The Aquamarine Resort & Villa 4 * (Kamala Beach, Phuket, Thailand): description, service, reviews


Thailand Fr.Phuket in ancient times was known as a huge shopping center, specializing in the sale of rubber and tin. He attracted merchants from all over Asia. Today, the main income this island receives from tourism. The number of holidaymakers who decided to relax here is growing every year.

Phuket is also very popular with Russian tourists.The sea here is clean, the beaches are comfortable, and the hotels offer good accommodation at not too high prices. For example, some Russian holidaymakers stop at Phuket in a hotel The Aquamarine Resort & Villa 4 *.

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Is this four-star, enoughA large hotel in one of the most frequented tourist areas of the island - in Kamala Beach. It was built on the cape on - a small hill. In the immediate vicinity of it is the popular Kamala beach. From the hotel windows there are truly magnificent views of the sea and the picturesque surroundings.

From the waterfront The Aquamarine is located quite far away. But in relation to the airport, this complex, according to tourists, is located successfully. Get to the place who rented in this hotel, vacationers who flew to the island by plane, need no more than half an hour. TRansfer from the airport can be ordered if desired and in the hotel. But to negotiate this point with the hotel administration should be in advance.

As vacationers note in their reviews on the web,this hotel is located in a quite quiet area. There are no large shopping centers or noisy entertainment venues nearby. At the same time to get to the city center, tourists staying in this complex can very quickly.

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The Aquamarine Resort & Villa 4 *: description

First visitors this hotel nNot so long ago - in 2006That is, the hotel is relatively new. The rooms here are equipped in a three-storey building of original southern architecture. Also on the territory of this complex there are several villas. The yard of the hotel is well landscaped and, judging by the reviews, it looks just great. A feature of this hotel, among other things, is that the rental price of the villas here is not too high and practically does not differ from the cost of ordinary rooms.

Beautiful sea views open not only fromapartments of this hotel, but practically from any place on its territory. This is the majority of tourists, of course, refers to the unconditional pluss of the hotel.

What you should know about

When arriving from the hotel in The Aquamarine Resort has a deposit.This holidaymakers who decided to rent rooms right here, it is worth bearing in mind. Accommodation with pets in the hotel is impossible, even by prior arrangement or at an additional cost.

The reception is open 24 hours a day. People can stay in the rooms here from 14:00 until midnight. Leave after the end of the rental period of rooms or villas they should at noon.

Room Description

Total in The Aquamarine Resort & Villa 4 * about 200 rooms are rented.That is, the hotel is quite large. In addition to villas, the hotel offers tourists deluxe rooms. In all apartments rented in the hotel, including in the villas, there are:

  • conditioners;

  • television sets (satellite);

  • safes;

  • mini-bars;

  • sets for making tea or coffee.

Baths are installed in the bathrooms.Guests can also use hairdryers here. The villas have large double beds in the hotel. The rooms have different options. Either 2 single beds or one double bed. The area of ​​the hotel rooms is 42 m2, villas - 70 m2.

Reviews of tourists on the rooms

Relax in the hotel The Aquamarine Resort & Villa 4 * (Phuket, Kamala), PThe opinion of vacationers, includingdomestic, you can with great comfort. The advantages of the housing being handed over here primarily tourists refer to its large size. The rooms and villas in the hotel are really very spacious.

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Just great reviews on the web are available and aboutregistration of housing in the hotel. The interiors of the rooms and premises of the villas in this complex are sustained in an unusual for the Europeans Thai style. Such decoration, of course, creates a mood for the guests to leave and rest in a warm country at sea.

What about the quality of cleaning roomsAquamarine Resort also deserved good reviews. The maids come to the apartments to be rented at the hotel every day. Time changes in the hotel rooms and bed linen.

In particular, the good reviews the hotel's apartments deserve for just the sumptuous views that open from the windows. In addition, the balconies in this hotel are large and comfortable for recreation.

Some lack of hotel rooms touristsbelieve that there are quite a lot of small animals living here, mostly of various kinds of bugs. However, the administration does not have any guilt. The large number of insects in the rooms is explained by the fact that behind the last buildings of the hotel are already real jungles.

What is the infrastructure of the complex?

Refers hotel The Aquamarine Resort & Villa 4 * to a class of four-star hotels.Therefore, the comforts on its territory are provided to the guests, of course, a lot. Adults only swimming pools in the courtyard of the hotel is equipped with three. Of course, this hotel has its own free parking. This tourists, including domestic, are considered a big plus hotel. After all, many holidaymakers rent a bike in Thailand. For the guests of the same hotel Aquamarine Resort, since it is located far enough from the nearest beaches, this can be especially relevant.

Weather in Phuket in November - April is quite hot. And plunge into the cool pool for hotel guests, of course, can be very nice. But apart from him and parking, on the territory of this complex There are also such elements of infrastructure:

  • SPA-center;

  • car rental and currency exchange offices;

  • laundry;

  • garage;

  • luggage storage;

  • business center;

  • tour agency.

