Sun, reggae and love: a vacation in Jamaica


The island of contrasts Jamaica is happy to be readyto conclude in their sincere and hospitable embraces every rastaman from the remote places, dreaming to make a pilgrimage from Western Babylon to the blessed land of peace, love, unity and respect. Elegant reception awaits here not only worshiping Ja elected, but also ordinary mortal tourists, dreaming of enjoying amazing nature, fascinating views, fun discos and parties, as well as active activities such as fishing, diving and yachting. So, rest in Jamaica - this mass of sun, positive, unforgettable impressions and charming local color.

One of the most visited attractionsthis stunning Caribbean island is the Bob Marley Mausoleum. Fans of his musical genius who gave the world reggae, convinced followers of rastafarianism, and ordinary curious people with excitement step over the threshold of this sacred place for all Jamaicans, pass through the miserable rooms of the dwelling of the cult composer, singer and guitarist, contemplating the multi-colored stone of Bob Marley, the musician composed his songs. On the fence surrounding the museum of the famous Jamaica, the bunches are hung by local residents, vying with the regents of marijuana, colored crocheted hats and other souvenirs of dubious and unquestionable value. Rest in Jamaica, in which there was no place to visit the Bob Marley Mausoleum - is not real and not full. At least, that's what everyone says, who added a bright and smiling word "Yaman" to his lexicon.

They say that in order to know the country from the inside,you must definitely have a meal in a local cafe or restaurant. Of course, not every amateur of exotics will dare to take this bold step. And it's not even about the unusual dishes of Jamaican cuisine - there are not too spicy spices or too unusual for the taste of food. Pork, goat, chicken, sea dwellers, curry, beans and rice are the basis of Jamaican dishes. But the appearance of the roadside snack bar of some particularly clean and pathologically pedantic Europeans is shocking: a multimeter of slow-burning multicolored pots and pans, each of which is painted with the name of the delicacy stored in it, combined with smiling and, at first glance, absolutely not doing the cult of hygiene by Afro-Americans, can cause, to put it mildly, conflicting feelings. Experienced travelers, in such cases, recommend trusting their sense of smell - if it smells nice, then you can eat. And for refined gourmets are more suitable chinawy meals in the chic Jamaican hotels, which, by the way, operate on the principle of "all inclusive".

Holiday in Jamaica is an excellent choice for honeymonth and family travel. Children, and most adults, will be happy to visit the places of the old pirate glory and to communicate with the real descendants of bloodthirsty romantic corsairs living in the village of Port Royal. And the newlyweds will be delighted by the opportunity to soak up the clean beaches, beautifully stretched in the midst of the stunning Blue Mountains, turquoise sea, emerald impassable jungles and many steep waterfalls. Those who want to get acquainted with all these unique beauties of nature, expect another surprise - special walking tours and fascinating excursions. Freedom, open space and a spicy taste of danger - these are the words that perfectly describe an active holiday in Jamaica.

Easy to climb tourists, whose views are far frompatriarchal, can safely acquire burning tours to Jamaica. For example, lovers of naturalness, freedom and love, as well as free love and love of naturalness, will enjoy the rest on the north coast of the island. The resort called Hedonism III will provide a lot of sensual pleasures, the opportunity to constantly be in the costumes of Adam and Eve and feel completely uninhibited and organic.

Summarizing, we can say that if yougot hot tours to Jamaica - you are a lucky man. After all, this wonderful island has everything to be happy, regardless of religion, spiritual values, material possibilities and skin color. Yaman, friends!

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