Caves Beach Resort 5 * (Hurghada): reviews of tourists, description and photos


If you plan to spend an excellent holiday inEgypt and looking for an original comfortable hotel, then as an appropriate option we suggest to consider the five-star Caves Beach Resort (Hurghada) 5 *.

caves beach resort 5 hurghada reviews

Location, description, photo

Caves Beach Resort 5 *, tours in which todayoffers a large number of operators, is a new hotel with a unique design. So, it is built in the form of a mountain cave. It is located 10 kilometers from Hurghada and 8 kilometers from El Gouna. The distance to the nearest airport is 15 kilometers.

The hotel's housing stock consists of 360 stylishdecorated comfortable rooms of categories standard, deluxe with sea view, suite and royal suite. All apartments are located in a complex of four-story residential buildings.

Another feature of the hotel is the fact that only guests over 16 years old can rest here.

"Caves Beach Resort" has a large territory, has its own beach. Meals here are organized by the all-inclusive system.

caves beach resort hurghada 5

Caves Beach Resort 5 *: accommodation price

According to our compatriots, vacationers in"Cave's Beach Resort", the cost of accommodation here is quite consistent with the level of the service offered. As for the price, on average, a weekly stay in a standard double room will cost you in the amount of 60 thousand rubles.

Caves Beach Resort 5 * (Hurghada): reviews of tourists from the Russian Federation

As you know, modern travelers are verycarefully consider the process of choosing a hotel in this or that country of the world. So, along with the official information and recommendations of travel agencies, they study and reviews those who have already visited the hotel they are interested in. This allows you to make a more complete and close to reality view of the place where you will spend the entire vacation. In this regard, we decided to somewhat ease your task and save time, offering to familiarize yourself with the generalized comments of our compatriots who recently rested in the five-star hotel "Caves Beach Resort". Just note that almost all travelers with their choice of places to stay were very pleased. According to them, this unique hotel of its kind corresponds to its category and the cost of living. But we will learn more about everything.

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The hotel itself

Selection at the hotel Caves Beach Resort 5 * (Hurghada),reviews about which we are now considering, the vast majority of travelers fell because of its original design in the form of caves. According to our compatriots, there is no other such hotel in Egypt. As for the rooms in the hotel, in general they liked the guests. So, tourists note that all apartments regardless of the category are spacious and very stylishly decorated. In addition, they are furnished with new furniture and modern appliances. However, some hotel guests note a couple of cons. So, a number of guests complained that the room is too dark, and the administration would do well to think about adding even one bright lamp to the apartment. In addition, some of our compatriots were surprised by the fact that their rooms did not have a telephone. As for cleaning, her guests were generally satisfied. According to them, sometimes maids forgot to leave shampoo, shower gel or change bed linen. However, the appeal to the reception allowed for an instant correction of the situation.

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As for the work of the restaurant in Caves BeachResort 5 * (Hurghada), the reviews of our compatriots point to the fact that the guests were quite happy with this point. So, according to tourists, food here is organized at a very high level. Guests were satisfied with the quality of the dishes and the variety of their choice. So, the menu always had several kinds of meat, fish, seafood, salads, snacks, gorgeous sweets, ice cream, fresh fruit. According to travelers, the choice of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages was not spoiled here.


As a whole beach rest in hotel the majorityguests were satisfied. However, a number of guests have complaints. They are connected with the fact that Caves Beach Resort 5 * (Hurghada), the tourists' reviews we are currently studying, is a new hotel. Therefore, not all infrastructure facilities here are still finished. So, for example, the pier has not yet been built on the hotel's own beach. Therefore, guests have to go to the sea from the shore. But this is not very convenient, since it is necessary to go several hundred meters to the depth, and this can only be done in specialized footwear, since there are a lot of corals on the bottom, which you can injure your legs. Many vacationers used the pier of a neighboring hotel. So in principle this did not become a serious problem. However, tourists express the hope that in a few months this defect will be eliminated.

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Entertainment in the hotel

Many tourists in their comments mentionan excellent pool located on the territory of Caves Beach Resort (Hurghada) 5 *. So, according to the guests, you can swim in it around the clock, which is not so common in hotels like Egypt, and other countries. In addition, the pool is equipped with a hydromassage, making it even more pleasant.

In addition to water sports, tourists are delightedremember a great team of animators. According to them, the guys are doing an excellent job and constantly coming up with new fun for hotel guests. So, in the afternoon they entertain guests with aerobics, gymnastics, team games, competitions. In the evenings, the animators offer to sing in karaoke, dance at a disco. Entertaining shows at the hotel are not held yet, since the amphitheater is not yet finished. But, as our compatriots note, it will not be long to wait for it.

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