths and what they offerclients a little to depart that of Russian traditions and enjoy the eastern heat in the hammam. It differs from the usual bath sparing regime (no higher than 33 degrees). This allows you to sweat those people who are contraindicated to high humidity and temperature. So, this is a wonderful remedy for insomnia, osteochondrosis and respiratory diseases.

Saunas and baths of Kaluga by the company "Aquarius"

Paired "Aquarius" is most widely distributed incity. Here you can find not only national traditions, but also elements of different folk cultures that give the baths a special flavor. And the most pleasant is a fairly affordable price. Phone for booking - +7 (4842) 79-16-15.

The motto of baths is "pleasure and health".This is exactly what clients receive when they visit the institution "Aquarius". Guests are offered three different types of baths: Russian traditional, eastern (Turkish) and Roman. It's always very clean and cozy. The effect of the visit is stunning:

• Beneficial and healing effect on the body of wet steam and aromatic oils;

• after the bath comes a sense of purity, calmness, and avoidance of problems;

• a sense of heaviness and anxiety disappears.

Guests who visited the baths of "Aquarius" always respond well about this "magical" place and often become permanent customers of the institution.

«Kaluga Plaza»

The baths of the Kaluga complex "Plaza" is not just a "home of purity", but a real paradise!

The complex offers visitors three types of baths:Russian, Japanese and hamam. In this bath you can not only steam up, but also hold a corporate or a meeting, celebrate a birthday. In the bathhouse there are four chic rooms with a capacity for up to 20 people: Boyar steam room, Japanese bath, Roman baths and Persian hammam. Each of them is beautiful in its own way.

baths of kaluga
Chic interior will not leave you indifferent eitherone connoisseur. In each bathhouse there is a geyser with warm water, a clean pool. The temperature is set at the request of the client. There is an excellent service in the institution. Bath amenities are provided individually for each guest individually: a terry towel and a skirt for the sauna. Slippers cost 100 rubles. Minimum usage time is 2 hours. There are in the baths and many additional services. For example, a restaurant, order food and drinks in the bath room, selling brooms and others. The phone of the institution is +7 484 221-21-80.

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Since the baths of "Kaluga Plaza" are very expensive (1500rubles / hour), then only rich people can afford to visit them. But those who are fortunate to be in this complex are delighted with it and come back again and again.

baths of kaluga city
If you decide to visit these Kaluga baths, the photos presented in the article will help you make the final choice.

Bath complex "Lukomorye"

Also quite expensive institution with excellent service and a decent interior. In the "Lukomorye" there are two types of baths: Russian and Finnish, as well as a hall with a VIP sauna.

Another complex provides hydro massage services in the pool, karaoke, recreation rooms, billiards and a bar with a hookah.

Most of all in "Lukomorye" like to restfamilies with children. According to the parents, their children really like the warm pool. And adults prefer a Russian bath and entertainment in the bar. The phone for information - +7 910 910-74-40.

Sauna "Brigantine"

The sauna is quite small. It consists of only one Russian bath with a thermae and a swimming pool.

baths of kaluga reviews
But due to the fact that there are additional services inthe kind of rest rooms, billiards, heated pool and karaoke bar, its cost is high. But despite this, visitors love this cozy place and happily spend holidays here, weekends and even birthdays. Phone - +7 920 871-24-89.

Bath "The Green Merchant"

Just want to note a very affordable pricebath complex. Pay for an hour will only 300 rubles. The institution "Green Merchant" consists of two rooms with Russian and Finnish baths. Capacity - up to 10 people. In the halls there are large swimming pools with cold and warm water. Some rooms include table tennis and football. There is also a bar with a hookah and a lounge. And all this at a fairly moderate cost. This is what, according to the guests, attracts people most of all. Wonderful interior, good services and low price are perfect conditions for a lover of Russian bath. Phone - +7 484 257-72-25.


Of course, there are also bathhouses for ordinary peopleKaluga. Urban complexes for people with middle income are also very popular. These are mainly national Russian baths, which provide a traditional list of services: steam room, swimming pool, sauna broom and bar. Additional services - rooms for relaxation and massage. Such establishments include such steam rooms as "Monaco", "Bath House", "Goldfish". Most of them do not even have a name. The average cost of visiting them is up to 500 rubles per hour.

Customers who were lucky enough to visit the bathsKaluga, reviews about them leave very positive and even admired. In the sauna of the city you can not just wash yourself. Here you can spend a whole ritual of cleansing the body.


Now you know the good baths of Kaluga. Telephones and photos of these institutions are presented in the article.

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