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Travel to Europe has long been familiarfor our compatriots. Many are planning a trip to one of the European countries for the May holidays, although it is best to take a vacation with this purpose in June or August. It is interesting that independent travels in Europe are very much in demand today. They are planned for a long time and carefully, so most often they are successful. The most popular country to visit for several years in a row is Italy. This is due to its interesting history, a large number of attractions and the entertainment park "Gardaland". It is known not only on the expanses of Italy, but all over the world. Moreover, he is one of the ten most famous and visited parks in Europe. If you also want to go to Milan, Verona or Venice in the near future, be sure to include a visit to this park in the list of compulsory events. And it does not matter whether you have children, because in "Gardaland" will be interesting to visitors of any age.

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Brief information about the amusement park

Do not visit the Gardaland entertainment center inItaly - this is an inexcusable omission, which you will regret, perhaps for the rest of your life. So be sure to take the time to be in this world of reckless fun. Annually about three million tourists from all over the world come here. And the Italians themselves are trying to come to the amusement park in August. Therefore, if you find yourself in "Gardaland" (Italy) during this period, then prepare to stand for hours at a time for every attraction, as there will be a lot of people in the park.

The popularity of this place is also spoken by its ratings.Every year he takes some or other lines in the world tables. For example, twelve years ago the Forbes rating put this park on the fifth place in the world in terms of profitability.

History of the "Gardaland"

His birth is due to the Italianbusinessman Livio Furini. Since childhood he dreamed of magical castles and incredible adventures. His favorite pastime was the cutting and gluing of cardboard houses. Eventually, little Livio got real cities, which he populated with fictional characters.

A great impression on Furini was the visitDisneyland. He for a long time could not depart from the memories of the magnificent park and planned to give his compatriots something similar. A few years later, a successful entrepreneur created a project for an entertainment park and found two hundred million lire for its construction.

Gardaland Park was built in record time and alreadyin half a year has opened the doors for the first visitors. The red ribbon in July 1975 was cut by the very creator of the park. At that time, he had only fifteen attractions, but it was they who provided the park with the incredible love of Italians, and then tourists from all over the world.

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Location of the amusement park

For the construction of Gardaland Park was chosena very beautiful place near Verona in the town of Castelnuovo del Garda. The settlement is located practically on the shore of the most beautiful lake in Europe - Garda.

It is worth noting that the location of the park wasis chosen very successfully. Many tourists, traveling to Northern Europe, are eager to visit this lake. And when they see him, they can not deny themselves the pleasure of spending time in the entertainment park.

At present, it covers an area of ​​sixty hectares, divided into several thematic zones.

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How to get to Gardaland?

At once we will specify, that opportunities to appear ina famous amusement park very much. If you do not plan to travel all over Italy, then you can purchase a tour to Gardaland on a travel agency. Its cost usually includes round trip, transfer to the park, entrance tickets (for one or two days) and overnight in the hotel (if necessary). Such a trip is good as a gift to the child on his birthday or the end of the school year. Many call it a "weekend trip".

Those tourists, whose plans include not onlya visit to Gardaland, but also an inspection of other sights of the country, it is worthwhile to build your journey in such a way that the amusement park was the first point of the cultural program. The fact is that in this case it is possible to purchase air tickets to the airport in Verona or Montichiari. Upon arrival, tourists will be separated from the "Gardaland" just a few kilometers. In addition, your vacation will begin with a lot of positive emotions, which will set a special mood for the whole trip.

If you are already in Italy, thenuse the railway transport. You need a line going from Venice to Milan. Your station will be Peschiera del Garda. From it to the amusement park can be reached on foot or by bus, whose interval of traffic is half an hour. Keep in mind that before the indicated station there is also an electric train, the ticket price for which does not exceed three and a half euros. There is a free bus to the park.

Many tourists travel around Italy torented car, so it's no wonder that this way to get to the entertainment park is also very popular. You will need to go to the road "Brescia - Padua" and turn off it after the signpost. From this point to "Gardaland" will remain about two kilometers.

Cost of admission ticket

Tickets to the "Gardaland" are sold in different places,from this their cost will depend. However, the average price for an adult's admission is around forty euros, for children under 10 years parents pay about thirty-four euros. Kids, whose height does not exceed one meter, can go to the park for a free ticket.

There is an opportunity to purchase tickets fortwo days at once. This purchase is very profitable for visitors. Judge for yourself: in this case, adults will pay fifty-two euros, and children will receive forty-six euros.

It is also possible to purchase a ticket forhalf day. Immediately stipulate that for the "Gardaland" of this time is sorely lacking. But if you do not have another opportunity to visit the park, then the ticket for weekdays will cost twenty-one euros. On the day off, the cost rises to twenty-four euros.

