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Spain is a country considered to be one of the mostthe most beautiful and mysterious in Europe. Her lands are full of legends and stories, backed by unique sights. The Mediterranean Sea is washed by the southern part of the country, creating excellent conditions for recreation on the coast. Magnificent beaches, some of the best resorts in Europe, temperatures not above 32 ° C, water parks and many other entertainments - all these provide southern cities of Spain.

On the Mediterranean coast are locatedthe most popular resorts that offers to visit Spain. Lorca, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Almeria - the city, ideal for a family holiday or a friendly company.

Lorca is located in the southeast of the Spanish province of Murcia. The city has a very high cultural value, which is appreciated by tourists coming from Barcelona and other cities of the country.

Once this territory was ruled by Islamicpeoples, which influenced the architecture of cities. Spain, Lorca is one of their representatives. Its ancient part represents a lot of lanes and streets, typical for those times. Later, there were built various architectural structures, among which the most notable are powerful fortresses. The cities of Spain on the coast were subsequently conquered by Christians, and Lorca became a border town. Several churches were built here, which today belong to the monuments of architecture.

Like most European countries, an interesting andpolitically important is Spain. Lorca is a city especially important for cultural and historical recreation, and for the development and prosperity of the region. Through it are very important ways of communication between the cities of the Mediterranean coast.

Spain is famous not only for itsMediterranean resorts. Almost all types of industry are developed here. Thanks to the development of animal husbandry, ore mining, agriculture, Spain, Lorca is a remarkable example in this field, has its own tailoring of wool and leather. In addition, Lorca preserved irrigation systems, created in due time by the Moors. Therefore, even in the semi-desert area, characteristic of this region, it became possible to develop agriculture. Thanks to this, tourists who go on excursions to the southern cities of Spain, can get to the weekly fair, which presents a variety of types of local products.

Undoubtedly, the fairs with which Spain is famous,Lorca is not the only reason why tourists come to this city. Among the cultural attractions here particularly appreciate the Castle of Lorca, which has the second name-the Fortress of the Sun. In the heart of the city is the Plaza of Spain. Also tourists are invited to visit the Municipal Museum of Archeology, whose walls are kept not only by a centuries-old history beginning in the 16th century, but also possesses very valuable historical exhibits. Two centuries later, the Town Hall building was built in Lorca, which was also used as a prison.

The cities of Spain on the coast provide theirvisitors have all the conditions for an excellent holiday. In Lorca, tourists most often choose first class hotels Hacienda Real Los Olivos and NH AMALTEA, in each of them can organize meetings and banquets.

Despite all the attractiveness, Lorca remainscity ​​for excursions. In 2011, many travel companies offer many different tours, among which there are both sightseeing tours and tours that provide for independent movement around the country in a rented car. Beach lovers still need to take a closer look at the coast of Costa Dorada, where family rest is especially popular. There is a huge park with all kinds of attractions, and there are various water parks.

And yet Lorca is for those who want to diversify their beach and recreational activities with cognitive excursions around the cities to plunge into the ancient history of these places.

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