The road to the airport Minsk-2. Three ways to get there


In the Republic of Belarus the international airportis located only 40 km from the capital. It has been functioning for more than 30 years. Currently, reconstruction works are under way at the Minsk-2 airport. Here, not only the interior and exterior are modernized, but the quality of passenger service is also improved. This is also evident in the expansion of modes of transport serving the airport.

How to get to the airport?

The Minsk-2 airport can be reached either by expensive means or by a cheaper option.

airport Minsk 2

Every day on the route "Minsk - Airport"taxi, bus, minibus and even a train. Any of these ways has its advantages and disadvantages. Every day hundreds of passengers ask the question: "How to get there?" Airport Minsk-2 is a short distance from the city, but in order not to be nervous before the flight, you need to choose the right mode of transport. Let us consider each of these methods in more detail.

Under the clatter of wheels ... We get by train

Minsk-2 Airport is connected to the city centerby railways. If you arrive from another city to the Minsk-passenger station, this method will suit you best. There is no need to carry bags and suitcases elsewhere, you can simply change from one train to another. You can buy a ticket at the ticket office of the railway station, if you need to go to the airport, and in the arrival hall, if you are going to Minsk. It is possible to book a ticket online. The train arrives to the station at the airport, where you need to transfer to a bus, the price of which is included in the ticket price. The train runs 5 times a day, starting from 7.30 to 22.30.

airport Minsk 2 bus schedule

A shuttle bus or shuttle bus?

The greatest popularity in the delivery of passengers inMinsk-2 airport has buses and shuttles. This is the most optimal way to travel. For a small price you will reach the city in about 40 minutes by shuttle bus and 1 hour by bus.

By bus, you can get to the stationmetro, the terminal station is "Central Bus Station", from where you can go in any direction. There are two routes from the airport: 300E and 173E. It is very convenient that the ticket can be bought in various ways: at the ticket office of the bus station, online on the site and directly from the driver. The price is about 1.5 US dollars. Buses are equipped especially for carrying passengers with luggage.

For those who want a little faster, you can drive to the city by shuttle bus, which depart from the station at the airport every half hour. Tickets can be purchased the same as a bus.

how to get to airport Minsk 2

The cost, which is about 2 dollarsUSA, baggage transportation is included. Minibuses are equipped with free Wi-Fi. Minibus № 1400 and 1430 in very comfortable conditions a transfer is carried out in the direction Minsk - Airport Minsk-2. The bus schedule can be found on the website of the bus station or carrier.

And by taxi faster. But more expensive

Taxis are a pleasure expensive, and on suchdistance and not at all cheap. But to the airport and back you can always ride with a breeze in a taxi. If you are coming from the city to the airport, then, of course, you will order a taxi, which is much cheaper than catching on the street. In Minsk, there are a lot of carrier companies, which with pleasure will take you almost to the ladder.

When do you plan to go on a trip toairplane, do not rely on chance and think in advance about what type of transport you are more comfortable to reach the airport Minsk-2. Think carefully about your trip. And start with the tickets to the airport.

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