Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort Spa 5 * (Sharm El Sheikh): description, services, reviews, photo


Among the many five-star hotels in Egyptthere is also the hotel complex Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort Spa 5 * (Sharm El Sheikh, El Pasha Bay), located on the coast of El Pasha Bay on the first line and at a distance of less than 200 meters from the Red Sea.

From here to the heart of the resort, bay Naama Bay, 8kilometers. For hotel guests to go in the evening to this Egyptian Las Vegas - a completely natural activity. Neskuchnaya nightlife of the Land of the Pharaohs, for all its dynamism, is rich in its special, some tangible-Arab style and charm. However, even more bait for tourists is the opportunity to comfortably see the historical relics of the ancient and the richest underwater world of the unique Red Sea, rich in fauna and flora, as in prehistoric times.

reef oasis blue bay resort spa

Hotel in the infrastructure of the resort

The hotel complex is quite new (it is builtin 2007) and is located in the strip of sandy beaches of Sheikh's Bay. These heavenly places annually receive about 65% of all guests of the Country of the Pharaohs. The diverse infrastructure of the legendary resort with world-famous water parks, restaurants, discos, attractions, water sports centers naturally complements the resort potential of any hotel here, including the Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort Spa.

He proved himself in the spa business as ahotel family. Here, comfortably arrived to have a rest with children, families feel the care of the comfort of their rest on the part of the staff and administration. The hotel complex "Reef Oasis", according to reviews resting in it, has a high rating. It is really listed.


Consider the positioning of the hotel in operationofficial ratings of hotel complexes in Sharm El Sheikh. Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort Spa occupies the sixth position as a family hotel, the eighth - as a spa hotel, the tenth - as a resort hotel, the tenth - as a romantic hotel, the sixteenth - on its beach characteristics ...

Of course, it's not easy for him to compete with hotelcomplexes of the leading networks in the world: Inter Continental Hotels Group (Britain), Wyndham Hotel Group (USA), Marriott International (USA), Hilton Hotels (USA), Accor Group (France). However, if in addition to the above-mentioned positions in the hotel business, in addition to the ratings, the price-quality index is added, the place of the hotel in question will be significantly higher. After all, the current minimum price of the tour in the Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort Spa 5 * (Sharm El Sheikh) for 8 days and, respectively, 7 nights with the already considered cost of the flight, food all inclusive, medical insurance and transfer is $ 1100. At the same time, we note: the arrivals should also take into account the cost of buying a visa - $ 25 per person. Proceeding from these statements it is clear why among holiday-makers there is an opinion that the network of hotels Reef Oasis is one of the best in Egypt.

Architecture and landscape design of the hotel complex

The hotel itself is built on an elegant low-rise"Eastern" project: two-story buildings with stylized arches and columns half-ring close to the leeward side (from the south-west), an extensive zone of the main pool.

reef oasis blue bay resort spa 5
The pool complex is unique.The very form of the artificial reservoir, created for the restless holiday of the guests Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort 5 * (Sharm El-Sheikh) resembles an outline inkblot. And the pool is designed for swimming, swimming, playing water polo, etc., and for recreation: petals "blobs" cross bridges, in the center there is an "island" with palm trees, where you can also go along the lanes. Here, to the delight of the holiday-makers, there is a hotel water park with slides.

There is a hotel and another swimming pool, serving forrelaxation. For some guests Reef Oasis Blue Baoy Resrt 5 * (Sharm El Sheikh) this place is the most favorite. Some do not even bother to get down to the sea from here. Really, why, if Relax Pool Bar operates in the relaxation zone from 11-00 up to 15-00? Bar? Up to 16 years? With soft drinks, snacks and free low-alcohol production of Egyptian production. Here the friendly companies have chosen a place, taking the holiday time in an atmosphere of the lounge. Especially in the swimming pool area, vacationing pensioners from Germany like to be. Sun loungers and umbrellas here are sufficient to allow vacationers to take their favorite place without hurrying.

The entire territory of the hotel complex is very beautiful in the evening is highlighted. The impression of professional landscape design is enhanced by this creative aesthetic approach.

