Best hotels in Turkey. Kemer: 4 stars, 1 line. Overview, description and reviews of tourists


Rest is always a pleasant and long-awaited moment.And it is necessary that no nuances spoil it, especially the wrong place chosen for living. Turkey is one of the most popular places where tourists spend their holidays. One of the best regions of this country is Kemer. This is an ideal place to relax on the Mediterranean. Only the best living conditions will be offered to hotels in Turkey (Kemer). 4 stars, 1 line - this is a hotel for those who like comfortable rest, but can count and save their money.


What can this holidaymaker offer?Corner? The whole coast of Kemer is built up by hotels and hotels of any level. The infrastructure of this area is developed perfectly. There is everything for a good rest: restaurants, cafes, entertainment centers, nightclubs and attractions.

Hotels in Turkey kemer 4 stars 1 line
Hotels in Turkey (Kemer, 4 stars, 1 line) isThe optimal place for living of any category of tourists. Children, young people, couples in love, elderly people - everyone will find entertainment for every taste. Prices for accommodation start from budget (available to all) and end very high (luxury apartments 5 stars).


The city of Kemer is located in an amazingbeauty of the nook of nature. The Mediterranean coast on one side and the slopes of the mountains, decorated with pine trees, on the other hand, make local beauties unforgettable. Here you can not only have a great rest, but also spend time with health benefits. Healing air, excellent weather and mild climate - this is what attracts tourists to hotels in Turkey (Kemer). 4 stars, 1 line is a combination of comfort and low price. Rest here is available to almost everyone.

Hotels in Kemer (4 stars)

4 stars is the optimal place for rest.There is everything that the soul of a tourist demands. You can stay in a modern hotel with tall buildings, next to which there will be a lot of entertainment. But if you prefer a quiet moderate rest, then choose a cozy house or bungalow, which is located among the luxurious greenery.

Kemer Turkey hotels 4 stars1 line
Here you can retire and feel yourselfa single whole with nature. The place of residence does not affect the quality of service offered by hotels in Turkey (Kemer). 4 stars, 1 line - this is a beautiful view of the sea and a well-developed infrastructure.

Magic Hotel 4 *

This hotel is located in the city itself.It has its own beach, where vacationers can enjoy in a tranquil environment healing air and warm sea. You can diversify your holiday and spend time at the outdoor or indoor pool. The fitness center, located on site, offers a full range of services. It is possible to spend rest with advantage and to support the figure in a tonus. The hotel offers its guests a sauna and a Turkish bath. Rooms Magic Hotel 4 * very comfortable.

Hotels in Kemer 4 stars 1 line in Turkey rates and reviews
They have everything you need for relaxation.They are equipped with mini-refrigerators, safes and satellite TV. If necessary, you can rent a car and enjoy the sights of the surrounding area. Hotels in Kemer 4 stars on the 1st line - it's always a maximum of comfort at a low price. The cost of living in Magic Hotel 4 * on average is 750 rubles per person per day.

Garden Resort Bergamot 4 *

This hotel is located in a picturesquecitrus trees. He hospitably opens his doors and offers guests not only a high level of service, but a lot of entertainment. Hotels in Kemer (4 stars, 1 line) in Turkey, the prices and reviews we describe are always maximum of comfort. Garden Resort Bergamot 4 * will provide everything for active recreation with the whole family. On its territory is a magnificent water park with three swimming pools. Here you can have a great time.

4 star hotels in Kemer on the 1st line
To maintain physical fitness, you can visittennis court, and then relax in the spa. For fans of more active recreation there is a bicycle rental. You can explore the local neighborhood with a health benefit. Well-furnished rooms, cozy and comfortable, have a balcony from which you can admire the beauty of nature. The rooms have everything for a good rest: minibar, TV and Internet. Accommodation at the hotel will cost about 3200 rubles per day.

Garden Resort Bergamot 4 *

What else do the hotels of Kemer offer at the firstshoreline? Turkey, whose reviews are always enthusiastic, is a country in which great attention is paid to tourism. That's why there are so many high-class hotels here that are ready to satisfy all the whims of holidaymakers. Garden Resort Bergamot 4 * offers its guests a full range of services. This is an impressive tropical garden, in which you can retire and be alone with nature. Free Internet will allow you to communicate and share your impressions about the rest.

Hotels in Kemer on the first coastline in Turkey
In the library you can pass the time for a book andlearn a lot of interesting. The spa welcomes its doors and offers a huge list of services. If you want, you can rent a bicycle and ride around. And there is more to see here. The hotel is located between the Antalya Bay and the Taurus Mountains. The hotel guests are offered excellent cuisine. The menu includes a large number of dishes from around the world. Cooks will prepare delicious dishes of local cuisine. The presentation in the form of a buffet to allow you to expand your culinary horizon and try many new creations. Hotel rooms have a cozy atmosphere and everything for a great stay. The cost of living varies from 1500 rubles per night.

Berke ranch

This hotel is located near the local beach,but if desired, you can spend time at the indoor pool or on the sun terrace. Near the hotel are all the sights of the area: Kurshunlu reserves, waterfalls, Adriana gates. On the one hand the hotel adjoins the sea, and on the other side it is surrounded by mountains. The nature here is simply magnificent, all the best that Kemer (Turkey) has to offer. Hotels 4 stars, 1 line - a combination of sea air and the aroma of pine forests. Berke Ranch offers cozy rooms, each of which has soundproofing, air conditioning, cable TV, mini fridge and safe. Going out onto the balcony, you can admire the local beauties at any time. For the convenience of visitors, free internet, parking, currency exchange and daily fresh newspapers are provided. The bar offers refreshing drinks and several types of tea. There is a games room, a children's pool and a playground on site. Activities include rafting, basketball and mountain biking.

Golden Lotus

The 4 star hotel Golden Lotus isA magnificent building that embodied the traditional architecture of this area. The beautiful modern hotel is equipped with a lift and has free parking. Currency exchange services are available for guests. Near the hotel are all the sights of this area. The airport is 40 minutes away. Here there are the best natural conditions that Kemer (Turkey) can offer. Hotels 4 stars, 1 line which is located at the very sea, is the maximum of comfort and convenience.

List of top luxury hotels in Kemer Turkey
Golden Lotus offers visitors 130 convenientnumbers. All are equipped with a safe, minibar and satellite TV. From the balcony, which is in every room, you can enjoy the natural beauty. All apartments have bathrooms with a shower and a hairdryer. The hotel offers its guests car rental, shopping services and high-quality room service. For relaxation and entertainment there is a Turkish bath, a hot tub, billiards, table tennis and darts. The hotel has free parking. In the bar on the beach you can treat yourself to cold drinks and have a good time.


This is not the entire list of the best hotels and4 star hotels in Kemer. Turkey is a diverse country with friendly inhabitants. It has many areas with amazing natural features. One of them is Kemer. There are majestic mountains with pine plantations and a gentle, warm sea. The mild climate makes rest even more comfortable.

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