The beaches of Barcelona - a wonderful holiday on the banks of the Spanish granary


What associations can a person have withthe magic word of Spain? Immediately, the red veil of the bullfighter appears, the hot scorching sun and the fantastic rhythms of sexual flamenco. And, of course, the best beaches for a lazy holiday off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

One of the most popular resorts of all Spainis Barcelona. Reviews of tourists who have visited this paradise of Spanish conquistadors are full of admiration and joy. If the hotels located in the territory of this huge but so compact city do not always please tourists, then the beaches of Barcelona will satisfy the tastes of the most fastidious travelers. Famous for the whole world with its architectural monuments, the capital of the Catalan province - Barcelona - shows the world the face of an exquisite medieval culture, where every street, every stone of the pavements and every brick of the building is imbued with a delightful history.

Barcelona reviews
Spread out under the delicate rays of the orangesun, the city is happy to provide tourists with its breathtaking beach holiday. In Barcelona there are 7 beaches, not counting the suburban ones. Located almost in the center of the city, they are a favorite holiday destination not only for tourists, but also for local residents. Therefore, at the height of the tourist season, they are often very crowded.

The most popular beaches of Barcelona are Barceloneta,Nova Icaria and San Sebastian. Barceloneta is the widest and longest beach in the city. There are numerous cafes and several restaurants. On snow-white sand, heated by the scorching sun, there are all kinds of inventory and accessories necessary for proper rest. Indispensable attributes are shower cabins, toilets and sports grounds. Like any good beach, Barceloneta is equipped with towers for rescuers.

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In the north of Barceloneta neighbors with anothera wonderful beach - San Sebastian. A distinctive feature of this piece of the beach is the availability of all necessary facilities for the recreation of people with disabilities: ramps, paths, elevators and, of course, toilets and showers.

Almost all the beaches of Barcelona were included in the list of the best beaches in the world. Including Nova Ikaria, which is an ideal place for a quiet family vacation.

Emerald plants and majestic treesThe park, surrounding the beach Bogatel, will allow the tourist to feel an unprecedented unification with nature. This is also facilitated by the absence of a large crowd of people.

All kinds of water activities, such asdiving, kayaking, snorkeling, windsurfing offers travelers the beach of Mar Bella. And in the malachite bamboo thickets, the official nudist beach of Barcelona is comfortably located.

the beaches of Barcelona
If the desire to surrender to the arms of the azure watersThe Mediterranean Sea is controlled, then to more fully unite with the beauty of the surrounding landscapes you can drive a short distance from the city and enjoy the magnificent beauties that the suburban beaches of Barcelona: Castelldefels, Maresme, Fragata, Ribera and many others give to inquisitive tourists.

The stunning energy that waves from the beaches of Barcelona covers the travelers, subjecting them to their charms and forever leaving a visible mark on the heart.

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