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Greece - a country full of contradictions and harmonious development, beckoning its history, the beauty of nature and nature.


Starting a conversation about a hotel, it should bebe sure to plunge into the atmosphere surrounding the place of rest. And with the Filerimos Village Hotel Apartments 3 *, located on the island of Rhodes, one of the most famous Greek islands, where cultural values ​​and historical heritage are intertwined. When voicing the name of the island immediately appears the image of one of the Wonders of the World - the Colossus of Rhodes. Many legends and myths are associated with these places.

At the present stage of the development of mankind the islandRhodes became a popular world resort, where tourists from all over the world flock to. Such an excitement is due to the fact that in Rhodes everyone who comes here will find something to do and enjoy. Beautiful beaches beckon adherents of "lazy" pastime, museums, excavations and architectural monuments attract the attention of history lovers. For those who prefer active recreation - mountains, the sea, waterfalls. For people who choose silence, they are secluded villages and quiet bays. And every guest will be fascinated by the cleanliness and beauty of the surrounding nature.

filerimos village hotel apartments 3


Accommodation in a bungalow Filerimos Village HotelApartments Bungalows Studios 3 * (Rhodes), you can slowly explore the many sights of the island. The place where the hotel is sheltered is called Ialyssos, it has become a major center of international tourism, thanks to its provincial color, pleasant beaches and the ability to combine active and beach holidays.

filerimos village hotel apartments bungalows studios 3 rhodes

Ialyssos is an ancient town famous for itsancient temples, ruins, churches. Impressive frescoes of the ancient church of St. Nicholas. A large number of ancient mansions, neighboring with neoclassical modern buildings, will pleasantly surprise tourists.

Resort Features

But this resort is especially good for amateursactive pastime. It is there that you can engage in various sports, diversify vacation bright colors of life. For tourists, there are many active recreation programs on Ialyssos:

  • horseback riding;
  • windsurfing;
  • football;
  • tennis;
  • volleyball;
  • sailing;
  • bicycle tracks;
  • diving.

The Aegean Sea, washing the island from the sideIalyssos - stormy, restless and playful. The coast is partly stony, so it's safer to swim in the hotel pools. Although there are beaches with sandy cover, designed for recreation with children, located in small coves.


The hotel Filerimos Village Hotel Apartments 3 *located on the outskirts of Ialyssos, near the other resort - Kremasti. To the capital of the island - 8 kilometers, which makes the location of the rest convenient for trips to attractions, as well as for shopping.

filerimos village hotel apartments bungalows studios 3

Filerimos Village Hotel Apartments BungalowsStudios 3 * is a large modern hotel complex consisting of 12 multi-dimensional two-storey bungalows, with different types of rooms. The hotel was built in 1977, for the whole period there were several restorations. The last update, expansion and restructuring of Filerimos Village Hotel Apartments 3 * was made in 2006.


The entire number of rooms includes 247 different living quarters, which are represented by:

  • standard rooms for 2-3 people, an area of ​​20 square meters. meters;
  • family rooms for 2-4 people, about 30 square meters in size. meters;
  • studio-rooms, an area of ​​about 26 square meters. meters, designed for comfortable living 2-3 people;
  • suite rooms, for settling in them 2-4 people, an area of ​​almost 48 square meters. meters;
  • apartments where 2-5 people can be accommodated simultaneously, the area of ​​such rooms is 70 sq. m. meters;
  • Single standard, up to 20 square meters. meters;
  • Single studio, up to 26 square meters. meters.

filerimos village hotel apartments 3
Each room is equipped with everything necessary for comfortable and comfortable stay of tourists. Some of them have their own kitchenette, living room, dining area.

Tourist service

The guests are serviced according to the principle ofHB, BB, AI. Any concept is food - a buffet. Most vacationers prefer - all inclusive. For convenience of service: restaurant and bar.

filerimos village hotel apartments 3

Territory adjacent to Filerimos Village HotelApartments 3 * is huge - 40 thousand square meters. meters, where guests have a garden and park area, 3 swimming pools with a sun terrace, a playground for children. From the windows of the bungalow offers a magnificent view of the Aegean Sea.

filerimos village hotel apartments 3

The hotel offers: wired and wireless Internet, massage parlor, parking, laundry and mini market. Three large swimming pools allow all hotel guests to perform water procedures. The guests have their own sand and pebble beach. Sun beds, umbrellas by the pools are free of charge.

filerimos village hotel apartments 3

There are in the hotel Filerimos Village Hotel Apartments 3 * entertainment: animation, sports games, themed evenings, show programs, evenings of live music.

This hotel complex is suitable foryouth recreation, for people who prefer activity and sports, as well as for a family quiet pastime. Spacious rooms and good service will create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

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