Slyudyanka - Chersky peak: description of the route, distance, reviews


Tourist route Slyudyanka - Chersky peakis one of the most popular on Lake Baikal. Easy this way can not be called. But the beauty of landscapes and the number of positive emotions received during the rise, he has no equal in the region. In addition, and in Slyudyanka itself, there is something to see the tourist.

About the main sights of Slyudyanka and the features of the ascent to the Peak of Chersky, we will tell in our article.

Slyudyanka on the map of Irkutsk region

Slyudyanka is a small town with a population of about 18 thousand people. It is located on the shore of Baikal, in the southern part of the Irkutsk region. On the map below you can see the exact location of Slyudyanka.

mica mulberry

The settlement was officially founded in 1899, inconnection with the construction of the Circum-Baikal Railway. Although in the middle of the XVII century there was a small mound for the extraction of mica. By the way, it is from the word "mica" that the modern name of the city takes place.

Slyudyanka is an administrative centerof the same name (since 1930). The main branches of the local economy are mining and woodworking industry, fishing and agriculture. The largest enterprise of Slyudyanka and the entire Slyudyansky district is OJSC "Quarry Pereval", on which marble limestone has been extracted since the middle of the last century. To date, this plant is the main supplier of raw materials for the cement industry of the Irkutsk region.

What is interesting about Slyudyanka?

Slyudyanka is in the foothill zone of the mountainthe Hamar-Daban country, consisting of Baikal and Early Caledonian breeds. This explains the huge reserves of mineral resources concentrated in the vicinity of the city. In particular, deposits of mica, marble, lapis lazuli, granite and slate have been discovered here. In addition, in the depths of the Slyudyansky district there are at least 300 names of various minerals and gems.

Slyudyanka also earned herself the fame of one of thefish capitals of Russia. Here the catch and smoking of the delicious endemic of Baikal - omul is very developed. You can buy this gastronomic "souvenir" both in the central market and in one of the fish shops of the city.

But not only fish and gems attracts to himselftravelers Slyudyanka. Familiar with this pre-Baikal city and lovers of mountain peaks. After all, as a rule, all hikes to the peak of Chersky begin.

Peak of Chersky: description of the mountain peak

First of all, do not confuse the peak of Chersky with the mountain of the same name or the so-called Cherskiy Stone. These are completely different geographical objects. Where is the peak of Chersky?

Slyudyanka - the nearest to this peak populatedparagraph. The mountain is located seventeen kilometers south of the city. This is the highest point within the Komarinsky range of the Khamar-Daban mountain system. Named after Ivan Chersky, a well-known Russian geographer and researcher of Siberia. The absolute height of the Chersky peak is 2090 meters.

peak of the Cherry mica path

With clones of the mountain, several naturalwaterways, in particular the river Slyudyanka, Bezymyannaya and Podkomarnaya. On the western foot of the summit is Starokomarskaya road, which is part of the ancient tea way from Kyakhta.

Tourist walking route Slyudyanka - peakChersky is one of the most popular in the Southern Baikal region, as evidenced by numerous reviews. The popularity of this route is largely due to its availability. Every year, thousands of tourists make a trip to the peak.

Slyudyanka - Chersky peak: distance and general description of the route

In general, this tourist route is notIt is very difficult and does not require special mountaineering equipment. However, you should not relax too much. In bad weather, it's easy to get out of the way and get lost.

The best time to make a hike along the routethe city of Slyudyanka - the Peak of Chersky - from the middle of May to September. The total length of the tourist route is 20 kilometers (one way). The difference in heights is 1620 meters. A group of trained tourists will be able to overcome this ascent in one day. However, it is best to break the campaign for at least two days, in order to move at a moderate pace and have time to enjoy the most beautiful views that open from the route.

The path from Slyudyanka to Chersky peak is differentgreat landscape diversity. Here you will see and rocky cliffs, and lakes with waterfalls, make numerous ferries through the noisy mountain streams.

slyudyanka sights

Stage one: the ascent from Slyudyanka to the weather station

Route Slyudyanka - Chersky peak begins atconcrete dam on the right bank of the same river (a few kilometers from the city railway station). At the very beginning it is a dirt road, repeatedly crossing the river Slyudyanka. In the crossing points, bridges or wooden masonry have been built. In total such crossings 14.

At the beginning of the journey, there are many convenient places for organizing parking, which is very convenient for those tourists who begin their ascent to the peak of Chersky in the evening.

Approximately five kilometers from the city routepasses by snow-white dumps and marble blocks of the quarry "Pass" (from above almost always comes the noise from the work of mining dump trucks). Even further, somewhere in the middle of the road, there is a small recreation center. Here you can relax, have tea and eat delicious pancakes with condensed milk.

