Aquapark in Yekaterinburg is a sea of ​​joy and entertainment


Nothing so happy children and parents asjoint pastime and active rest. The rhythm of the life of a modern city very often deprives adults of the joy of communicating with their children, forcing them to constantly solve some important questions, run on business, rush to work. Waiting for holidays and vacations to go somewhere to relax and relax, too long, and not necessarily, because today you can splash in the water not only in the sea, but also in the water park, which is practically in every major city. Such a holiday will be very enjoyable for both children and adults.

Aquapark in Yekaterinburg
The water park "Limpopo" in Yekaterinburg isa complex that unites all the inhabitants of the Urals. Families from Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Sverdlovsk region, Perm come here on a regular basis. Often, the hotel near the water park and stop foreigners. Aquapark in Yekaterinburg is a favorite place for all schoolchildren, so on Sundays there are so many frolicking guys who pulled their parents out of the house.

The park occupies more than 27 thousand square meters2, capacity of about 1200 people. There are lots of water attractions and procedures, but this is not all that the Limpopo water park boasts. Yekaterinburg is famous for many wonderful places for recreation, for example, a cinema, entertainment center, bowling, and now the aquatic entertainment complex has joined this list, which is the pride of all Ekaterinburg residents.

Aquapark Limpopo Yekaterinburg
Relax after a hard week's work andTo distract from everyday problems will help only active rest. The water park in Yekaterinburg contributes to this even the very atmosphere, because entering the complex, it seems that it has moved to a desert island. The building itself resembles a transatlantic liner that landed on the island to the natives. Children will really like the idea, because everything seems to be real: artificial palm trees, huts of savages, pendant bridges and many other fun things.

The water park in Yekaterinburg offers residents andThe guests of the city have 18 slides of various sizes and shapes, 12 completely different pools, a pond with hydromassage, infrared, Turkish and Finnish saunas, baths and many more entertainments. For the safety of vacationers vigilantly watch professional instructors who not only control the age of children descending from the steep slides, but also teach swimming in the pool.

Aquapark Limpopo in Yekaterinburg
In the complex you can not only have a good timehave fun, but also to refresh yourself. Inside there are several bars offering snacks, ice cream and soft drinks to visitors. The water park in Yekaterinburg runs every day from early morning till late evening. Children from all over the Urals come here to ride on such attractions as "Orange River", "Anaconda", "Waterfall", "Weightlessness", "Hydrotub" and others. Everyone can rest here absolutely: a certificate from the therapist is not required.

The total length of all slides is 500 m,attraction "Slow River" has a length of about 200 m. Children really like the site "Ship pirates", and adults are not able to abandon the spa procedures. Aquapark "Limpopo" will please everyone.

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