What is the name of the peninsula on which India is located? Modern India: features, map


The peninsula, on which India is located, is washed byon three sides by the waters of the Indian Ocean, and in the north it is surrounded by the Himalayas hovering in the air. This corner of the planet is rich in its natural resources and traditions of local people. India is the only country that occupies the entire territory of the peninsula, a real find for any tourist. Here you can discover and beach rest, and active, and extreme, as well as learn a lot of new things. Therefore, we will not hesitate and will go on a virtual tour, during which we will visit the very peninsula on which India is located.

Characteristics of the peninsula

Hindustan refers to the geographical south of Asia. Its area is 2 million square kilometers. In the south-west the peninsula is washed by the waters of the Arabian Sea, and in the southeast by the Bay of Bengal. The southern part of Hindustan concerns the open waters of the Indian Ocean. Also in this zone is a gigantic island - Sri Lanka. On the territory of this peninsula there are two rivers - the Indus and the Ganges, which were the centers of the most ancient civilization. Along these were the dwellings of the ancestors of modern Indians, these rivers became a source of irrigation, and an important element in the development of local folklore and traditions.

the peninsula on which is india

Weather conditions in Hindustan

The peninsula, on which India is located, is locatedin the zone of monsoon winds, which are formed in the tropical latitudes and are scattered to the equator. In the northern part of Hindustan, the climate is subtropical and tropical. In summer, the air warms up to +28, in winter the thermometer drops to +13. Closer to the south are already established subequatorial weather conditions. In summer it is very hot here - more than +37. From August to November, the rainy season begins, and the temperature decreases slightly. But in winter and spring it is very warm and dry - about +30 in the afternoon, +25 at night and not a cloud in the sky.

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Beach holidays

As a rule, most touriststhe description of India is based on what the beaches were in the state where they rested, and how comfortable it was there. The most "beaten" resort for our compatriots is Goa - Northern and Southern. In the first part of the state there is a stormy night life. There are a lot of rave discos, dance floors, which work around the clock, restaurants and bars. In the south, Goa is always quiet, calm and expensive. This is a great place for a honeymoon or for holidays with children. It should be noted that in India there are also resorts, which are not mastered by Russian tourists. This Mumbai is a very expensive city in the East of Hindustan. Also, a lot of wild and incredibly beautiful places are in the Western part of the peninsula. People come here to dive and snorkel.

characteristic of india

Features of India, which every traveler should know

  • Pay attention to the shoes. First, in this country they do not put their feet on their feet,because otherwise your interlocutor will see the sole of the boot. And this is a sign of disrespect for him. Secondly, the temples of India go barefoot. In extreme cases, you can wear socks or shoe covers.
  • Keep your hands to yourself. Namely - handshakes are not welcome in India. Also, it is not customary to pat one another on the shoulder, throw your arms around the neck of the interlocutor and perform other body movements that are usual for us.
  • Visiting temples is a special ritual. The woman should be hidden shoulders, legs and head, the man also should not be dressed frivolously. In addition, to bypass any structures, especially the sacral, it is taken only on the left.


As it turned out, the peninsula on which theIndia is literally a new world. Here their traditions, their customs, which have been formed for centuries, are completely different people. And most importantly - even a tourist should respect all these rules and follow them, in order to fully experience not only the natural wealth of this country, but also all of her life, emotions, traditions.

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