Slyudyansky district

Approximately 30-40 minutes walk from the lastcrossing over Slyudyanka the trail leads to the wide Gorely Glade. Here the river sharply goes to the left, but the track, quickly gaining height, soon leaves on one more meadow - Cossack. It is quite a vast treeless area with fragrant herbs and shrubs. The route bypasses this glade on the left side and then leads to the "Hamar-Daban" meteorological station.

The distance from the city to the meteorological station is 16 km. On average, this segment of the route can be traversed in five hours.

Stage two: conquest of the Chersky Peak

Tourists are usually advised to campnear the meteorological station "Hamar-Daban". There is a comfortable tent site, a well and even a sauna. From the meteorological station it is convenient to make radial exits to Lake Heart, pass Chertovy Vorota, and also to waterfalls on the Podkomarnaya River. Prior to Chersky Peak from here, it's only four kilometers. You can walk this distance in 1.5-2 hours.

To conquer the summit is best the next day, withmorning. The first two kilometers pass along a winding serpentine - the remnants of that oldest "tea way". Further the path goes on a rather steep slope, generously strewn with rhododendron flowers. At first it is difficult to climb it, but then it becomes much easier to go.

Soon the trail comes to the top - this is a bigrocky platform with a cross and information plate. From the peak there is a wonderful panorama of Khamar-Daban, in the north you can see the blue smooth surface of Lake Baikal. In the tourist season and in good weather on the Peak of Chersky, as a rule, quite crowded.

Useful tips for tourists

If you have already conquered the peak of Chersokgo, do not rushgo down to Slyudyanka. If time permits, you should definitely visit the sights located nearby. First of all, Lake Heart and waterfalls on the Podkomarnaya River.

Going to the mountains, do not forget to use a protective cream with a protection factor of 30 or 50. It is also desirable to wear a panama with wide edges. This will save you from sunstroke and burns.

Since the tourist route periodically passes through the stony terrain, it is recommended to take care of comfortable shoes in advance. This will save you from dislocations and sprains.

Slyudyanka: main sights

Experienced travelers advise:coming down from the peak of Chersky, do not hurry to go home. After all, Slyudyanka also has something to surprise tourists! Ideally, to inspect all the "interestingness" of this city should be allocated one full day.

Let's list the most important sights of Slyudyanka:

  • The Mineralogical Museum of VA Zhigalov;
  • Shaman Cape;
  • the beginning of the "Circum-Baikal" (the most expensive railway in the world);
  • marble quarry "Pass";
  • sources with silver water;
  • the building of the city railway station;
  • St. Nicholas wooden church (1906);
  • city ​​water tower;
  • a monument to the Cosmonaut;
  • a monument to the Bear and Monkey.

The Mineralogical Museum

A unique museum of rocks and minerals inSlyudyanka was created by local local historian and enthusiast Valery Zhigalov. He opened doors for his visitors in 1990. Today it is one of the main tourist sites of the Baikal region. In his collections - about 3500 different minerals. Famous mineralogists of the planet expressed their admiration for this museum many times.

irkutsk region on the map

The museum in Slyudyanka is open daily, from 8:00 to 20:00. It is located at: Slyudyanaya Street, 36.

Shamansky cape

The Shaman cape is one of the favorite places forresidents of the city. It is located on the northern outskirts of Slyudyanka and deep into the water area of ​​the lake. The total length of the cape is 640 meters, and the width is no more than 30. Geologically, the Shamansky cape is the end of one of the spurs of Khamar-Daban.

hike to the peak of the Black

This is one of the most mysterious objects on Lake Baikal.According to legends, in ancient times shamanic rituals with sacrifices were held on the cape. Buryats consider this place sacred, as in one of the caves their shaman is buried. The Shaman Cape is often excavated. Archaeologists have found here several sites of the Bronze Age, as well as mysterious drawings left by ancient people on these rocks.

Architectural and sculptural monuments of the city

Architectural heritage of Slyudyanka is enoughvarious. The buildings of the pre-revolutionary period were preserved here. And in the 1940s and 1950s a number of buildings were built in the style of the Stalin Empire (city administration, the house of culture "Gornyak" and others).

Slyudyanka river

The railway station building is one of the mainarchitectural sights of Slyudyanka. It was built in the early twentieth century from unpolished marble. The architects of the Slyudyansk railway station were working on architects from Italy. Another landmark building Slyudyanka - an ancient water tower in the Gothic style, located in the center of the city.

In Slyudyanka tourists can be interested andsome sculptural compositions. So, at the exit of the city right next to the road is a monument to the Cosmonaut. It was installed here right after the famous space flight of Yuri Gagarin. But the intersection of Lenin and Gornaya streets is decorated with an unusual sculptural composition. It depicts a scene from Krylov's famous fable "The Mirror and the Monkey."

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