Hotel La Conceicao Beach Resort 3 * (Goa / India): description, reviews


The desire to taste the beach exotics in the style of advertising "Bounty" with the special magic of the endless golden beaches and the gentle sea as soon as the holiday is approaching covers many of our compatriots.

la conceicao beach resort 3
Do not make mistakes in their expectations, those who buytours to Goa. After all, the local coast (which is confirmed by sophisticated connoisseurs of spa holidays) is recognized as one of the best world resorts. And if South Goa is considered a recreation area of ​​VIP type and a classic, then the North (where the hotel complex La Conceicao Beach Resort 3 * is located) is a zone of eco-friendliness.

Make clear

We will try to immediately get rid of the commondelusions. For some reason, most beginner tourists consider Goa an island. They are mistaken. It is a very compact sparsely populated and resort state of India. And it is not typical for this country. The standards of comfort and hygiene of this compact small state greatly exceed the average Indian. Perhaps that's why the guests of Goa really get an impression of staying on a paradise island, lost in the middle of the ocean.

The temperature of the sea here is practically constant inDuring the year: 28-29 degrees Celsius. However, the best time to relax on Goa is the period from October to May. After all, in May, the rainy season begins in India. In addition, in summer the Arabian Sea shows its holes. This is a season of underwater currents and high waves.

Choice of resort and hotel

Hotel La Conceicao Beach Resort 3 * (India, Goa)suitable for various tourists who prefer both a quiet family vacation, and (thanks to the infrastructure of neighboring hotels), active, party. Let us explain what has been said. Although, on the one hand, the concept of the hotel assumes a quiet pastime, but on the other hand, North Goa is a favorite place for pastime of active youth, preferring clubs, parties, etc. Therefore, the guest is easy outside the hotel walls to plunge into the atmosphere of drive.

la conceicao beach resort 3 morjim

The hotel is built in the resort of Morjim,26 km from the capital of Goa - the city of Panaji, and 51 km - from Dabolim airport. Geographically it is referred to the North Goa, there is the same name beach with the resort Morjim, one of the 40 beaches of Goa, washed by the Arabian Sea. What is this resort? A wide, glorious golden sandy three-kilometer strip stretching between the mouth of Chapora River and the coast of the Arabian Sea.

Along this strip there are hotel beaches, andalso bars and cafes that offer their guests the most comfortable conditions in the style of the lounge: not only sheltered from the sun tables, but also beds. In Morjim rest mostly Russian holidaymakers.

Transport communication and communication

In the village of Morjim, regular buses run between the state capital and Mapusa.

Ticket prices to the state capital are very moderate, about 25 rupees per person per way one way.

Tourists are less economical for visiting excursions andshopping is often hired a taxi for a day. The average cost is 2500 rupees. This way you can visit Panaji, old Goa (colonial Portuguese building), Fort Aguada.

1000 rupees will have to lay out to the taxi driver for visiting the exotic night market in Arpor.

Basically, by taxi, having organized two families, tourists visit the steep and comfortable beaches of Paradise Beach, Arambol.

By the very same village and its surroundings, it is advisable to travel on a rented scooter (rented in Morjim are dealt even by cafe owners, the average price is 200 rupees per day).

Based on the experience of the guests at the La Conceicao Beach HotelResort 3 *, it is desirable to communicate by phone moderately enough. The services of type "zero without borders" advertised by domestic operators really do not work here. Three-minute conversation will cost almost a thousand rupees. If necessary, call a taxi, etc. it is better to use a free phone at the reception.