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Guests can use this 4 * hotel and free Wi-Fi. In addition, the residents of the complex have the opportunity to order the delivery of food directly to the room.


Time in the hotel The Aquamarine Resort & Villa 4 * his guests can spend not only withcomfort, but also fun. Of course, the territory of this hotel is regularly held animation. In one of the hotel pools there are water slides. If desired, guests of the Aquamarine Resort can play billiards or table tennis.

In general, the entertainment at The Aquamarine Resort &Villa 4 * tourists are provided quite a lot. Among other things, the hotel's spa includes a sauna. Guests can also visit the hotel and massage room.

Services for children

This hotel is considered convenient not only by ordinary tourists, but also those holidaymakers who prefer to rest in the south with whole families. In the territory The Aquamarine Resort & Villa 4 * there are many facilities for children. Small hotel guests can, for example, visit the playground here. Hotel and babysitting services are provided.

The Aquamarine Resort & Villa 4 *: reviews of tourists about the hotel

Benefits this hotel his guests, among other things, includegood layout of the yard. To find all the necessary infrastructure elements on the territory of the hotel is intuitively simple. Pools, according to vacationers, are quite convenient. Bathing in them is a great pleasure. In particular, the tourists praise the hotel's panoramic swimming pool. From here, a truly magnificent view of the sea opens up.

Those tourists who like to swim and sunbathe in thequietness, experienced guests of the Aquamarine Resort hotel advise you to visit a small swimming pool located in the backyard of the hotel. The people here, unlike the other two pools, do not bathe too much.

The spa in this hotel, judging by the reviews, is also not bad. To visit the local sauna and massage directly at the hotel, many recommend.

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Vacationers in the hotel holidaymakers from a variety ofcountries world. In most cases, its territory is very quiet. Travelers can rest here in perfect harmony with nature. But sometimes a very large number of Chinese are settled in this hotel. The people of this nationality, unfortunately, traditionally behave quite noisily.

W-iFi in the hotel, judging by the reviews of tourists, nottoo good. On the lobby, the Network catches well. In the rooms, despite the statements of tour operators selling tours to Phuket with accommodation in this hotel, unfortunately, there is practically no Internet.

Praise the service in The Aquamarine Resort & Villa 4 * tourists, including for the courtesy of the staff. RAccording to the reviews, the hotel's guests are always friendly and helpful. In Russian, the hotel staff, unfortunately, do not speak. However, many of them understand English well.


The majority of the food offered at the hotel is delicious. Menu in the dining room The Aquamarine Resort & Villa 4 * (Phuket, Kamala), as tourists say, very diverse.The alumni in the hotel restaurant are offered both meat dishes and fish. Residents can take in the dining room all kinds of side dishes, omelettes, vegetables, salads, fruits. Some tourists consider the lack of a hotel restaurant as the fact that the natural juice of the staff here, unfortunately, dilutes with water.

Thus, food in The Aquamarine Resort & Villa 4 * the guests consider it to be generally qualitative. Actually, the hotel itself is also a praiseit's the majority of tourists.It is located near the pool, and right from its territory there are views of the sea. As vacationers consider, to have dinner, have breakfast or supper on fresh air, admiring on the exotic southern nature, it is very pleasant.

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The choice of drinks in the hotel bars, as notedvacationers, is also very good. If desired, tenants of the complex can order here a variety of cocktails. The only thing - some tourists regret that the bar, located near the pool, ends its work too early - at 23:00.

What do tourists think about the beach of the hotel

So, we found out that the infrastructure in the The Aquamarine Resort & Villa 4 * is well developed, and the rooms here are comfortable. Quite good reviews from tourists are also available for the beaches next to the hotel.

From the sea, as already mentioned, the complex The Aquamarine Resort & Villa 4 * built quite a long way.The distance to the nearest Kamala beach from the buildings of this hotel is as much as 3 kilometers. And, returning from the sea, tourists have to climb the mountain. For young holidaymakers, such daily walks may even seem interesting. But older tourists every day to overcome the 6 km will, of course, is difficult.

The situation is saved by the fact that the hotel offers its guests a free shuttle service to the two most popular beaches of Phuket - Kamala and Patong. The bus leaves the hotel buildings every hour. Of course, guests can get to the sea by taxi or tuk-tuk.

There is no own territory on the beaches of Kamala and Patong. Therefore, for sunbeds have to pay separately. One chaise longue costs 100 baht per day. Umbrellas on the beaches of tourists can take for free.

Weather in Phuket in November - April is very good.There is practically no wind here. And so there is no excitement at sea. In Thailand, during the tourist season, the weather is very hot. Therefore, the water in the sea warms up well. In the summer, it's better not to come to Phuket at all. At this time, there are long rains here, and you can not swim in the sea because of the waves.

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Sand on both beaches located next tohotel, very small and white. So it's really nice to sunbathe here. Beach towels guests of The Aquamarine Resort & Villa 4 * can take without a deposit. But upon returning from the sea they must be handed over.

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