Azure lake in the Leningrad region: how to get from St. Petersburg, conditions for beach and outdoor activities


Azure Lake is only one of the picturesquecorners of Vsevolozhsky district of the Leningrad region. Located a small pond on the 33rd kilometer of the Murmansk highway, is located a few tens of meters to the north of the motorway. Sandy beach and the bottom, a well-equipped recreation area is a small part of the attractive conditions for guests to relax on the lake.

Azure Lake (Leningrad Region, Vsevolozhsky District)

The origin of the lake will not be consideredscientists, and local historians will not find any mention of him in the old lists of reservoirs of the region. Azure is an in-depth, cleaned sand pit, filled with river and spring water. At the place of extraction of rock for construction needs, a recreation area arose. So successfully solved two problems at once: reclamation of disturbed lands and creation of additional recreational zones in the vicinity of St. Petersburg.

azure lake

Environmentalists say that artificially creatednatural complexes are unstable, but the condition of Azure Lake refutes this established delusion. Water keeps cleanliness and transparency, the equipped and guarded territory is maintained in a proper sanitary condition. Vacationers with pleasure visit the complex "Azure Lake" in the warm season. Since May, many visitors from St. Petersburg and the region come here. On the territory of the complex you can swim in the pond, sunbathe on the beach, make picnics, visit real Russian baths, walk along the picturesque groves and forests with which the Azure Lake is famous.

How to get there by bus from St. Petersburg

Summer in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region -a wonderful time for warm days and white nights. Short showers refresh the streets and squares, but outside the city to admire the contrasts of weather and nature is much more pleasant. Those who visited this time on the water in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, will not forget the delicious rest on the green beaches. In the vicinity of Lazurny you can come by private and public transport.

azure lake how to get to the minibus

Suitable for travel minibuses or buses,which go to Kirovsk, Sinyavino, Shlisselburg, Priladozhsky. All of them cross the Neva on the bridge and follow the Murmansk highway. Where can I find a regular transport? Near the metro station Lomonosovskaya Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya line of the Petersburg metro and on Dybenko street in the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg.

A trip to the lake by private transport

Only 20 minutes takes a trip to the recreation center"Azure Lake". How to get from the metropolis by private transport? It is necessary to get from any district of the city or the settlement of the Leningrad region to the sign "33 km" on the Murmansk highway and turn in this place to the territory of the complex. There are signs, there is a signboard, a diagram of infrastructure facilities on the coast.

The flow of people from the city in those months whenthe temperature becomes comfortable for beach rest, significantly increases. On the way from St. Petersburg on the busy Murmansk highway and next to the entrance to the complex can be traffic jams. Remuneration for a trip from a stuffy and dusty megalopolis are the views of the lake, the fragrance of forest berries and herbs.

Conditions for recreation on the lake

Complex "Azure Lake" has the necessaryinfrastructure in the coastal zone, which is constantly developing and improving. Set pavilions for cooking shish kebab (some more comfortable, others easier). There are grounds for paintball, but most importantly - water entertainment and the ability to rent a variety of sports equipment. You can order drinks and snacks in the café on the territory of the recreation area.

azure lake in Leningrad region

On the territory there are built Russian baths on firewood andFinnish saunas, which contribute to health improvement. After all, man has long been striving for water, not only to purify the body, but also to temper it, to help cope with the ailments. For children, the conditions of rest on the lake are more than favorable: a separate pool, a multi-colored inflatable town.

Service Fee

Entrance to the recreation area by private transport paid(150-200 rubles). There is a secured parking in the territory (also paid). Without vehicles, you can go to the seaside and swim freely. Rest in gazebos, baths and saunas must be paid (for example, 3 hours in the steam room - 3000 rubles).

azure lake how to get to

According reviews of holidaymakers, rental pricessports equipment, renting gazebos and barbecues are quite democratic, and the conditions of the recreation center "Azure Lake" will appeal to people with different requests and interests. The reservoir is located in the forest zone of the Vsevolozhsk District of the Leningrad Region. The lake is easy to find, moving along the Murmansk highway towards St. Petersburg or Shlisselburg. You can not be afraid of deterioration of environmental conditions and air pollution from a nearby motorway. A powerful green belt around Lake Lazurny successfully copes with the neutralization of harmful emissions from transport.

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