We'll figure out how much to fly to Tenerife from Moscow


One of the best world resorts at all timesthe Canary Islands were considered. Rest there is possible as cheerful, stormy, and measured, in unity with nature. In addition, prices for renting real estate and for food are very acceptable, which to a large extent attracts tourists. In view of all this, the question of how much to fly to Tenerife from Moscow is the last thing that interests all people who are tired of work, but nevertheless we try to tell about this and many other things in our article.

how much to fly to Tenerife from Moscow

From the entire Canary archipelago, Tenerife is consideredthe largest island. In addition, this place is often called the land of eternal spring, because the air temperature there all year round ranges from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. For the same reason, this island is ideal for recreation in any season. Well, choosing a suitable resort is already a personal matter, and with it there will be no problems.

The question of how much to fly to Tenerife fromMoscow, has several answers. If the ordered flight does not provide a transfer, then you can get to the "spring island" in 7 hours. Often, Moscow planes land in Malta or on one of the Balearic Islands, which takes several hours. In this scenario, you can get to the Canary Islands 10 hours after departure from your native capital. By the way, all planes departing from Russia and the CIS countries land at the South Island airport. The northern airport terminal accepts only those airliners that flew from the mainland of Spain.

moscow tenerife how much to fly

One of the most popular resorts on the island,and among the lands of the entire archipelago, is the beach of Las Americas. There is a record number of restaurants, beach bars and disco areas, which offer all guests a fiery night and day programs. A very noisy place is also considered Costa Adeje - a wide beach of great length, where tourists are given a lot of opportunities and entertainment.

You can get to this paradise any day of the week,regardless of the holidays and other events, just look at the schedule of flights Moscow-Tenerife. How much to fly, the possibility of transplantation and other nuances will be notified to you additionally or indicated in the ticket. It should be said that the flights to the Canary Islands have always passed unproblematically, and all travelers were satisfied with the service, speed and service.

flight of moscow tenerife

A slightly different topic - how much to fly to Tenerifefrom Moscow on a private plane. Here, as they say, everything depends on your "car" and on the qualification of the pilot. Sometimes you can get to the Canary archipelago for 5.5-6 hours, and if the weather is not flying, then you have to spend 8-9 hours on the road. This time often goes to "overflights" of thunderclouds and air holes. Summarizing, we can say that the flight Moscow-Tenerife takes on average 6 to 11 hours.

This island is not just the biggestamong all the Canaries on the territory. It also concentrates a large number of shops, shopping centers and entertainment venues, where any holidaymaker can find what he was looking for. When you find yourself there, the fact of how much to fly to Tenerife from Moscow becomes less important, because the main ones are recreation and entertainment.

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