In Sochi, the beach "Albatross", advantages and disadvantages


Summer beach vacation is the main kindentertainment and visitors, and the local population of seaside resorts. In the beloved many of the glorious city of Sochi, the beach "Albatross" until recently enjoyed popularity only among Sochi residents, but gradually began to develop and tourists.

On the one hand, this led to the fact that nowthere are much more people here than there were some ten years ago. But on the other hand, the growing popularity of the beach has served to develop its infrastructure. This means that now it is much more comfortable to rest here.


In the most beautiful and most legendary onBlack Sea coast city of Sochi, the beach "Albatross" is located in a neighborhood called New Sochi, which, of course, visitors do not say much. The most famous landmark is the sanatorium "Rus", which has its own small beach, adjacent to the "Albatross". In the neighborhood there is also a sanatorium "Belarus".

Sochi beach Albatross
If you look for this beach on the map of the city,the landmark should be two streets - Polytechnic and Bamboo, in the vicinity of which I found a place in Sochi beach Albatross. Local residents have long taken a fancy to this shred of shoreline, which from the urban infrastructure is protected by a rather steep hillside. Perhaps, it was this whim of nature that protected this beach for a long time from the massive influx of tourists, who in summer in Sochi, tens of thousands.

How to get there

Inconvenient access is, perhaps, the maina disadvantage due to which for the time being even in peak season is not very crowded beach "Albatross". Sochi has a developed transport network, so everyone wishing to get to this beach by all means must go to the minibus №№ 4 or 7 to the sanatorium "Rus". Landmarks are the water park "Mayak" or the park "Riviera", from which the "Albatross" is about 12 minutes away. Then you need to walk down the steep road on foot, and on the way back along it to go up.

beach Albatross Sochi
This last stretch of the road to the beachcauses difficulties for the elderly, for all who have problems with their legs, and for mothers with small children. To help here, taxi drivers come, from early morning until the beach closes on duty at the beginning of the descent. Their service costs from 100 rubles.

Car enthusiasts can go down to the beach onown car. Early in the morning, parking spaces are still available. Another option, how to get to the beach, is to go through the sanatorium "Rus". Entrance to the territory can be paid, but you can go down to the water's edge by the elevator.


Not only inaccessibility, but also otherfeatures the beach "Albatross" in Sochi. The photo clearly shows that it is sandy. True, the sand here is gray, because its base is the remains of volcanic rocks. Small pebbles here also comes across, but there are not many of them.

The length of the beach is up to 200 meters, and the width is not less than20 and not more than 30 meters. The sea in this part of the coast is characterized by high water transparency and tranquility. Waves are rare here, because breakwaters are built. Sunset in the sea is quite safe, without rocks, but the depth begins only 4-6 meters from the shore, so parents should carefully look after their children. On some days to the edge of the water, algae are nailed, but mostly on the beach is clean. The beach opens at 8 am, closes at 8 pm, the entrance is free.

beach Albatross Sochi reviews


The resort is not only state, but alsoof global significance is Sochi. The beach "Albatross", although small, but also tries to expand the network of services to catch up to a decent level. Now there are several cabins for dressing, there are free showers where you can rinse salted sea water and sand. Guests are offered to use the plank beds and umbrellas. The price of their lease is not constant, and it is not yet known what it will be in 2017. Those who do not want to spend extra money can be placed on their towels, no one blames it. For the convenience of the guests near the beach (there is no need to climb up the mountain) there are several shops with beach accessories, stalls, cafes, even canteens, where you can buy drinks, snacks, ice cream.

On "Albatross" there are also entertainments, bringing a cheerful variety in monotonous beach rest. Here you can ride on a "banana", "tablet", a hydrocycle, dive from the pier.

Albatross beach in Sochi

Beach Albatross (Sochi), reviews

Tourists and locals, who know about this corner of the coast, prefer to rest here. Advantages of the beach:

- sand cover, children have the opportunity to play with enthusiasm;

- cleanliness is higher than on other beaches of the city;

- relative lack of population, even in the season there is always a free patch;

- There are shops and cafes where you can have a snack;

- the presence of showers at the exit from the beach, which is convenient enough for flushing sand from the feet.

Disadvantages of the beach:

- an insurmountable descent;

- depth begins near the water's edge;

- very expensive water in the shops of the beach, so it is desirable to take it with you.

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