How to register for a flight to Domodedovo? It's harder to go


As a rule, passengers who prefervehicle to use the aircraft, had to leave home a few hours before departure, and all in order not to be late for the flight and on time to register for it.

General rules of registration

All air terminals have their own rulesof the above procedure, usually on routes inside the country, registration starts 2 hours and ends 40 minutes before departure, and for foreign flights it starts 3 hours before the airplane rises into the air.

Register for flight to Domodedovo

Today, registration for flights at many Russian terminals is simplified for the sake of comfort and convenience of citizens.

Domodedovo Airport in modern conditions

Domodedovo Airport is one of theleaders in the volume of cargo transportation both inside the country and outside it. And the geography of its routes is extensive: Central Asia, the North Caucasus, the Far East, Siberia.

Many passengers are interested in the question: "How to register for a flight to Domodedovo"?

This terminal provides an islandregistration system: six points, two of which are equipped with 12 racks, and four points - 10 racks. For small-sized luggage 2 racks for registration were equipped, and those passengers who prefer to travel without luggage can use 8 racks.

The registration areas for foreign routes are on the left side of the central entrance to the building, and on the inner - on the right.

Alternative options for check-in at Domodedovo airport

How to register for a flight to Domodedovo? There are several ways.

The classic option is to go to the counterregistration. As a rule, it is used by passengers with children and people with disabilities, as it increases the degree of aviation security.

Sign up for a flight from Transaero Domodedovo

How do I register for a flight to Domodedovo?Elementary - through the "World Wide Web." It is necessary a day before the flight to go to the Internet portal of the airline, register online, place an electronic ticket that will enable you to book a seat on the plane.

The phone receives an SMS message with the code, andwhen you arrive at the airport terminal, you will have to go to the registration desk just before the departure area and print out the boarding pass.

Are there any other ways to register for a flight to Domodedovo? Of course yes.

At the airport there are several stallsbright orange color, through which you can personally register for the flight. The system menu is designed very conveniently. She gives you instructions for use.

It should be noted that for those who do not haveluggage, preferably registered via the Internet and a mobile phone. This method has been described above. And through it you can register for the flight "Transaero" (Domodedovo cooperates with this airline).

Flights Domodedovo

If you go through the above procedureon your own, then you have to solve the issue with the treasure. For this purpose, a special stand is provided - Baggage Drop Off, where the airport employee will check the information you provide, make information about the baggage in the system and send it to the plane.

It can be stated with certainty that those wishing to register with alternative methods for Domodedovo flights become more and more every day.

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