Alpine Valley Hotel, Alushta: description, location, rooms and guest reviews


Cottage village "Alpine Valley"is located in a small village of Malorechenskoye, which is 35 km from Alushta. Surrounded by the picturesque mountain range of Demerdzhi, this hotel fully justifies its name - just look at it once. The cottage village is ideal for those who want to spend time in silence, secluded from nature. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel there are several such famous attractions, such as Jur-Jur Falls, Ghost Valley, Temple-lighthouse, fortress "Funa", as well as some other interesting places, thanks to which you will not be bored. The cottage village will give an unforgettable feeling of relaxation, and here you will definitely want to return!

Alpine Valley

Hotel "Alpine Valley" (Alushta, Crimea): description

The hotel is a realcottage village, consisting of several small houses in the Alpine style: they are built of wood and look like Swiss chalets. They are surrounded by a well-groomed territory: neat paths of paving tiles, various decorative elements for the lawn, shrubs and flowers planted with greenery. Each step of the guests during the dark time is accompanied by bright stylish lanterns.

The interior of the rooms is calm,rest and complete peace, is made in a modern style. Here neutral shades and natural materials prevail. Public spaces are also made in the style of a Swiss chalet.

Alpine Valley, Alushta

Types of rooms: all amenities for guests

"Alpine Valley" (Alushta) at its disposalhas 56 rooms, which are located in several cottages. All of them are comfortable for living, the only difference is that some are larger in area and, accordingly, are equipped a little differently. But each has its own bathroom with constant hot and cold water, air conditioning, small safe, refrigerator, TV and high-speed Internet.

The hotel offers a choice of several accommodation options:

  • Standard. Designed for two people, the area of ​​these rooms is 19 square meters. In addition to the above items, there are two single beds and a balcony.
  • The standard is improved.It is designed for two people, there is the possibility to install one more extra bed. The area of ​​the rooms is 25 square meters, there are two single beds and a clamshell.
  • Comfort. It is designed for two people + one extra bed. The rooms are 23 square meters in size, have their own balcony, two single beds and a clamshell.
  • Two-level suite.It is designed for three people, in addition one more berth. The area of ​​the rooms is 59 square meters. There are balconies, soft cozy furniture, a double bed + a sofa, as a place to sleep.
  • Also the hotel "Alpine Valley" (Alushta)offers two-level apartments. They are designed for three people, there is an opportunity to place one more guest on an additional place - a sofa. This type of rooms is also equipped with soft furniture, has a balcony, a kitchenette with a microwave and an electric kettle. There are rooms with single and double beds.

Alpine Valley, Crimea

Entertainment, opportunities for active and passive recreation

"Alpine Valley" - this is not a boring place. In addition to the fact that you can stroll around the beautiful garden at any time, the hotel offers:

  • Visit a pebble or a VIP-beach. The first is in 300 m from hotel, and the second - in 600 m, in an entertaining complex "Courage". Here you can rent a scooter, boat or catamaran.
  • Swim in the pool.
  • Play checkers, billiards, backgammon, table tennis or chess.
  • Go to a SPA-center, a Turkish bath or a Finnish sauna, visit a cosmetology room or a hairdresser.
  • Watch the film in the summer cinema, located right on the coast.
  • Get rid of excess calories in the gym.
  • Use the services of the tour desk, ordering an unforgettable walk through the sights.
  • Order a photo session.
  • Ride around the neighborhood on a rented bike.

Alpine Valley: reviews

Services for children

In the hotel "Alpine Valley" for children therea private pool, a playground and a menu in the restaurant. It is possible to rent a stroller for walking with a baby. In the summer, animators work with children. Parents can use the services of a nanny if necessary.

Hotel for businessmen and various events

Tourist complex "Argo", part of whichthis hotel offers 2 large conference rooms for events: one of them is designed for 60 people, the second - for 300. In addition, the hotel "Alpine Valley" has the opportunity to organize a banquet.

Alpine Valley, Crimea: reviews

Services offered on the territory of the complex

The hotel has a restaurant, bar and cafeteria.The price includes breakfast only. Meals are served on the buffet in the restaurant. The rest of the hotel guests can choose their own place for lunch and dinner, as well as the dishes that the chef offers.

On the territory of the hotel "Alpine Valley" (Crimea) there are:

  • Car parking.
  • Pharmacy.
  • Gardens.
  • Safe at the reception.
  • Currency exchange point.
  • Souvenir shop.
  • Bureau of purchase of air and railway tickets.
  • Beach equipment.
  • Room service.
  • Laundry.
  • The receptionist.

Hotel Alpine Valley: reviews

Tourists write that the hotel is ideal for holidays,here you can relax as the soul wills. All around cleanliness and order, it is clear that the staff takes good care of the buildings and the surrounding area, including the beach. The food is delicious, the buffet is varied. But there are several disadvantages:

  • Ability to stay exclusively on the BB system (that is, only breakfast).
  • Remoteness of the beach.
  • The buffet serves breakfast only for two hours (from 8 to 10).
  • A small village in which it is difficult to find entertainment, so you have to go to Yalta or Alushta.

Hotel Alpine Valley, Alushta

Useful information about the hotel

The hotel is open from 1.05 to 30.09. The accommodation service is open 24 hours a day, but guests can stay in the room until 14:00, and must leave no later than 12:00.

Cottage village "Alpine Valley" (Crimea),reviews about which were written above, accepts children of any age. If the child is not yet 6 years old, he does not need a bed and meals, he lives free of charge. You can also take your pet with you, having agreed upon it with the hotel administration.

Exact address: Big Alushta, Malorechenskoe village, Vinogradnaya street, 18. The cost of living starts from 3300 rubles per day per person.

To visit the Swiss Alps, you do not need to buy a plane ticket. This hotel will allow you to plunge into the mountain atmosphere, even though the ski resort is not here.

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