Settlement Planicheskaya Shel - fresh air and unique nature


Seversky district of the Krasnodar Territory is located thirty kilometers from the capital of the Kuban. Having traveled just a hundred kilometers from it, you can find yourself on the Black Sea coast.

The slit

Unique area

This is a unique place. In Seversky district side by side live more than eighty different nationalities. The most numerous of them are Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, Greek, Georgian and Belarusian communities.

The main attraction of the region isits unique landscape and, of course, beautiful places where you can perfectly relax. Due to its favorable geographical position Seversky district has become extremely attractive for investments in the development of the resort tourism business.

A business card of this territorialdivision is considered the famous mountain of Sobir-Oashkh, which has seven hundred and thirty-six meters in height. On its slopes there are pure springs. That's why the locals have long considered this mountain sacred.

Many natural monuments of the region, for example,the gorge of the Red Creek, the Pshadsky and Daryiny waterfalls, the Plain Slit, the peaks of Mithridates, the Fortress, Papay, the Upper Afipa Lake, also called "Lokhness", are shrouded in secrets and legends. That's why they have long been popular places, where they come to rest. World fame Seversky district brought parking primeval man. This monument of the Middle Paleolithic has a history that began one hundred and thirty thousand years ago.

Zarechnaya Street

The slit

Krasnodar region provides a wide range oftourism services, from health-improving to extreme - hang-gliding, rock climbing, etc. Not only those who need to improve their health, but also fans of extreme sports come here. Seversky district is very favorable for recreation. The tourist season in the region lasts nine months. Many visitors come to the picturesque village of Planska Shchel for a vacation. It is located in the Seversky district on the shore of a small river Afipse.

There are only four streets in it: st.Zarechnaya, Forest, Peace and River. This is a very small town. During the Great Patriotic War, the Planning Slit was the place where the partisan detachment of the Brothers Ignatovs was based. But today the village is more famous among tourists located in the immediate vicinity of the same name rocks. It is here that people come armed with mountaineering equipment.

Planar Slit is a settlement that is lost inovergrown with lowland forests. It is on the Afipse River at a height of one hundred and seven meters above sea level. The nearest settlements are Mirny and the fortress village.

Planar slot Krasnodar region

Popular climbing routes

The Plankaya Slit settlement receives annuallyone thousand tourists. This small settlement in the Seversky region of the Krasnodar Territory, located on the Afips River, has now gained popularity primarily with its rocks. They are also called Planetary. They are laid excellent rock routes, having different categories of complexity. Moreover, they are, in fact, the closest to the city of Krasnodar. Perhaps, it is this that explains their outstanding popularity both among climbers and ordinary tourists. At the weekend on Planic rocks or on the Plans, as they are called in the people, there are always a lot of people. They are stretched almost three hundred meters. Folded out of armored sandstone, these rocks reach a height of twenty-two meters.

In the vicinity of the village there are two well-knowntourists object. These are the Plain Rocks and the Reds. The first locals call the Golden Stones, while the second locals call it Naumovsky, in memory of the famous rock climber VP Naumenko.

The red and planar rocks are very close to each other. They became especially famous in the country in the seventies of the last century, when the tourist boom began in the Kuban.

Then the Planar rocks turned into a training ground for climbers and climbers, preparing for more serious peaks. This function they carry out to this day.

Seversky district

Just relax

In the Planetary Slit, people come just to distract themselves. The townspeople are attracted by the fresh air here, the noisy forest stretching around the village, the mountain streams and just pleasant sensations.

The planar gap from Krasnodar is onlysixty kilometers. The road from the city takes only one and a half hours. And only the last ten minutes of the trip have to go on the unpaved asphalt, which, however, is in a fairly tolerable condition.

Recreation center

Those who prefer to rest "savages",break tents on the banks of the Afips River, enjoy shish kebab and rest after picking mushrooms. But those who prefer comfort, can stay at the recreation center "Planika", located in the village itself. The complex is a cozy wooden houses, always ready to receive both noisy companies, and vacationers with children.

You can come here for a few days, orjust a picnic. There are gazebos equipped with barbecue facilities, wooden tables and benches in the shade of trees, which can be rented for several hours. Depending on the number of vacationers, you can rent four, eight, ten and sixteen-bed houses.

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