Where to go in Cyprus with a child: the best resorts, attractions, places of interest and reviews


You're out of luck: the holiday hit the off-season.This is not a reason to be upset - there are a lot of places for a good rest with your family. Where better to go? To Cyprus! You will not regret this decision. Cyprus is always beautiful for everyone. He awaits and lovers of solitude, and admirers of antiquity, and noisy married couples with children of all ages.

Island of contrasts

Europeans love Cyprus for the year-round warmweather. Winter here is short and relatively mild, without slush and cataclysms. A full beach season lasts from April to the end of October. This is one of the reasons why Cyprus is the embodiment of beach rest. One, but not the only one. Where to go in Cyprus? Choose your preferences.

It's just amazing how this small island inThe Mediterranean Sea was able to connect the contrasting details so harmoniously. The most modern city buildings - and very near a patriarchal quiet village with herds of cows and shepherds. Large showcases of fashion shops, presentable restaurants successfully neighbor with quiet home cafes, confectionery and market traders. Add to this the majestic southern landscapes, the spirit of ancient history, Mediterranean cuisine - and it becomes clear: if finances are allowed, it is necessary to bring the family here.

Where to go in Cyprus

Vacation with children

What should parents know who are going to spend their vacation tour with children? The choice of a place of rest in this case is much different from the place for adults. What worries in the first place?

  • Does the hotel accept guests with children and from what age?
  • Is there a children's menu?
  • How are the beaches equipped?
  • Are there playgrounds and swimming pools on site?
  • Security level.
  • Babysitting, animators.
  • Specially trained staff.

To the merits of Cyprus, these requirements are metmost hotels all over the resort coast. The most suitable time for small tourists is May-June and September-October. Where to go to Cyprus with a child? Let's take a closer look at what the most famous resorts of the island offer us.

Where better to go to Cyprus


Surely this is the best place to go.In Cyprus, in this resort area, there is everything for a relaxed, relaxing holiday. Families with young children here feel great: the beaches are equipped with special congresses for strollers, along the shore - a cozy promenade for walking with children's transport. For these purposes, park and walking paths are equipped with special bevels, crossings.

In Protaras, there are many cafes with children's menus anddelicious inexpensive ice cream. For the youngest, meals can be bought at local stores, just like everything children need. You can choose in the hotel rooms with a kitchen and prepare meals for children themselves.

The testimonies indicate that here is the best place in Cyprus, with a small child if you go. Less - few playgrounds.

Where to go to Cyprus with your child

Ayia Napa

The sacred place of Cyprus and a very lively resort,which the Cypriots themselves prefer. But we choose the time for children's recreation, and just at the beginning and end of the season Ayia Napa is relatively calm, like the whole of Cyprus. Where to go to rest in the "Sacred forests" (this is how the city name translation sounds)?

In general terms: the beaches are all very clean and, importantly for children, gently sloping and sandy.

Children's entertainment - a large water park and lunapark with a children's pool.

Reviews resting the cleanest sea, beaches and parksrecognize delightful. Now about the disadvantages: a very small area of ​​hotels with a minimum of playgrounds. Baby food is not at all, and five stars are not always an indicator. Animators and nannies, if present in the state, then, basically, communicate in English. The best hotel for children is the "Atlantic Aeneas".


The homeland of Aphrodite is another place forfamily vacation. Amazing sandy beaches in a picturesque bay, many small private hotels on the coast. Where better to go to Cyprus, how not to Paphos? Carefully read the description of hotels - not all specialize in the reception of tourists with children. But those that you need are equipped with children's places of rest, they do not always prepare a variety, but very tasty and healthy children's food.

Where better to go to Cyprus with a child, where there iswhat to do, where there is much new and interesting except the beach and the sea? Of course, in Paphos! From family entertainment: older children together with their parents will be interested in multiple routes along the legendary paths. If you are indifferent towards history, visit a unique bird park, water park, aquarium, they will not leave indifferent the youngest and the adults.

Where better to go to Cyprus with a child


The most ancient settlement of the island - the city of Larnaca -a place where you can go to Cyprus if the funds are limited, and rest you want a full-fledged. Cheaper than anywhere - does not mean worse, just this old town is less saturated with entertainment clubs. And reviews of families with children characterize this place as the most benevolent and adapted for children's rest.

Entertainment:"Lucky Star Park" - the largest amusement park, which has a cafe with a children's menu; a large camel park in which you can walk with animals (not just camels); For children over 10 years of age, marine diving is available.

Cyprus: where to go for a vacation


Unlike the previous one, resort Limassol isa place where you can go to Cyprus if you crave a steep, noisy, fun-filled holiday! The name of the resort is translated as "middle city", and means not the mediocrity of the settlement, but its location in the middle, so from here it is convenient to go around the whole of resort Cyprus and compare sights. Limassol is a club and night life, the rivers of Cypriot wine, non-stop entertainment all year round.

Families with children can also find a place here,but it is better to find a home in Paphos, Larnaca or Protaras. The majority of the public in Limassol is the young people, and the establishments are night clubs and discos.

Where to go in Cyprus by car?

If you are not less than 25 and not more than 70 years old, youyou can easily rent a car. This is an excellent option for spending leisure time with children: there is no need to adjust to the schedule of excursions, it is possible to see the entire beauty of the island, without fatiguing the children with long transitions; compare the amenities of neighboring beaches and parks.

By car you can drive to places thatstandard sightseeing routes are often bypassed. Ordinary rural settlements will become a real discovery, their uniqueness, unusual for us way of life is interested in no less beaches and embankments. In addition, it is in such quiet and secluded places you can find an unusually cozy confectionery or bakery with fresh pastries, a family cafe with home cooking, a wine cellar. And all this will be much cheaper than in the resort area.

Where to go in Cyprus by car

What you need to remember the driver in Cyprus:

  • The most important thing is the left-hand traffic. Soberly evaluate your driving skills and ability to rebuild.
  • You can not cross the border between the Greek and Turkish side of the island by car.
  • A great ban: in a car you can not smoke if there are children in it. It does not matter whether it's a car or a rental car.
  • Driving, you can not eat, drink and talk on the phone.

Otherwise, the rules of the traffic are the same as in most European countries.

Choose a destination, where to go to Cyprus fromchild, not a problem. The pearl of the Mediterranean is an excellent alternative to the noisy and expensive resorts of Greece, Turkey, Egypt. Choose a resort can always be tailored to personal requirements, the age of the child and the family budget.

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