Airport "Tambov-Don"


Civil aviation is a key factor in the development of any region. Tambov Airport is the only air hub in the region.

About the Airport

airport Tambov

In 1923 the authorities of Tambov province bought the first infield aircraft. It was necessary to combat agricultural insect pests and to extinguish forest fires. In 1930 the Tambov Aviation School was opened. There they trained pilots and aviation technicians. In 2 years the air club was opened.

In the post-war period, modernization beganold and construction of new airports. The airport complex and runway were built in the 70's. At the same time, the expansion of the geography of flights from Tambov airport begins. And in 1990 there were more than 30 directions.

In the 1990s a turning point in thedevelopment of civil aviation. Airport "Tambov" began to serve a smaller number of flights, fell to a critical level of passenger traffic. In the period from 1997 to 2009, flights from it were not carried out. Only in 2010 the regular Moscow flights resumed.

To date, flights depart only here to Sochi (in summer) and to Moscow, and the maximum passenger flow is 100 people for an hour.

The runway is made of concrete, its length is more than 2000 m. It is designed for receiving and sending aircrafts of types ATP-72, Yak-40, L-410. The only airline served here is UTair Express.

Flight schedule

Airport Tambov how to reach

Airport "Tambov" within the winter schedule serves the following flights:

  • UR-194 in the direction "Tambov-Moscow (Vnukovo)" (departure at 8-15, arrival at 9-45);
  • UR-193 in the direction "Moscow (Vnukovo) -Tambov" (departure at 20-20, arrival at 21-50).

Air communication between Tambov and Moscow is carried out every day, except Sunday. The total flight time is one and a half hours. Flights to Sochi open in summer

Tambov Airport: directions

Tambov airport is not so far fromThe city center is just 10 kilometers away. This area is usually considered a neighborhood of the city. Previously, the airport was the village of Donskoe. Therefore now it is also called "Tambov-Don".

Near the building of the station there is a bus stop. You can get from the city center by bus or taxi, and they are focused on the schedule of aircraft.

You can also go by car or take a taxi.

The city of Tambov is not only a railway, but alsoair transport knot. Tambov Airport plays an important role in the development of the region as a whole. Now only flights of one air carrier are served here.

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