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Jaipur (India) - the capital of the State of Rajasthan,which is often called the "Pink City". It is inhabited by more than four million people. According to some estimates, Jaipur is on the list of twenty-five fast-growing cities in the world. For many tourists, the most cherished dream is the mysterious and mysterious India. The golden triangle "Delhi - Agra - Jaipur" is the most popular route of this country.

Jaipur India

Historical reference

Rajasthan is the most picturesque regionis famous for India (state). Jaipur - its permanent capital since 1727. The state was founded in the distant 1128 year. At first the capital of the principality was the city of Amber. From XIII to XVIII century, this principality was an independent state.

The city of Jaipur (India), was founded sixcenturies. It was at this time (1727) Maharaja Singh II, laid the first stone of the future capital of the state. In 1818 the principality of Rajasthan passed under the jurisdiction of Britain. Every year it paid a huge tribute to the British. This displeased the local population, and in 1835, and then in 1857, there were revolts that were accompanied by bitter and bloody clashes between English soldiers and the indigenous population.

In 1947, the Principality as a state became part of independent India, and Jaipur remained its capital.

Description of the city

Jaipur (India) - one of the most beautiful citiesa country that is famous for its unique temples and palaces. Most of the city's buildings are built of sandstone of unusual pink color, which is why the epithet was added to the name of the city.

Jaipur india attractions

The old city is surrounded by a huge outer wall withseven gates, which in due time performed protective functions: it protected Jaipur from invaders. The city is located in the eastern part of the state, at an altitude of 431 meters above sea level. The movement in Jaipur is chaotic and very intense. Next to bicycles and cars, rickshaws, elephants, cows and camels move around the streets.

Broad and avenues, break the city into ninesectors, at certain angles. They correspond to the nine spheres of the universe, and give the city a clear geometric appearance. In Jaipur, the activity of artists and merchants has evolved since its inception. There are numerous vegetable and fruit shops in the city walls. Inside the city, on the streets that run perpendicularly to the avenues, there are shopping benches with seeds, sweets and spices. And in the market "Johara" you can buy the most fashionable saris.

Climatic conditions

The city is characterized by a tropical climate. The weather can be divided into three seasons. From March to the end of June in Jaipur, summer. The air temperature at this time is +35 ° C on average, but often the air is heated up to +45 ° C. At this time, it is undesirable to visit the city, since it is possible to leave the hotel only with the onset of twilight.

In June, the monsoon season begins, whichlasts until September. At this time, not a lot of precipitation, so the rains do not bring rain, they only add air to the humidity. In October, winter comes, which lasts until March. This is the best time to visit the Pink City. The temperature during this period is from +10 ° C to +20 ° C, which is very comfortable for tourists. Precipitation in winter is not enough. Cold air from the Himalayas, often causes fog.

Jaipur (India): attractions

Most of the city's memorable places arefortress wall. The city palace complex is one of the pearls of this Indian city. The magnificent building is a harmonious combination of palaces, the walls of which are decorated with carved ornaments, parks, admiring all the guests with unusual beauty, spacious and luxurious halls, small and cozy courtyards that attract the coolness of spreading plants.

Palace of the Winds

The most popular and famous building in the city. His image often appears on postage stamps, postcards and calendars. The palace was erected in 1799 from pink sandstone. Its outer walls are decorated with carved patterns and intricate ornaments.

city ​​of Jaipur india

Initially, this palace was built for the wives of the Maharaja. Here they felt completely safe. The name of this building was received due to the fact that the palace is blown by the winds of all directions.

Jantar Matra

The oldest observatory in the world. In addition to it, in India there are four more such structures (in Varanasi, Ujjain, Delhi and Mathura). The observatory was built in 1718, nine years before the founding of the city. It was intended to track the progress of the constellations. This observatory is perfectly preserved.

 india golden triangle deli agra jaipur

Astronomical complex, made of whitemarble and pink stone. In his museum you can see ancient instruments that consist of stones. It is interesting that even today, it is possible to observe them from heavenly celestial bodies. In addition, there are yantras (star charts) and unique maps of the starry sky.

