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At the famous Costa Brava in Spainthe tourist center of Lloret de Mar is located. The reviews of tourists who visited this resort show that a favorable location, mild climate and luxurious sandy beaches make it very attractive for recreation and trips around the country. Lloret de Mar is located in the southern part of the Costa Brava, to Barcelona only 75 kilometers, to Girona - 30, to France - 100. From here, it is convenient for tourists to go on excursions to Spain and even to France.

History and Culture

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A thousand years ago, Lloret de Mar was a villagefishermen. The symbol of the city is the touching sculpture of "Don Mariner" (the wife of a sailor) standing on the edge of a cliff. It is a figure of a woman peering into the sea: the sailor's wife is waiting for her husband's return from the voyage. In Lloret de Mar there is a beautifully preserved castle of San Joan, who for many hundreds of years defended the city from pirates. In the center of the city there is the beautiful church of San Roma, built in the 16th century.

Lloret de Mar is known for its entertainmentcenters and discos. Noisy youth companies have long been chosen for partying Lloret de Mar. Reviews of the best discotheques of the city allow you to conclude that a very high-quality service. Here come to work the most fashionable DJs in Europe.

Choosing a hotel - study reviews

When choosing a hotel, consider the availabilitynearby discos, if you do not want a carefree nightlife to pass directly under your windows. Perhaps, the choice of the hotel is the key moment in the organization of leisure in Lloret de Mar. Hotels, reviews about which are available on tourist sites, as a rule, have both advantages and disadvantages. For the sake of its own good, it is worthwhile to conduct a small investigation, to compare the facts. After analyzing the information received about Lloret de Mar, feedback about the hotels you are interested in, you can make the right choice, which will not disappoint you on the spot.

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And the choice is wide enough, from small privatehotels to large tourist complexes with its territory, spa services, golf courses, etc. As a rule, the first line is occupied by 5 * and 4 * hotels. But they are mostly small here, they are very close to each other. The large fashionable hotels are located slightly away from the central streets, some even on the outskirts. The most famous is Rigat Park & ​​SPA with its own beach, heated pool and spa services, Evenia Olympic Garden - with a territory of 30,000 square meters.

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For a budget holiday on the second line from the seathere are many small 3 * hotels. It should be noted that the youth who come to rest in Lloret de Mar are mostly just like them. Reviews of tourists affected by noisy companies, this is confirmed. Therefore, we turn to hotels that are far away from the sea and discotheque areas. They may well come up even for recreation with children. Here you are waiting for a fairly large shell with spacious rooms, all hotels have swimming pools. And the beach is not so long to go - after all the city is stretched along the sea.

A unique combination of picturesque nature,magnificent beaches and an entertaining life creates the best conditions for living in Lloret de Mar, Spain. Reviews of tourists about staying at this resort will allow you to pick up a hotel so as not to spoil the impression of this most beautiful place of the country.

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