A dream come true: how much to fly to India?


India is the true embodiment of Asia. She is capable, like the most beautiful of women, at first sight to take captive a delighted heart. And can appear in the most horrifying form and forever alienate the tourist. It is multifaceted and contradictory, shrouded in a veil of legends and fairy tales. It is a dream that has become a reality.

How many flights to India?

Holidays in this country

In India it is worth visiting at least once tomake up your own opinion about it. Forget how much to fly to India. Forget about her poverty. Forget about all the far-fetched fears and boldly open your heart to meet this fantastic country.

In India, you can get a lot of new impressions fromrecreation. Wide white beaches are located in Goa, which from early morning until late at night is filled with unrestrained fun and laughter of tourists. Practicing in yoga and touching the knowledge of ayurveda is possible in the purest Indian state of Kerala. For connoisseurs of the ancient culture of India - visiting the most famous sights.

How to get to this country?

Many are confused by the long way to India. How much does an air ticket cost? How many flights to India? Where to make transplants? These issues do not give tourists peace, day or night.

There are regular and charter flights to India fromlarge cities of Russia (Moscow, Rostov, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg). The choice of airlines in this direction is quite wide. In India, there are several international airports. Aircraft from Russia mostly land in Delhi or Mumbai. These are the two largest airports in the country.

As in many other countries, you canbuy a ticket to India on a direct or transit flight. Transplantation is carried out in Ashkhab, Tashkent, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is worth noting that the price of air tickets to India is quite high. Try to purchase tickets in advance, then you can save about fifty percent of the initial cost.

Consider how and how much to fly to India on the example of Moscow and St. Petersburg. These issues are very interesting for tourists.

How much to fly from Moscow to India

How many flights from Moscow to India?

Flight from Moscow to Delhi direct flight will takeapproximately six hours. If you are heading to Goa, the travel time will increase to eight hours. Usually such flights are carried out by the airlines "Aeroflot", "Transaero" and Air India Limited.

Transit flights are more tedious, compared towith straight lines. The passenger spends on the road at least thirteen hours, and in some cases - more than a day. Everything depends on the transit airport, the time of waiting for the flight and the weather conditions. Transit flights from Moscow are performed by Air Astana, Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa. The number of transplants varies from one to two.

How many flights to India from St. Petersburg?

Residents of the city on the Neva were lucky with flightsmuch less than Muscovites. On the question of how much to fly to India from their hometown, they will receive not quite encouraging information - in this direction there are no direct flights. All flights from St. Petersburg are made with transfers. The journey time will be approximately nine hours. Some dockings are quite long, and the journey is delayed up to two days.

Experienced tourists are advised to buy tickets on board the Finnish air carrier Finnair. Their transplants in Helsinki take a relatively short period of time.

How many flights to India from St. Petersburg

Do not be afraid to discover new horizons for yourself. Strive to explore this world. Perhaps, it is India that will become a real discovery for you. And let the excitement about how much to fly to India will never force you to give up traveling.

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