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The city-state of Singapore has always been perceived andis perceived primarily as a business center throughout Southeast Asia. This is a huge port, receiving up to a thousand cargo ships and tankers every day. Visiting of beaches in these places is, as a rule, a pleasant addition to a business trip. Meanwhile time does not stand still, and the beach infrastructure of the island is changing, and for the better. We offer you an overview of the beaches of Singapore with descriptions and reviews of tourists. Note that they are all the property of the state and the entrance to them is absolutely free.

There is an opinion that the best beaches of the stateare those that are located in the south-eastern part of the island of Sentosa. However, on the most important island there is something to pay attention to. Start the search for a place to rest is the question of what you really want: a stormy beach life with parties and entertainment or seclusion and tranquility.

Changi Beach

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The beach, stretching for 3.3 kilometers,is located in one of the oldest coastal parks in Singapore, called Changi. Magnificent natural territory is only slightly adjusted by man for the convenience of tourists. The pristine beach with clean sand is strewn with coconut palms. There is everything for a comfortable stay: special places for barbecue, park benches, canopies from tropical rain and scorching sun, bike paths.

The existence of Changi Beach is a direct response tothe question of whether there are beaches in Singapore. The park is located near the airport and has a fairly low attendance. This fact, perhaps, can be considered a plus, not a minus. Tourists, probably, are not confused by such white sand, as on Sentosa. But here the most picturesque sunsets and sunrises with aircraft landing and taking off in the rays of the sun. The beach is absolutely safe.

Beach in East Coast Park

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One of the most famous places for recreation andEntertainment on the main island of Singapore is the East Coast Park. It offers immediately a range of services: beach vacation, entertainment and delicious food in numerous restaurants and cafes. The length of this beach in Singapore is more than 15 km, and the total attendance for the year - over seven million people.

The park is a favorite vacation spot for citizens,therefore it is filled with people on weekends and holidays, on weekdays it is less crowded. The beach has an excellent infrastructure with places for barbecue, camping, games, etc.

Sentosa is the second largest islandstate. It is here that many tourists come every year in search of adventure, beautiful sandy beaches and attractions. The island is located in the Indian Ocean and is famous for one of the largest amusement parks. On about. Sentosa (Singapore) beaches are only three. All of them are municipal.

Tanjong beach

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Tanjong Beach is located in a secluded partisland and is ideal for those who are tired of the city's bustle and seeking peace. You can get to it on a special bus that runs all over Sentosa. Tanjong is admired by the locals. Just a few tens of meters away is a luxurious hotel Tanjong Beach Club. On weekdays, there is peace in it and there is a complete immersion in the atmosphere of a tropical paradise, and on weekends fun begins. Three times a year he holds grandiose beach dancing parties, lasting until the morning.

Tourists who visited Tanjong, evaluate it for4.5 points out of five possible. They emphasize the contrast, which creates a quiet and cozy beach with a bustling and vibrant city. Of the minuses - stray dogs and a weak infrastructure.

Palawan beach

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The beach of Palawan is located in the heart of the coast,it is here that the southernmost point of Asia is located, i.e., the one closest to the equator. Tourists get to the beach all the same city bus Sentosa Express. The place is the most visited on the island and is ideal for family holidays. The beach of Singapore Palawan on Sentosa Island will delight its visitors with snow-white sand creaking under their feet and clean, calm azure water. A special color of the place adds a pendant bridge in a pirate style, along which you can go to a small island with observation towers.

Vacationers appreciate the beach as one of the best in Singapore. They advise it primarily to families with children, since for small tourists there is everything and even a little more.

Siloso beach

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The beach of Siloso is considered the most populous andpopular with everyone who visits Sentosa. It is not surprising. Tourists this place "supply" numerous hotels located near the beach. In Singapore, Siloso Beach is considered one of the best in terms of infrastructure and cleanliness. There are numerous cafes and bars, restaurants, clubs, souvenir shops, and in the evening it turns into a place for parties and celebrations. Siloso Beach hosts the famous "Wings of Time" show, which attracts many tourists.

Many of the beaches of Singapore deserve the mostnor is euphonic, not an exception and Siloso Beach. However, talking about it, tourists notice that although it is considered municipal, and therefore free, in fact it is quite expensive. So, for a lounger it is necessary to pay about 20 dollars (about 1200 rubles at the current rate). Add to this inflated prices in cafes and restaurants - a phenomenon usual for untwisted tourist places.

Saint John's Island

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Escaping from noisy parties and human fuss,many tourists go to the beaches of a small islet St. John. This is a less popular place compared to the previous ones, but more quiet. The beach infrastructure here is just beginning to develop, so tourists can be met a bit. You get a tropical paradise almost in its pristine form.

The territory of the island is almost entirely ownedThe National Park, and construction is prohibited in any form. Consequently, in the near future the beaches of Singapore on St. John's Island will remain the most secluded and quiet. A narrow strip of sand on one side is surrounded by the cleanest sea, and on the other - jungle, creating a natural barrier to the sun.

The islands of Pulau Seringat and Lazarus

are there any beaches in singapore

Many tourists who come to Singapore, not evensuspect that by spending only 20-30 minutes on the road, you can get to such unique places as the islands of Lazarus and Pulau Seringat. Caught on artificially created beaches, sand for which was brought from Indonesia, surrounded by jungles, it is difficult to believe that very close - one of the largest megacities of the world.

The secluded beaches of Singapore are not far awayfrom St. John mentioned above. You can get to the islands by walking along the dam. Previously, Pulau Seringat and Lazarus were autonomous, but now they are joined by an artificially created strip of 800 meters long sand, planted with palm trees. In these places, the infrastructure is almost not developed, but this is their charm. After spending one day on an impromptu tour, you will see the jungle and life of local residents.

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