Which hotels in Montenegro with a private beach to choose?


Everyone chooses for himself the main criteriaquality of leisure. For someone this is an enhanced food system "Ultra all inclusive", and for some, the main requirement for the hotel is its own beach. Some tourists, anxious about their own safety, do not want to see anyone there, except for other hotel guests. Well, their right. But for this service it is necessary to pay. Today in the circle of our attention is Montenegro. Hotels with their own beach: what are they and where are they located? The coast of this country is indented and rocky. So often the first-line hotel is a building rising on a cliff. Down the stairs, descending to the pier-solarium. But there is in this Balkan country and really gorgeous pebbly and sandy beaches.

Montenegro hotels with private beach
Montenegro: sandy beaches, 5 star hotels

In the south of the country, the terrain becomes more flat, andthe coast is sandy. The glory of the island of Sveti Stefan rattles far beyond the Adriatic. Here come day trips to admire the beauty of this wonder of nature, the sand of a reddish tint. And what is life like here! The hotel "Sveti Stefan 5 *" gives you this opportunity. The beach of the King, Queen and Miloecer suggest you lie on their malleable sand. It is there, since the sun beds will cost you a fairly tangible amount. On the island there are other "five": "Costa" and "Villa Montenegro".

Two kilometers from the tourist Budva is the resort of Becici. There are also 5-star hotels in Montenegro with its own private beach with golden sand. The most popular and expensive is Splendid. There is everything you need for VIP clients, even a rooftop area to park your own helicopter. And also all kinds of jacuzzis, swimming pools, wellness centers, courts and clubs. In Budva, on the first line is the "Max Prestige", and in Podgorica - "Krna Hora".

Montenegro hotels with private beach
Four-star hotels in Montenegro with private beach

There are many such hotels in the southeastparts of the country. From the "fives" they are distinguished only by the lack of branded plumbing in the bathroom. But everything works properly, and restaurants, unlike many "fives", are served by the "all inclusive" system. With the beach at the hotel "Montenegro 4 *" everything is good: umbrellas, sun beds and towels are absolutely free for guests. The same can be said about the hotel "Otrant Beach 4 *", which is 70 kilometers from Podgorica.

Three star hotels in Montenegro with private beach

Montenegro sandy beaches hotels
In the south of the country, near the city of Ultsin, at 13kilometers stretched a large beach, consisting of soft volcanic sand. In the very beginning it is the hotel "Velika Plaza 3 *". It's not even a hotel, but a whole complex of apartments and bungalows. Meals here are provided by the half board program. It is also worth mentioning "Admiral Club" in Budva and "Adriatic Apartment 3 *".

Montenegro hotels with private beach (two stars)

There are also nice little family hotels withsmall cozy rooms, family atmosphere and romantic balconies in colors. "Dvushka" is the most reasonable investment of money in rest. Value for money is simply perfect. Such mini-hotels are often rebuilt from coastal dachas or slipways. The beach is near by, but, naturally, not private. There are also 2 * hotels that twenty years ago served as sanatoriums for partelita. You can ponostalgirovat the long-gone days of the USSR on a squeezed mattress, listening to the noise of the refrigerator. But the beach own.

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