The territory of Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort Spa is large enough, planted with palm trees and irrigated lawns. In the evening, it's nice to stroll along its neat streets.

Magnificent beach

The beach is located several levels lower thanhotel. Special holiday lifts go down to it. You can also use the free hotel shuttle bus. The beach is large and comfortable, there are plenty of territory, sun loungers and umbrellas for all holiday-makers. The bar working on it provides snacks, fast food, refreshing and low-alcoholic (last-dosed) beverages to holidaymakers in Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort Spa 5 *. Reviews about the reef, located in the water area of ​​the beach, are more detailed descriptions.

Undersea world

It is one of the richest in the underwater fauna andflora of reefs in the whole Bay of Sheikhs. He is a favorite place for divers. It is not by chance that guests of the hotel, nlyaschiesya on its beach, almost constantly near the shore can see several boats in the roadstead.

reef oasis blue bay resort 5

It is not by chance that the words "reef" and "oasis" are found in the name of the hotel complex.

Administration constantly conducts an action:gives one diving-dive for any wishing lodger (it is held in a specialized center, functioning at the hotel complex) free of charge. It can hardly be called a waste of money. As the statistics suggest, they want to make a repeated, already paid dive, about 80% of the "shareholder" from Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort Spa 5 *. Reviews, description of the underwater world of chic gorgonovyh reefs from such connoisseurs of outdoor activities - a real decoration of hotel pages on tourist sites on the Internet. A rarity in our time is a live reef close to shore, accessible even to novice swimmers. Among the chic gorgonian corals, differing in pleasant shades of blue and pink, hundreds of thousands of colorful fish swim.

It is no accident that the famous traveler Jacques-YvesCousteau, compiling a list of the ten most paradisiacal corners of the underwater world of the globe, gave one of the positions to these places. Reviews of hotel guests, underwater photo-hunters are full of underwater photos of parrot fish; fish butterflies; Plataks similar to huge scalars; fish-surgeons. Multicolored flocks of fish are there, then this is the realm of Neptune. More experienced divers, exploring great depths and underwater caves, tend to meet (of course, from afar) with moray eels, stingrays.

Here you can getcertificate of an international class diver. The hotel diving school offers special courses designed for both beginners and experienced athletes. Some readers will notice that the underwater world can be admired and without scuba, and using only a mask, a pipe and flippers. Snorkeling - this is the title of this lesson, does not give and 20% of those impressions that diving gives to holidaymakers. Divers-guides organize memorable excursions for holiday-makers who have learned to dive.

restaurants and bars

Guests at the Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort 5 * are served at six restaurants and eleven bars.

reef oasis blue bay resort 5 sharmelsheikh sa
In addition to the main restaurants Bay View and Sea Breeze,working on the principle of a buffet in the all inclusive system, tourists on the record are fed three specialized restaurants: fish, French cuisine "La Romantic", Italian cuisine "Al Dante", round-the-clock restaurant-bistro (French-style snack bar).

Let's introduce the readers of this articleOpening hours of the hotel catering facilities at the hotel Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort Spa 5 * Sharmelsheikh. Guest reviews allowed us to determine the hours of their meals. In the first main restaurant Bay View they have breakfast from 8-00 am to 11-00; and dinner from 6 pm to 22 pm. In the second main restaurant Sea Breeze, for convenience, breakfast is shifted one hour earlier: from 7:00 am to 10:00 am; lunch is from noon to 15-00.

At the Reef Oasis Blue Bay hotel complexResort Spa 5 * Sharmelsheikh SA has 11 bars. According to the reviews of customers, in the bars at the pools and on the beach you can have a snack not worse than in the other main restaurant of the three-star hotel.

