How long to fly to Egypt?


Egypt traditionally remains attractivea country for tourists from all over the world. Travelers are inspired by the wonderful rest of the ancient history of the country, amazing nature, the enchanting Red Sea and inviting underwater world. Magnificent monuments, sand dunes, unique museum collections can not leave indifferent tourists interested in the historical heritage of world culture. Beach holiday in Egypt can also be an ideal option for holidays, especially for those who enjoy diving, and do not mind diving with scuba to the bottom of the sea. The most popular tourist resorts for Russians are Hurghada, Taba, Sharm El Sheikh, Safaga. They are ready to give their guests the most fabulous memories of a magical country all year round. Let's see how many flights to Egypt from different points of Russia?

How long to fly to Egypt

Direct flight or transit?

On the territory of Egypt there are 9 airportsinternational level, the largest of which is in Cairo. Most Russian tourists planning a vacation in the country, land either at the airport of Sharm El Sheikh, or Hurghada. If you fly by direct flight from Moscow, you will be in the right place after 4 hours. If you depart from St. Petersburg, the journey will take about 5 hours. Some prefer to fly by transit, making transfers at airports of other countries. It is not always possible to calculate how much to fly to Egypt. After all, the travel time can be from 7 to 24 hours, given the waiting time for a new flight. This is done to save on the trip, because many transit flights are much cheaper. However, in the case of Egypt, this rule does not always work. The fact is that you can buy a cheap ticket for a direct flight using the services of charter flights. Here you can save up to 50% of the cost of the travel document. A direct charter flight from Moscow to Hurghada can be reached on average for 12 thousand rubles. The flight from Moscow with transfers in European cities, for example, in Zurich or Frankfurt, can cost 18 thousand rubles.

Beach holidays in Egypt

How many flights to Egypt from other cities in Russia?

From Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod or Samarathe road will take you an average of 5 hours (depending on the resort chosen). From Omsk and Novosibirsk - 7 hours. Residents of Barnaul and Krasnoyarsk will spend the most amount of time on the flight - 8 hours. From Sochi and Krasnodar on the plane to fly the least - 3 hours. Of course, the travel time may vary slightly (depending on the season and unfavorable weather).

The situation in Egypt today

So, now you know how much to fly to Egypt. However, listen to the last tip: which city of the country you would not go to, choose direct messages. Due to transit, you can hardly save money and time. In addition, it is better to arrive at the airport in advance in order to have time to pass customs inspection and not be late for your flight. The situation in Egypt today is favorable for excellent rest and unforgettable impressions. Therefore, for a small business - buy a ticket and enjoy this amazing country!

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