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Where it is better to buy tickets to the amusement park?

Every experienced traveler will tell you that it's better to buy tickets in the European amusement parks than at the ticket counter at the entrance. No matter how strange, but this is the most expensive option of all possible.

If you want to save a little, then book tickets on the official website of the park. In this case, the purchase will cost you about ten percent of the price at the checkout.

Also tickets to "Gardaland" are sold and in railway ticket offices. Here they will be slightly more expensive than the cost indicated on the site, but definitely cheaper than the one for which you will buy them at the entrance to the park.

Operating mode

The working hours of Gardaland are difficult to specify in twofigures. The fact is that the park has a very complicated work schedule, which directly depends on the season, month and holidays. For example, in the New Year's week, Gardaland runs from half past eleven in the morning until half past seven in the evening. After the eighth of January, it closes until early April.

From April 8 to June 22, the parkopens at ten o'clock in the morning and closes at six in the evening. Then, until the tenth of September, he works until eleven o'clock in the morning. During this period there are special days when the park is open until three o'clock in the morning.

Until the end of September, Gardalandeleven in the evening, in October it opens only on weekends. November becomes a break in work, and only with the onset of December it opens for several days in accordance with the January schedule.

Keep in mind that two hours before the end of the park is closed and the cashier.

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Zoning of the park

If you look at the map of the Italian "Disneyland" - "Gardaland" - which is issued at the entrance, then you will notice that the whole vast territory of the park is divided into three zones:

  • territory of attractions;
  • the oceanarium;
  • two hotels.

It is interesting that the guests of these hotelsall kinds of discounts are provided for visiting the park. Sometimes they reach even seventy percent. In addition, the settlement in the hotel complex "Gardaland" is very convenient for those people who plan to spend in the park for at least two days.

It is noteworthy that on the map the whole territoryis divided into color sectors. On them you can determine what entertainment you are waiting for. For example, the red tickles the most tickling rides, and the green - the adventure and the historical sector. In the blue shade painted areas with fantastic attractions for the youngest visitors.

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Brief description of the amusement park: thematic sectors

To date, Gardaland in Italy is notonly forty attractions gathered in one place, but also hotels, shops, cafes, restaurants and magnificent green alleys. The entire territory of the park is a real botanical garden, which is carefully looked after. Even in the hottest weather here is where to hide from the scorching sun rays.

The park is divided into sixteen thematic zones:

  • Atlantis.
  • Middle Ages.
  • Fantastic.
  • Hawaii and so on.

In each zone are located stylized under a certain theme rides, and they are divided into three categories: for toddlers, older children and adults.

The sector for toddlers is located at the very entrance to thea park. Here, young visitors are met by a dinosaur who has become a very popular comic book hero. In this area you can ride a trains and explore the park with the help of other attractions. Kids really like funny singing little animals that draw them into their performance. Some of them travel with pleasure in the labyrinth and visit the attraction "Peter Pan".

Children of an older age will find themselves in"Gardaland" (Italy) a lot of entertainment. The most popular is the attraction "Tung". It represents an incredible journey along the river, on the banks of which every minute there is some action. Visitors will see Tarzan, Mowgli and will flee from the Indians. At the end of the journey, they are waiting for a picture of the captivity of King Kong by the aborigines. Such an adventure your children will not forget soon. Also in this sector there are attractions with animated mummies, bloodthirsty pirates and other heroes of children's stories.

Adults in the "Gardaland" is attracted by the opportunityto drink adrenaline. To this end, several variants of roller coasters and other exciting attractions have been invented, which will long be remembered with a shiver in the heart.

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The most risky attractions

For those who do not think their life without releasing adrenaline, this section of the article can be very useful. After all, here we will name the most terrible attractions, which are worth a visit.

The most fascinating attraction of the park visitors is often called the "Blue Tornado". It is a steep roller coaster with five revolutions, dead loops and hangs in the air.

Many people are delighted with Raptor.Visitors get on the roller coaster, located in the Lost World with an abundance of dinosaurs and other terrible creatures that come across the path of brave travelers.

Also recently more and more popularbecomes a new four-dimensional attraction. Visitors find themselves in a helicopter, shot down by a dinosaur. They experience all the delights of the fall, during which they are attacked by terrible insects and other monstrous creatures.

"Gardaland": reviews of tourists

What visitors of the park write about the time spentin him? Definitely all of them are delighted with the "Gardaland". And the enthusiasm is expressed both by children and adults who suddenly fell into a fairy tale. Many write that even two days in the park is not enough to go for a ride on all the attractions and see every corner of it. Therefore, be sure to visit "Gardaland", being in Italy. Believe me, this park will give you a lot of unforgettable emotions.

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