About the number fund

Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort Spa is a large club type hotel with 696 rooms. Buying a tour in it, the tourist chooses the type of room. There are several of them:

  • standard (according to reviews - large, bright, comfortable);
  • promo ("lottery", the type of number you specify by check in);
  • Superior (improved standard);
  • Deluxe room (superior room with sea view);
  • an executive (a suite with two bedrooms);
  • family room (suite with two bedrooms and a living room);
  • suite for newly-married couples (double superior suite).
    reef oasis blue bay resort 5 sharmelsheikh reviews

In order to orient readersabout the conditions of accommodation in Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort Spa 5 *, we provide guest reviews for the standard room. Firstly, the room is very large - more than 40 sq. M. It has a very spacious double bed for couples and a single bed for a child. The air conditioner is stable, the plasma TV is also tuned to four Russian channels. Cleaning and linen change are daily.

Bathroom with comfortable shower cubicleadditionally equipped with shampoo, conditioner, soap, gel, toothbrushes and pasta, shaving and shaving foam, after shave gel. The staff is monitoring to replace the empty bottles or tubes in time.

The room has a separate spacious bathroom with toilet and bidet.

Mini bar from Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort Spa issolid positive! He, to the delight of children, replenishes daily - and not only water, but Pepsi, and Coca-Cola. In the room on the refrigerator is equipped with a "tea and coffee place": an electric kettle, as well as tea-coffee-sugar bags. Moreover, these bags are replenished daily.


The hotel is favorable for rest of families who came toBay Sheikhs with children. Parents can weaken control over their children when they are in the company of animators - several hours before lunch and after dinner. Children between the ages of four and fourteen years enthusiastically frolic on the water slides and playgrounds, participate in fun competitions and relay races. And the winners of such competitions are tactful (to support the psychologically losers) and in a pleasant atmosphere are encouraged by prizes, which, of course, makes them happy and inspiring.

In the evening from 21-00 to 23-00 a disco is held for the children.


We thoroughly reviewed the reviews of the guests of ReefOasis Blue Bay Resort SpaSharmelsheikh about excursion tours. The hotel guests buy them from the hotel guides, as well as in the city's tour desk. The excursions to Cairo (the Cairo National Museum and the pyramids of Giza), to Luxor with a visit to the funeral complex of the pharaohs, sea excursions underwater and above sea are popular.

Tourists often buy a two-day excursion to Jerusalem with a tour of Christian and Jewish shrines.

Promenade in Naama Bay

In the first place in terms of popularity isa promenade promenade along Naama Bay, which is called the Egyptian Las Vegas. Part of the tourists, just after arriving, immediately strives to go there. Indeed, it is on the day of arrival that they are entitled to duty-free service at the duty-free shop located there.

reef oasis blue bay resort 5 reviews

Tourists have the opportunity to see the classicthe eastern bazaar in the Old Town, the shopping center "1000 and one night". There is also the state supermarket of fixed prices "Carrefour", very popular with the guests of the Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort Spa 5 *. Reviews of tourists indicate that it is beneficial to buy soft drinks and fruits. However, it is not recommended to visit shops and restaurants located further down to the building of the famous Hard Rock Cafe club, as they do not disdain speculation.

Further along the promenade is the Little ClubBudha, fast food shops, the famous café (expensive) "Panorama", Cafe Bianca, restaurant Camel Bar. An interesting restaurant is the Iberotel Lido 4 *, equipped with a pontoon. Here in the evenings, when lights turn on, a host of exotic fish rises to the surface of the water.

Ends excursion promenade at the hotel beaches. There are many quiet and exotic cafes-hookahs.


The hotel complex Reef Oasis Blue Baoy Resrt Spa 5 * is well-deservedly well received by tourists.

reef oasis blue bay resort spa 5 hotel reviews
Guest reviewsa wonderful beach, a wonderful underwater world that opens the eyes of swimmers right in the water area of ​​the beach, an exemplary well-established food, interesting and fascinating animation. The number of rooms in the hotel complex is good.

The hotel is a successful one.And this is underlined by the far-sighted policy of loyalty, which is conducted in relation to the guests. Newlyweds, regular customers, couples celebrating the wedding anniversary receive a gift from the administration and the chef in the form of a romantic dinner, and birthday - cake and fruit. Constant clients here remember and, meeting, after arrival they settle in the improved number.

Behind all this, we feel the work of a friendly and successful team of employees of the hotel complex.

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