Voronezh-Pridacha: the past, the future and the present


In 2017, Voronezh will start its workone railway station. The project will be implemented on the site of the Voronezh-Pridacha railway station. This is due to the fact that the old station is already unable to cope with its functions. According to M. Akulov, the vice-president of Russian Railways, Voronezh-Pridacha station will receive not only a new look, but also a new name "Voronezh-Yuzhny".


The new station will occupy an impressive area,the value of which will exceed one thousand square meters. The renovation project of the Voronezh-Pridacha railway station took into account both technical aspects and wishes related to the development of the passenger infrastructure of the station.

The capacity of the waiting room, which will be built together with the new building of the station "Voronezh-Pridacha", will be five hundred people. Next to it will be deployed a food reception area in the format of a food court.

Transport accessibility

The creators of the innovation projectmotorists. For them, the railway station "Pridacha-Voronezh" will acquire a modern parking lot designed for several hundred cars. A viaduct will appear, which will connect the station to the districts of Voronezh, VAI and the Left Bank.

In the current year, the station "Voronezh-Pridacha" wasallocated about fifty million rubles. Representatives of the company RZhD and the administration of the city of Voronezh are actively searching for sponsors, as well as sources of additional financing for the project. It will take three hundred million rubles.


The first attempts to build a newthe railway station in Voronezh on the site of the station "Pridacha" was made several years ago. But then, in 2014, they failed because of the banal shortage of funds to implement even the first phase of the project.

extra charge

At the present time, in view of the construction of a newhigh-speed railway, which will connect the city of Adler and Moscow, the project got a second wind. A high-speed branch will pass through Voronezh. This means that it will require additional capacity for its maintenance.

Modern realities

The fact that the new Voronezh-Yuzhny station is under construction,To speak still early. But the available areas are being modernized and repaired. The station has long needed not only cosmetic, but also fundamental repairs.


The intensity of the movement of long-distance trainstrains and commuter trains serviced by Voronezh-Main, is inferior to the volume that Pridacha took over (Voronezh). The timetable is a superfluous proof of that.

Most of the passenger trains heading to the south, such as Anapa, Adler, Sochi, Novorossiysk, Yeysk, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, passes through the railway station "Pridacha".

On the platform of the Voronezh-Main city station, located in the heart of the metropolis, only brand trains stop. Speed ​​compositions also move through the "Giving".

In search of an alternative

Despite the fact that the possibility of updatingrailway station "Pridacha" is considered annually, the administration of RZhD has studied a number of alternative solutions that could meet the needs of the high-speed branch "Moscow-Adler".

train station

As a reference point, a railway station was considered in the small village of Latnoye, which is located a few kilometers from Voronezh. This plan was called "Western".

According to him, the railwayround Semiluki, another settlement in the Voronezh region. The project was rejected because of the abundance of natural areas that are protected by the state and lie in the way of a high-speed highway.

The second plan proposed the construction of a high-speedthe highway directly in the city of Voronezh. On the Left Bank of the megalopolis, in Zheleznodorozhny district, where the transport interchange is located behind the hypermarket Metro, overlooking the federal highway "Don", the railway branch was supposed to grow.

The remoteness of the object from the center of the city, as well as the presence of dense residential development in this part of the Left Bank, did not allow the second alternative plan to be realized in reality either.

Optimal was the same, the mostwidely discussed option. The station "Pridacha" in Voronezh will become a new station, which will connect Moscow and Adler. In this case, the decoupling will be built in the area of ​​the operating Ostuzhevsky Automobile Ring.

Forward to the Future

Once the project is implemented, the travel timefrom Voronezh to Adler will be only five and a half hours. Today, passenger trains require at least sixteen hours for this. The road from Voronezh to Moscow will take two and a half hours instead of six.

adding a Voronezh schedule

The maximum speed that a train will develop forthe Moscow-Adler highway, will be four hundred kilometers per hour. The high-speed highway is not the only surprise that the leadership of Russian Railways has prepared for residents of Voronezh. Probably, very soon the light metro line will work in the city.

She will connect the airport in Chertovitsk,a new railway station "Voronezh-South" and the center of the metropolis. Reorganization and redevelopment of the existing Voronezh-Main railway station is another topic for conversation.

appendage in the Voronezh

According to the idea of ​​urban architects, the station andadjacent to the territory, sooner or later change their appearance beyond recognition. In fact, the station must be born again, and its past residents will be reminded of the famous facade, symbol and landmark of modern Voronezh.

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