How many flights to Spain from Moscow? How to do it comfortably?


Spain is associated with melodic chordsguitars, the passionate rhythm of flamenco, the knock of castanets and the slight taste of sweet sangria. This country conquers the heart of the tourist with the first gulp of local air, filled with the aroma of sea spaces, paella and chocolate rolls. Let's see how much to fly to Spain from Moscow to enjoy the stunning architecture, unique nature and inviting sea azure.

Spain is located on the Iberian Peninsula, in a sufficient distance from Russia. Therefore, the flight time will depend on the city in which you are going.

How much to fly to Spain from Moscow

How many flights from Moscow to Barcelona and other resorts in the country?

Everything will depend on the geographicallocation of the place of arrival. For example, you can get to Madrid in five hours. Barcelona is a little closer. Therefore, the flight will take approximately 4 hours. When traveling to the islands, for example, Tenerife or Mallorca, you will have to be on the plane 7 or even 8 hours.

Which flight should I choose?

The answer to the question of how much to fly to Spainfrom Moscow, will also depend on the airline's services, the weather and the type of flight. It is most convenient to fly direct flights that run from Russia and back regularly. If you want to save, you can try the transit option. Flight, where you need a transfer to another plane, can save your budget up to 8 thousand rubles. In addition, this is a great opportunity to take a break from a long flight.

How many flights to Barcelona from Moscow

How many fly to Barcelona from Moscow in transit?

There are several variants of connecting flights. They allow you to get to Spain with transplants. One of them - with a stop in Berlin, Frankfurt or Rome. However, in this case the flight will have to wait a long time, sometimes up to 7 hours. As a result, the flight time increases to 20 hours. The best option for transit is docking in Amsterdam or Prague.

How much to fly from Moscow to Barcelona

Here you will have to sit at the airport for no more than 2 hours, so the flight time will increase slightly and amount to 6-7 hours.

How to calculate how much to fly to Spain from Moscow?

If you need an unambiguous answer to the question,how much you will spend time on the flight, you can use online services. The airline's website will need to find the right flight, enter information about the landing and landing. The time obtained as a result will be shown taking into account the chosen carrier and the direction of the flight. If there is any doubt, you can contact the airline's specialists and clarify. If necessary, you can ask, for example, questions related to the change of time zones. Knowing how to fly to Spain from Moscow, you can calculate the time you need to fly and accommodation in the hotel, so that nothing will mar your rest. It is better to choose a proven airline, which has proven itself in the field of passenger transportation.

Remember that Spain is already waiting for you! Here people are honest and open, wine excites blood, and romantic and proud locals do not tolerate boredom and indifference. That is why this bright country is so loved by travelers from all over the world.

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