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Montana is a state that is part of the UnitedStates of America. In the union he is listed under number 41. It is located in the north-western part of the USA. At one time, he received the nickname - "State Treasures", which is officially recognized.

Montana State

Staff description

The name of the state itself came from the Spanishwords montana, which translates as "mountains". This is quite symbolic, because in the center and in the west of Montana are located more than 70 ridges of the Rocky Mountains. Its capital - Helena - is famous for the Capitol, the home of the Legislative Authority of Montana. And the largest cities include Billings, Missoula and Bozeman.

Montana - a state whose total area is381,156 square meters. km. Of these, land occupies 377,295 square kilometers. km. On the east side it borders on North and South Dakota, on the south - with Wyoming, on the west - with Idaho, and on the north - with British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta (Canada).

A bit of history

In 1803, when the United States purchased from Francethe colony of Louisiana, the land of Montana became part of the United States. Lewis Meriwether and William Clarke had the honor of being the first explorers of Montana. They led the expedition, the purpose of which was to study the new territory. During the expedition made the first map of the northwestern US lands. L. Meriweather and W. Clark brilliantly coping with the task assigned to them, and the state of Montana (America) began to develop rapidly.

what Montana is famous for


In Montana, more than a million people live. The average density is 2.5 people. per one square kilometer. In English, more than 94% of the total population speaks. In the west of Montana live Scots, Finns and even Slavs, and in the east - the descendants of immigrants from the Scandinavian countries.

It is worth noting that Montana is a state whose population is constantly growing. Of course, this is due to good economic development, which directly affects the standard of living of local residents.

What is famous in Montana

The main branches of the economy of Montana are:

  • mining;
  • oil refining industry;
  • Agriculture;
  • machine building;
  • manufacture of wooden products.

But this state was not without reason nicknamed "The Statetreasures "- the bowels of this area are rich in oil, coal, gold lead and natural gas. Montana is the only supplier of palladium and platinum. It is to this staff that the title of the largest talc supplier is held.

Billings is not only the largest city, but also the economic capital of the state. It has a lot of production organizations - from machine building to petrochemical.

Montana - the state where they growwheat, potatoes, barley, beans. In addition, livestock breeding is well developed here. Residents are engaged in breeding of cattle, as well as sheep, pigs and even lamas.

In Montana, ecotourism is set at a high level. It includes fishing, horseback riding, rock climbing and rafting.



The most important landmark of the state,perhaps, is the Glacier National Park. Its territory occupies almost 4 thousand square meters. km of mountain ranges. It contains more than 100 lakes (the largest of which is Lake Macdonald) and about 40 glaciers.

The most beautiful is the pond of St. Mary.The water in it is a gentle turquoise color, but the temperature is low all year round, as the lake practically does not warm up. A very popular place is the cave of Lewis and Clark, which is considered the oldest national reserve. In addition, the park is inhabited by grizzly and Canadian lynx, which are endangered, so they need protection.

The Gothic cathedral in Helena is also very popular with tourists. Especially beautiful here in the snow, so all photographers and tourists want to capture this miracle for memory.

In the state all year round there are various festivals: balloons, trees, strawberries, wines. All of them are distinguished by their uniqueness, beauty and peculiar magnificence.

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