Amber (fortress)

Jaipur (India) has attractions and forwalls of the city. One of the most famous of them is the fortress Amber. It is located on the hills, two kilometers from the city. Build a fortress began in 1600, long before the construction of the city itself. Its construction lasted almost a hundred years and ended almost simultaneously with the completion of the construction of Jaipur.

 hotels in india jaipur

Amber is a vivid example of a fairly rarea combination in the construction of Hindu and Muslim architectural styles. The fortress is made of red sandstone, which was brought from the east of India and white marble. The highest point of this fortress is the Shish-Mahal tower, which rises above the "Mirror Palace".

The fortress is surrounded by luxurious gardens. Inside there is the Shila Mata temple, which is built to enable the garrison of the fortress to attend various religious festivals.

Temple complex of Galtaji

Jaipur (India) has on its territoryA unique temple complex, which is known outside the country thanks to ancient temples built of pink sandstone. The sacred status of the temple complex was due to the healing springs that fill the temple basins.

Judging by the legend, these places in antiquity experiencedlack of water. For hundreds of years, the sage Galois prayed to heaven for help, and the higher powers have mercy and blessed this land with springs. Local residents in thanks to Galway built a temple to constantly remember about his services.

The walls of the temple are decorated with exquisite paintings andthe finest carving. There are a lot of plots here - all of them will not be enough for several days. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that they are not coming here for the sake of contemplating the beauties of this structure. The main purpose of pilgrimage is to immerse in the waters of holy sources.

Jaipur india pictures

Before swimming pools for ablution in the territoryThere were several complexes, but today there are only two. It is interesting that one of them is intended exclusively for monkeys, of which there are more than five thousand. These animals really bathe in it, amusingly splash and dive. The second pool (with a waterfall) is reserved for pilgrims.

Galtagi locals sometimes called"Monkey Palace" and, it must be said, is justified: the macaques here feel like real masters. They behave peacefully, but do not forget that these animals are wild, and this is their territory, so we do not recommend embracing them and trying to make friends.

Hotels in Jaipur (India)

Accommodation options in this Indian cityabound. Only hotels here more than six hundred. There are very budget proposals here, there are absolutely luxurious establishments - including the former maharaj residences. You can choose between the luxury and the hotel super-economy class. It is important to book a room on time, because the flow of tourists is great during the season.

Often travelers are interested in the question "Howfind a companion in Jaipur (India)? ". It's very simple: contact a travel agency working in this direction, and you will be offered a group in which you will be interested to spend time in this amazing country.

H R Palace

The hotel is in the city center, in ten minutesfrom the palace Hava Mahal. Guests are offered comfortable rooms at quite affordable prices. They are beautifully decorated and equipped with air conditioning, cable TV and a seating area with modern furniture.

Each room has a private bathroom with toiletries and toiletries. Guests can relax in the garden, admiring the exquisite colonial style of the hotel.

india state Jaipur

Treebo Aroma Residency

The hotel is 200 meters from Bani Park.Guests are welcomed at the 24-hour front desk. A kilometer away from the hotel there is a bus station. Distance to the international airport of the city is 12 km. According to the holidaymakers, this hotel has the best quality and price ratio in Jaipur.

how to find a companion in india jaipur

Family Hotel Krishna Palace

Jampur (India), photo of which we presented inthis article is famous for these masterpieces of architecture. For example, this hotel was built 80 years ago. It is more like a luxurious palace. Guests are greeted free of charge by hotel employees from the railway station and the city bus terminal.

Jaipur India

In luxurious rooms, equipped with allnecessary appliances, modern furniture, a work desk and an LCD TV. The staff at the hotel's tour desk organizes trips and excursions. Guests can use the laundry, and wishing to attend cooking classes and do yoga.


For many tourists who left feedback about the trip,Jaipur (India), whose photo adorns the pages of advertising brochures of travel agencies, was an old dream. And, I must say, the city did not disappoint them: in words it is difficult to convey the atmosphere of magic that reigns here. Jaipur is extraordinarily beautiful, although at times there is a sharp contrast between luxury and poverty.

In Jaipur, many attractionsthe inspection of which will take at least a week. With the placement of problems does not arise: there are many hotels for every taste, but it is more expedient to book them before the trip. The rooms are comfortable, service in hotels is quite decent. Many travelers plan to visit this city once again to learn more about local attractions.

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