Settlement Kurortnoe, Odessa region: beaches, boarding houses. Rest on the Black Sea


If you are a lover of a calm and measuredbeach holidays in places where there are a lot of nature and few people, then you should spend a holiday on the Black Sea coast in the village of Kurortnoe (Odessa region). It is located on the Budak Spit. Does this name say anything to you? Tourists from Russia are not so many here. They prefer more noisy and "untwisted" places or rest in Odessa itself. But the resort chose the citizens of Moldova. In the village in the summer time, direct buses run from Chisinau and other cities of the republic. There are also guests from far abroad - Poles, Germans. What is so attractive about rest in Kurortnoye? You will learn about this from our article.

Holiday Odessa region

Where is the village located

Is Kurortnoe in eighty kilometers onsouth-west from Odessa. Administrative settlement belongs to the Belgorod-Dniester region. But if this ancient city, which certainly needs to go to visit the medieval fortress and the ruins of ancient Tire, is located on the estuary, then Kurortnoye is washed by the real Black Sea. But that's not all. As the village stands on a spit, the water is present on the other side. This water area is called the Budjak Liman. And if you are interested in fishing, this is the best place for a rich catch. The spa is located at the very tip of the Budak Spit. On the other hand, the village passes smoothly to a different locality. The conditional border between them is the sanatorium "Primorsky". With him, and begins the same resort town. The end of the spit is an ecologically clean area. In comparison with the noisy Zatoka, in the Spa one can feel like Robinson Crusoe. For a few hundred meters beyond the village begin deserted sandy beaches, where the only resting are seagulls and cormorants.

Holiday hotel lighthouse

How to get to Kurortnoy

It's time to tell what the Budak Spit is. It is a natural natural formation, which for centuries has been washed by the great river Dniester. Therefore, all the beaches on the spit are solid golden sand. Under the water, it also forms dunes, so near the shore there are shallow "baths" with well-warmed water. At the beginning of the Budak Spit, Zatoka is located. It is widely spread along the coast and is administratively divided into several stations (Bugaz, Marine, Friendship, etc.). Getting to Zatoka is easiest on the train "Odessa - Belgorod-Dnestrovsky" or by shuttle bus. It is sent from the "Privoz" and costs three times as much. But if Zatoka is at the beginning of the spit, then Kurortnoye is at the very end. In the middle settled settlement Sergeevka. You can get to Kurortnoye from Odessa by minibuses, following in Yellow Yar, Dimitrovka or Tatarbunary. Travel by personal vehicles is somewhat extreme. The excellent road in Zatoka is soon replaced by continuous bumps.

Primorye health resort

The climate of Kurortny

Due to the fact that the village is located at the very endbraids, that is, far out into the Black Sea, there is a softer season change. In Budzhak estuary there are deposits of healing mud. Its evaporation, ions of salt and iodine, which are in the air above the heated sand of the beaches, create all conditions for the treatment of respiratory organs. Thus, it is possible and health-improving rest in Kurortny. On the spit there are not only boarding houses, bases and private hotels, but also sanatoriums. It should be said that the Black Sea on the beaches of Kurortnoy is always five to seven degrees warmer than the coast of Odessa. Bessarabian climate is dry and hot in summer. The temperature in July is often over the thirty-five degrees. But on the Budak Spit the heat dissipates a fresh breeze from the sea. The bathing season begins here in the second half of April, and ends in mid-October.

Rest in the resort

Resort (Odessa region): description

The village is divided into two parts. The resort center is located on the high steep coast of the mainland. The entire infrastructure is concentrated there. Therefore, if you want to live closer to civilization, you should choose a recreation center or a boarding house in the central part of Kurortny. What advantages do you get in this case? Nearby is a grocery market with excellent Bessarabian wines and southern fruits, as well as a market for clothes, shoes, beach equipment. Many cafes, pharmacies, ATMs, shops. In the village of Kurortnoe (Odessa region) there is a large offer of housing in the private sector. On the beach, all kinds of entertainment are available in the form of "tablets", "bananas", water slides, etc. The only minus is the stairs, along which you need to go down to the beach and, worse, climb back. No one has settled on the spit since long ago. But in recent years, sandy beaches have a recreation center. Many choose life on a scythe. They are cooked in the village and rest like Robinsons.

Wellness in Kurortny

Near Budjak Liman you can often seepeople completely black, with a bluish tint, color. They are not visitors from Senegal, but simple holiday-makers who, for the sake of healing and rejuvenation, smear themselves with mud. But it is said that self-medication can damage the body. The sanatorium "Primorsky" is open all year round. It also uses healing liman mud. But the main profile of the sanatorium is the treatment of pulmonary diseases, as well as diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Located sanatorium on the very border of the village Kurortnoe, on the shore of the estuary. The choice of housing in this health resort is quite wide. You can live in a room of a multi-storey building or take a detached summer wooden house. Room categories also vary. There are both suites and "Standard" rooms with a basic set of services.

Recreation centers in the resort

Boarding house "Mayak"

This institution also takes a vacationer roundyear. The boarding house is located in the center of the village, so that you have to go down to the sea from a steep shore. But near the services of holidaymakers the entire infrastructure of the village. The territory of the boarding house is guarded, there is a parking for the vehicles of the guests. The territory has all the conditions for a family holiday, there is a playground, many arbors. The boarding house "Mayak" is interesting because it offers its guests a full meal. The rooms in it are also divided into categories. Rooms "Economy" - a convenience and a refrigerator on the floor. In "Luxs" metal-plastic windows are inserted. These rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV, player, refrigerator. Guest rooms have balconies. On the territory of the boarding house "Mayak" there is a bar "Episode" with a wide selection of wines and other drinks.

Private sector: reviews

The whole village of Kurortnoe (Odessa region)located on the mainland, on a high bank. The rooms here were rented to vacationers even when such a business was considered illegal, during the Soviet era. With its collapse, the entrepreneurial veins of the inhabitants manifested itself in full force. Now you can rent accommodation not only in the village itself. On the spit or on the mainland shore, right on the beach in the summer set up comfortable van with furniture and even sanitary facilities. But the biggest choice of accommodation is still in the center of Kurortny. Holidaymakers leave eulogies about the private villa "Lotus", the house at ul. Quay, 5, and the estate "U Kuzi."

The Budak Spit

Resort: prices

This region is considered a place of budgetary rest.Prices for accommodation largely depend not only on the amenities provided, but also on the distance to the sea. Thus, the trailer on the shore will cost as much as the junior suite in the village. Numerous recreation centers in Kurortnoye provide a wide range of accommodation. Here you can rent a wooden house with amenities on the territory, as well as luxury apartments. Most recently in the village there was a first recreation center with a swimming pool. It's Balsaminate. On the basis you can not only relax, but also get better. If the prices in the "Balsaminata" start from twenty-eight dollars per person per day, then in other places, accommodation will be much cheaper. On the basis of rest "Antey" the prices start only from eight dollars.

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