We answer the question about where in Greece the sandy beaches


Every year, rest in Greece acquires allgreat popularity, and this is not surprising, because in addition to amazingly beautiful nature, magnificent beaches and mild climate, there are many excursions where you can get acquainted with one of the oldest European civilizations.

 where in Greece sandy beaches

Tourists seeking to relax in this country,Interested in the question of where in Greece the sandy beaches. Generally speaking, there are many sandy beaches here. On the mainland, the most prestigious are Glyfada and Attica (near Athens).

The Halkidiki Peninsula is the most beautiful place, herethere are the best beaches in Greece: the coasts with golden sand, bordered by the purest blue waters, stretched for 500 km. Note that on this peninsula, consisting of three parts - "fingers", Cassandra is most suitable for rest with children. This part has a developed infrastructure, and the resorts are famous for their ecological purity and are considered an excellent place to relax in Greece.

We continue to seek an answer to the question of where inGreece's sandy beaches. On the beaches of the Peloponnese there is also a sand, although there are also small pebbles. Tourists here are not very many (because the direction is not yet untwisted), and the sea is very clean.

Crete Greece

A great place to relax - Crete. Greece in general is famous for its numerous islands scattered like pearls along the blue surface of the sea.

The island of Crete is the southernmost of the Greek islands,here the sandy beaches, the blue sky and the gentle sun. It is the largest Greek island, it separates Europe from Africa. It was here, under the bright sun of Crete, Minoan culture was born (2800 BC).

The best sandy beaches and the most prestigious hotels are in the north of the island, the sea there is calm, with small waves and a warm current. In the south, the coastline is rugged, and tourism here is less developed.

Every year in Crete rest thousands of tourists, herecome from all corners. The best Greek resorts: the noisy Heraklion, the popular Chersonissos, the aristocratic Chania, the picturesque Rethymno are all Crete. Greece, however, offers no less interesting rest on other islands.

Crete Greece

And this is not the whole answer to the question of where inGreece's sandy beaches. The island of Rhodes, which occupies the first place in Greece for the number of sunny days in the year - the largest of the Dodecanese islands. It is located farther south than most of the Greek islands, and here is a very mild and favorable climate. The abundance of sun and high humidity contributed to the development of lush vegetation, today it is one of the greenest islands in Greece. On the coast of Rhodes, there are many picturesque lagoons and coves covered with sandy beaches, although amateurs can also find beaches with small pebbles.

And, finally, exploring where in Greece the sandy beachesyou need to pay attention to the island of Kos. Europeans have long mastered this island for recreation, although for Russians it is a novelty. Nature has not yet lost its pristine purity: many kilometers of beaches, the clearest sea, the riot of greenery. Kos Island can be a great place to relax with little children: here even in the middle of summer it's not too hot, quiet and calm.

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