About the hotel

Tourists who purchased a tour to the three-starhotel La Conceicao Beach Resort 3 * for a holiday in Goa, will not remain disappointed. The moderate price of such an acquisition (7 nights for $ 250 per person without the cost of a flight) is combined with a worthy service.

la conceicao beach resort 3 reviews
Positive is the absence of a deposit asconditions for accommodation. A small three-storey hotel complex with a fourth floor-attic has guests in 32 rooms. Each has a balcony and a bathroom with a shower. The hotel is new, its rooms are well furnished: a large bed, a wardrobe, a coffee table with two chairs. There is a safe, minibar. The comfort of tourists is provided with a proper set of home appliances, such as air conditioning, ceiling fan, LCD TV, electric kettle. Free Wi-Fi is available on site. The staff is sympathetic, hospitable, however (this is a feature of the Indians) is not very efficient. Therefore, not judging strictly, we recommend that you immediately carefully check the completeness of home appliances as soon as you are ready: the presence of a stand for the kettle, the working capacity of the batteries in TV consoles and an air conditioner, etc.

Cleaning on request is a feature of the service inHotel La Conceicao Beach Resort 3 *. Reviews, however, suggest that without a request left at the reception, cleaning is carried out every three to four days.

At the reception desk guests are also requestedtowels and water are given out. For tourists, neophytes explain: while in India, it is extremely undesirable not only to drink tap water, but also to wash fruit and brush your teeth. For these purposes, bottled water should be used exclusively. Knowing these small nuances makes it safer and more enjoyable to stay at the hotel.


Visitors can enjoy a hotel recreation area,It includes an outdoor pool and a terrace. At the hotel complex there is a shop, parking for cars. The laundry, spa salon, beauty salon, car rental are provided with a fee.

la conceicao beach resort 3 goa

For those wishing to organize individual and group classes in fitness, yoga. You can also buy a professional massage session.


At the hotel La Conceicao Beach Resort 3 * (Morjim)food is served for tourists according to type BB (only zatrak). By the quantity and quality of cooked food, it can be called light. The menu of the morning buffet is rather modest in terms of assortment of dishes: scrambled eggs, omelettes, cereals, toast, sandwiches, tea, coffee.

However, relatively low prices for foodallow tourists to eat in numerous small beach restaurants (the so-called necks). Prepare there delicious. And the prices in the nearest necks (built along the path connecting the Hotel La Conceicao Beach Resort 3 * with the beach) are much higher than in the institutions located in the village. Therefore, thrifty holiday-makers are not lazy to spend 15 minutes on the road to establishments with economy-priced. Indian food is delicious, and it is traditionally distinguished by sharp ingredients.

A gift of the hotel (bonus) for each guest is the payment of one dinner in the most popular in Morjim fish restaurant "Glavfish".

Attractions Goa. Reserves

The interest of tourists is caused both by the traditional Indian (the temples of Mapusa) and by the colonial architecture of Magao.

In the state of Goa there are several reserves, whereExotic plants grow and exotic animals live. National parks are open at the reserves. Tourists are allowed there for excursions. One of the most visited national parks is Mollem. Taking a jeep here, you can make an exciting trip to the ancient temples and waterfalls.

la conceicao beach resort 3 india

Accessible for families with childrenadapted for tourists reserve Bondla. Here in the cages live leopards, bison, bison, and safe animals stroll just next to the visitors. Indian peacocks are magnificent. You can ride an elephant for a fee.

Restaurants, clubs

Beaches of the Arabian Sea are inmunicipal property, however the places equipped for rest, belong to coastal cafe and restaurants. Having carried out even a small order of food and drinks in these necks, chaise lounges, umbrellas can be used quite free of charge.

Popular among the guests of the hotel, lovers of delicious food, Russian restaurants "Elki", "Lotus", "Shanti", "Tchaikovsky".

Famous in the world clubs "Dolce Vita" and "Paradise" are located on the most beach in Goa - Anjuna.

Among tourists who adore buying souvenirs, the largest market in the state, also located in Anjuna, is popular.


The modern tourism industry turnsTravel in the favorite recreation of many people. Among the many exotic countries, India invariably stands out for its color. Considered by us in this article the option of recreation, similar to that described for La Conceicao Beach Resort 3 * (Goa), annually selects about 40 thousand Russian-speaking tourists.

hotel la conceicao beach resort 3

The hotel itself is a convenient, comfortable and safe area for healing and acquaintance with the original ancient country.

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