How to get to Abkhazia from Moscow


Abkhazia is an amazing country that beckonsEvery year thousands of tourists. Most vacationers come to rest from neighboring Russia. If you do not know how to get to Abkhazia, then it's time to find out. The departure point will be Moscow, which is 1820 kilometers from the capital of Abkhazia - Sukhum.

how to get to Abkhazia

Stage one: Moscow-Adler

how to get to Abkhazia by train

Travel to Abkhazia can be divided into twoparts. At the first stage, the main goal is to get to Adler. This is one of the districts of the city of Sochi, near which the Russian-Abkhazian border is located. Adler can be reached by plane from airlines that make direct flights to Sochi. These include Ural Airlines, Yakutia, Aeroflot, Skyexpress, Avianova. The flight will take 2 hours and 20 minutes, the cost varies from 3,000 rubles. Another option is by rail. But how to get to Abkhazia by train? There is no direct flight. From the capital of Russia you can only get to the station "Veseloe". Further you can reach Abkhazia by the same train, only you have to pay extra. The travel time will be more than a day, and the minimum price is from 2 100 rubles per person. From Moscow, you can also get to Sukhum by bus for 29 hours (it will cost 2,500 rubles).

Stage two: Adler-Abkhazia

Now it is necessary to answer the question of howto get to Abkhazia from Adler. Firstly, to the border from Adler, which is about 8-10 kilometers, you can take a taxi at a price of 300 to 500 rubles. If you want to save money, then choose public transport. However, it is necessary to go with transplants, and then still to go on foot kilometer two. All together will cost you 30 rubles. When you cross the border, you can take a bus or take a taxi. There is another way to get to Abkhazia from Adler - by train or train. From Adler you can get to Sukhum or Gagra for 300 rubles or more. The border will have to stand for about an hour.

how to get to Abkhazia by car

Border crossing

For Russian citizens crossing the bordera visa is not required, as is a foreign passport. It is enough to have a civil document proving your identity. Immediately at the customs point, you need to arrange medical insurance. From Russia, you can import no more than $ 10,000, and when you export more than $ 3,000 from the country, you must declare this amount. If you enter the territory of Abkhazia by your car, then prepare for inspection the technical passport and driver's license. If you travel by proxy, then you must also have the consent of the owner to export the car abroad. These are simple rules for Russian citizens to observe, to visit such a unique country as Abkhazia.

How to get there by car

If you do not know how to get to this countryon your car, you should carefully study the map. You can also rely on the navigator or your own language, which, as is known, will bring not only to Kiev, but also to Abkhazia. In any case, keep a course on the city of Sochi, then you have to drive another 9 kilometers to the village of Veseloe. From here to the border - a stone's throw. If you are traveling in the hot tourist season, then prepare to stand on the border for several hours.

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