How many flights from Moscow to Sochi? Time and cost of flight


The city of Sochi is located at the very coastBlack Sea in the Krasnodar Territory. This settlement in the warm season becomes the busiest transport hub in the south of the country. There are several large auto and railway stations, a seaport. However, the pearl of the resort city is its international airport.

In this article we will find out how much to fly from Moscowto Sochi. Also we will try to figure out how much this trip by plane will cost. We will answer other questions that are often of interest to travelers planning to fly Moscow-Sochi.

Travel time by direct flight

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How many flights from Moscow to Sochi by direct flight? During the flight in this direction, the aircraft overcomes about 1,300 km. The minimum travel time is about 1 hour and 50 minutes. However, how much to fly from Moscow to Sochi, seriously affects the choice of one or another airline. On-time differences reflect the differences in the types of aircraft used. To fly in the presented direction for the above-mentioned time will be possible only on condition that the transfer is carried out on an aircraft of the Boeing class. More details on other options available and the time on the road will be discussed later.

Select an airline

how much to fly from Moscow to Sochi

The international airport "Sochi" (Adler) accepts aircrafts of the following carriers:

  • Aeroflot;
  • S7 Airlines;
  • UTair;
  • "Victory";
  • Transaero;
  • "Ural Airlines";
  • Red Wings;
  • "Orenburg Airlines".

For example, using the services of the airlineS7 Airlines, in flight it is necessary to spend at least 2 hours and 25 minutes. Faster than the distance from Moscow to Sochi on a direct flight planes of another popular domestic carrier - Transaero. In the latter case, the flight will take about 2 hours, plus or minus 5-10 minutes. As practice shows, UTair's aircraft reach the destination in question exactly in 2 hours.

How many fly from Moscow to Sochi with transplants?

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Usually flights with transfers costpassengers are much cheaper than direct flights. However, they take much more time. Most of the direct flights do not dial enough people to fully fill all available seats, which promises losses to the airlines. The result is more expensive flights Moscow-Sochi. Air tickets with high cost in this case become a kind of insurance for carriers.

Currently, there are the following options for the flight in the direction of Moscow-Sochi with transplants:

  1. Transplantation in Krasnodar. The travel time in this case will increase substantially. In view of the serious delays between individual flights, the journey can take from 12 to 15 hours.
  2. Those who wish to save have the opportunity to purchase tickets to Sochi with a transfer in St. Petersburg. At the same time travel time will increase by approximately 9 hours.
  3. Several times a week, flights toSochi from Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk. While flying through these cities with a transfer, passengers spend an average of 8 to 20 extra hours on the way.

Question price

How to minimize the cost of a flight todirection Moscow-Sochi? You can buy a ticket for a direct flight from questionable charter carriers or fly with multiple transfers. However, in trying to get substantial savings, it's much better to take care of buying tickets well in advance.

Currently, the flight from Moscow to Sochi fora direct flight costs passengers about $ 250. With transfers, the price can range from $ 75. If tickets are bought a few days before the proposed departure, you will not be able to save money. By booking a seat in an airplane for a month, the cost for a direct flight can be reduced to $ 230. When booking a ticket for 2 months, the price will decrease to $ 190.

The most reasonable in terms of cost savingsBook tickets in the direction Moscow-Sochi for direct, comfortable flights a few months before the planned trip. To think about this is worth long before the start of the holiday season, when the cost of flights increases in a natural way, due to the increase in passenger traffic. As you can see, it is much more profitable to plan a trip in advance.

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